Developer Interview: Mike, Creative Director At SixFoot

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Sept. 22, 2017, 2:15 p.m.

Hey everyone! Here's our latest Developer Interview this week! This iteration features Mike, the Creative Director from SixFoot. Let's get into it!
Mike, Creative Director at SixFoot

1: What’s your job at SixFoot?
My job title is Creative Director - Games. This just means that I'm the product owner of DN at 6FT as well as the head of internal development. Or you could say I'm the lunatic in charge of the asylum.

2: Where are you from?
In west Philadelphia born and raised... Germantown to be exact. The video game industry has afforded me the opportunity to move around and I've lived in Virginia, California, New York, Georgia and now Texas.

3: Please describe your way into the games industry.
I'd been a bartender, repo man and a DJ so of course I was a perfect fit for the games industry. A buddy of mine who I played EQ with called me up and told me about an opening at a company named Mythic Entertainment. So off to Virginia I went, I started in CS almost 17 years ago and worked my way up the ladder.

4.: What do you like about working in the games industry?
I love everything about "games". I love the shows, I love meeting and talking to the makers and the players. There is no other fandom like gamers in my opinion. It's the great stories, the art, the musical scores. I'd say half of my playlists are all from game soundtracks! I love the streams and the competitive play. Houston just bought an Overwatch team. Games is life!

5.: What don’t you like about working in the games industry?
Crunch. I've worked my fair share of crunch over time and I know there is a better way. Focus on family is one of the goals of our devs and it honestly makes for a better game.

6: What was the first game you ever played?
I'm going to date myself, but it was pong. My dad brought home the Sears version of pong for Christmas one year. After he got bored I would try and use a paddle in either hand and play solo.

7.: What’s your most favorite game of all time?
There are so many genres and platforms... I'll go so far as saying the Fallout series of games or maybe Everquest or Uncharted Waters or Raid on Bungeling Bay or Atari Combat or.... You see what I mean. I spend an inordinate amount of time playing games. I... need... help...

8.: What was the most amazing project that you have been working on until Dreadnought?
I truly loved Warhammer Online. I cannot get enough of that IP. The PvP zones, the Warrior Priest, public quests, those were the days.

9.: What are you working on right now?
We've got a few irons in the fire but Dreadnought is our main focus. There are alot of cool things in the future for DN (and I have been instructed to keep quiet upon pain of death).

10: Do you have any advice for anyone that is willing to launch a career in the games industry?
Get your foot in the door someplace in CS, QA or Community. Work with modders to make cool stuff. Play games, stream games. That's what I look for when we're staffing up.

Thanks again for your time Mike! We appreciate it! smile

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