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Oct. 2, 2017, 11:24 p.m.

TL;DR; Elite status, hero ships, and free XP are not as worthwhile as they should be and thus will reduce income for the game.

I enjoy the game tremendously and have bought both founders packs, not because I thought they were good values, but because I wanted to support the game. However, the cost of free XP is prohibitively expensive, the bonus from elite status is too low, and the benefits for elite status seem lackluster.

If I look at my standard purchase which is $20 that will get me 2500 GP. So I'm spending $1/125GP I'm getting. This means that t4 modules will cost somewhere between $3-$6/ea to unlock. Given the # of modules on a ship and the dubious use of some of these modules this is far to expensive for me to want to spend money on.

I haven't done the math on elite status, but overall it seems like it's only giving me a 10% boost or there abouts. My elite status is going to expire in 10 days and once it does I'll compare my total non-elite to my total elite for approximately the same score and see what elite is actually getting me, but it really seems like the battle bonus far exceeds the elite bonus.

Hero ships do not seem to grant a decent credit increase, nor given the price of free xp does it make me want to spend $$ on converting XP. Given that I have no real incentive to buy any additional hero ships, nor really use any of the ones I've already bought once I've unlocked the sister ship in the same tier. That plus the module layout of hero ships is static, and of very dubious use. The Triton, for instance, is hot garbage IMHO.

I would propose a few changes to get people like me to open up their wallets:

1 Increase the XP/GP ratio so it costs $1 or less (ideally much less) to unlock a module.

2 Increase the bonus given for elite status, or make it more obvious what elite is doing for you.

3 Increase the credit gains from hero ships to bring them more in line with premium offerings from similar games.

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Oct. 3, 2017, 2:53 a.m.

Elite status gives you at least 30% increased earnings, or more if you play games without battle bonus. Currently I think elite status worth it (cost $10/month).

I agree on other points

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Oct. 3, 2017, 5:06 a.m.

Captain Nemo#8277 posted (#post-149612)

Elite status gives you at least 30% increased earnings, or more if you play games without battle bonus. Currently I think elite status worth it (cost $10/month).

I agree on other points

Personally I don't think elite is worth the price, not when it counts down in real time in stead of when I'm playing. unless you get to play a lot you waste most of the elite status.

Lets look at it.
Average time a person sleeps is 7 hours.
Average time in work/school 7-8 hours.
Average time to get to and from school/work 1 hour.
Average time to cook and eat food, and general hygiene for the day 2 hours.
That leaves you with about 6-7 hours of "free" time if you don't throw in any cleaning of your home.
I think it's fair to say you wont spend 6-7 hours a day on dreadnought, we all have TV show and friends/family we like to spend time with. So say on average you spend 4 hours a day. That's a lot of time you are paying for you are not using.

You could argue that it's the same as paying a monthly for a subscription MMO, but I'd counter that with saying, you don't have to then pay again to change your look with real money do you. Sure some have in game cash shops but most only have QoL items, some do sell cosmetics, but the vast majority of cosmetic items can be had by playing said game.

I get Dreadnought is a free to play game, It is a great game there is no denying that. How ever the monetisation of the game is way out of whack for what you get. Hero ships, elite and free XP conversions are the biggest culprits of this.

I get they need money, and I get the player base is small, but I feel like "they" are squeezing what players they do have a little to hard when it comes to buying things in support of the game.

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