PS4 Open Beta Known Bugs and Issues

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Aug. 1, 2017, 10:41 a.m.

Posting on behalf of our new Live Operations Senior QA Analyst:

Attention, Captains!

Here is a list of our more commonly occurring issues for PS4 Open Beta. This is not a comprehensive list of issues within the game as it is currently. For any problems with running Dreadnought or account related issues, Customer Service is available to keep you flying. Keep in mind that just because an issue may not be listed here, that doesn’t mean it’s not a bug!

Our aim is that you use these bullet points to see if an issue you’re encountering is already known to us - if it isn’t, please let us know!

See you in battle,

- Multiple issues regarding the non-translation//improper translation of DE, ES, FR in all areas of the game.

- Crashes may occur upon joining a match or while in orbit (late-join and full queue).
- Adding the same ship to a slot within a fleet will cause the game to soft lock.
- It is possible for the Dashboard UI to remain in match causing the player to crash once the match has been concluded.
- Framerate dips when activating components of the Tech Tree (purchasing//researching)
- Ship loading times are slow when in the Outpost

- Previously created Grey Box accounts can become unlinked from the PSN account if the player experiences a network disconnect.
- Disconnecting during the onboarding video will present a replay and replaying issues.
- It is possible to acquire the Silesia twice - Each Founder's Pack

- Squad members may experience matchmaking issues upon squad disbandment.
- Possible for incorrect Captain Rank to be displayed in Squad UI

- Preview functionality can present display issues across all Ship // Captain components.
- Vanity items do not appear equipped when purchased until scrolled to and equipped.
- Ship model modifications can be visually overlapped in the Hangar

- Player will begin next round as a Fighter if they are destroyed during the End of Wave screen.
- Framerate dips when a new Wave Warps into battle.
- Point Totals and Awarding are inconsistent.
- Wave Modifiers are inconsistent.
- Artillery Cruiser Modules can be on cooldown upon Wave start.

Live QA Representative

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Feb. 21, 2018, 2:34 a.m.

I've been having UI issues during matches where my modules cooldowns won't display correctly; sometimes they're just greyed out as if nothing was in the slot, sometimes it constantly displays the modules are in cooldown, even though there's no timer/they're not actually in cooldown and I can still use them

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March 20, 2018, 10:12 a.m.

Currency exchange: converting ship XP to free XP

Not exactly a bug but something that should be easily improved.

There's a button, square which allows you to max out your ships XP conversion. But it's already maxed out. But if I want to only convert one ships XP I have to manually go to each one & hold the analog down to drain the points... I have over 600000 points (on one ship). Idk how long it would take but my calculations are around 45 minutes of mind numbing terrible work. Just to pay you & your team & your company money... So for 45 minutes I get to think of how awful the design is. Imagine you goto a restaurant order a drink they tell you, you have to go online & fill out surveys for 45min then they deliver your drink 45 min later with a 10$ bar tab. Not the best business model... Start all the ships @ zero. That seams like what they had in mind when they made the square button an option to Max a ship out.

Thanks in advance, loyal fan

P.S. to convert all my ship XP it would cost over 200$ (if I remember correctly) either way too much. Is there away to adjust the exchange rate on a scale?

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