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Sept. 29, 2016, 4:16 p.m.

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Oct. 3, 2016, 6:22 p.m.

Tips Thread

This thread was created out of frustration from playing the game and finding myself on the losing end AND on the winning end of improperly balanced games.

Either way, losing a game 100 to 10 or winning the game at 100 to 10 is not fun for any player. Unbalanced matches are mainly the cause but new players without a minimum of tactics except what they have seen in a few games will find themselves overwhelmed by their opponents from lack of tactics or using improper tactics.

This topic aims to help improve the enjoyment of the game by providing some basic tactics to help you out. I hope that people will contribute with their own tips so we can advance players in skills so that even when overmatched they can still put up a good fight!

More posts with more advanced tactics will be added later by me and hopefully other willing members.

Power Management Tips
Healer Team Tips
Opposing a Healer Team (Turn The Tides Added Oct-03-2015)

Newbie Tips

Newbie is more of a term of endearment, not an insult. The term simply means you are a new enthusiast, unlike it's deformed spelling which is spewed like venom. So take this to heart, this initial post is for you, Newbie, read it as though it's your superior officer talking to you in your first tactics class. Firm, to the point and with a twist of humor (hopefully)

Nothing explained here is absolute, I'm trying to help you get to speed, what you do with this, how you evolved from this is up to you.

Don't work alone

Lone wolves die, and usually cause the team the match.

Your teammates (may) have modules to amplify your fire power or boost your health or dampen damage or give other power-ups. if you move away you lose these benefits.

Fighting any ship by yourself is usually a near stalemate which will result in one of you dying and the other with no health left... you will most likely die by another encounter before your health is restored

Fighting more than one ship by yourself is instant death

Work in pairs at a minimum

Talk to teammates

Use the F command to tell us where the enemy is, this may prevent the rest of the team from jumping into a trap. This (looks like) it updates the radar. Often I see one teammate fighting a ship, I jump in and boom there's the whole enemy team right there!

Tell the healer if you or another teammate need repair. you can flag a repair command on your teammate, there is a difference between calling a repair when you have your teammate in the reticule (repair this guy) or when you have nothing in the reticule (repair me)

Though in the heat of the battle, any call for a repair usually prompts the healer to do his round. If you hear a cry for a repair, as a healer, do your rounds

When you hear the command to attack a target, re-assess the situation! Is your current target really more important because it's shooting at you? or is the focus fire request a better option?

Healing and getting healed

You have to know that the healer cannot always reach you. if you are far, you won't get healed properly because the darn beam has a mind of it's own. Also the beam looks to be less efficient at a distance.

If another ship is slightly in the way he will intercept, worst, attract the beam away from you. as a healer there is nothing much to do but curse and switch to a better position, often too late. If you stand in the way of a dying player and the healer, move out if you can.

If the healer is too focused he may not hear you. Calling for help does not evidently tell him where you are and as explained below he may think you are fine. shoot him to get his attention.

If you think it's going well getting shot at and not dropping HP because the healer is on you, beware it may not last. the healer may have full power to his weapon; when that power drops you may start to die, quickly

Dont trust the HP bar

The hp bar on the enemy ship is not always right. The indicator is "last known status" so you may find yourself thinking you are going after a dying ship when in fact he has full health. Shoot him and score a hit to see if the hp bar is right, then jump

The same applies to the healer for friendly hp bar. always "ping" your teammates with your ray to be sure he's not dying when he looks to be at 100 percent.

When you die

Consider this an opportunity to changes ship, either from your collection or the provided stock ships. Change ships if you keep dying. if your death count is twice your kill count or if your kill count is the same but you die often, change. people who die often lose matches

If you drive a corvette and the score is 75 against you, change. corvettes lose matches that late in the game. Same applies to artillery and tactical (healer, but at 85). Trade for a dreadnought. at least it will take longer to take you down when you are losing

Always check what your team lacks and what the other team has before switching or respawning. a healer may have switched ships and you need one again. There may be a lot of corvettes on the other team that are causing a massacre, maybe you should get on a corvette too to distract them...

Equip your ship to help the team

You see a module that amps up fire power for everyone in range? buy it and stick close to your teammates and use it. You see a teammate's effect bubble in-game? enter its radius and fight with the teammate

Know what works against what

Every ship has its counter-ship or a module to help counter it. it varies depending on the modules you have installed. so know which one of your ships is good against other types, so that you know what you can take on

Attack the right thing

Shoot at the ships in range, see which ship is damaged the most and concentrate on that one. and call on to other to attack it. It's better to rid of the more damageable ships, they usually cause the most damage. And if you are being attacked by many ships, no matter what you should always concentrate fire, 2 on 1 on the ship that will die easiest, then you can take care of the bigger ships

Use your radar, but dont trust it

Keep on eye on the radar and the other on the target. watch for corvette warping in or uncloaking.
You see a single ship on the radar? maybe it's a tempting target. but look at the terrain it's at, there maybe more ships hiding for an ambush.

You see something, tag it, let your friends know

shut your yap

There's a lot of players, especially mid-level players that camp a lot that keep yelling out, regroup regroup, drowning the critical messages such as attack this target and I need repair. These players have won a few games in very tight groups and can't stand it when you are a little away even if they can still reach you.

Stay with the group, but not packed up or cower

As stated, lone wolves die... but pups that suckle on mama-healer's teet die on mass with a nuke or a force push.

Depending on the ship, stay close but move around as long as you can return safely. if a target ship is about to die but hides, you can go after it if it's safe

Don't be a trench coward

Cowering in the trenches while you got a healer on you and you got full health? why don't you fight instead? Got your nerves frazzled or something? afraid to die? you are not helping. Get out there, shoot something or die there. You may think you are safe there but, eventually, we'll break through and kill you all

Cover your friends

If you see someone dying, getting shot at, why don't you jump in between him and the volley of bullets! Don't let your friend die, that's one more point scored for the other team. The exception is if you are not a destroyer or a dreadnought. Or if your friend was stupid enough to jump in a hornet's nest. Chances are you will save your friend and take down the enemy.

If you hear a need repair request, if you are not a healer, check to see where it's coming from and get out the way if you are interfering with the healer's job. That other player may be dying because of you being in the way of the repair beam.

Don't be stupid

Don't jump in a hornet's nest, ok it happens, you thought there was 1 ship there that you could take on, but then there was many... or sometimes the Jump module puts you in the wrong spot. though luck. but you see that gong ho player running toward a shitload of ships, what an idiot. and he does it over and over until the match is lost. What you think is going to happen, you died 10 times doing that! STOP!

See that artillery that's been kicking yo rear-end?

Don't, just don't, don't go at it again and again!!! what you think is going to happen? Stay away from the art, or change ship and see if that kills it... artillery is 7.3 km range. stay further than that


Everyone should stop wth they are doing and shoot the darn thing until at least it runs away with it's tail between its legs. Tag the corvette, and repeat if you have to let everyone know to focus on the darn thing.

Follow the orders of your superior officer

Dammit, just do what you are told! A good commanding officer can change the outcome of a game that seems lost

Use your modules

Don't forget to use your modules, especially the ones that affect other teammates, that will result in faster kills from the weapon boost, or longer liveability with the armor boost... every bit helps

Switch weapons during the fight!

When your weapon reloads, switch guns and keep firing! The reload in the used weapon will continue as you shoot your secondary. Even if the target is not in range, a voley of bullets can scare an enemy

Don't shoot for nothing

The inverse of the above. don't shoot if the target is out of range of both your weapons. shooting early will only betray your position

Don't be a quitter.. or quit, but don't b***

The game is 50 to nill? you want to quit? You want to go wait another 15 minutes for a new match? Is it really your teammates' fault? Stop crying, take control, change ships, stay and maybe you will have the best comeback in the game. at least there is 100 point (instead of 200) at the end of the game. But hey, your quitting might just be what your team needed!?

Don't blame the other players for your loss

Here's the thing, the balancing is bad so you got a good chance of seeing a 100 to 20 loss (or win), a lesser chance of an even match so it's not your fault and it's not you teammates' fault if you are in a no win scenario.

Also often time you get a bad spawn, way away from your teammates. sometimes it's a curse and often other players take this as you having strayed or being a noob.... So whatever foolishness you witness, be assured it will happen to you

I got a bad spawn

Got spawned behind enemy lines? You likely will die? Tell your buddies and try to cause chaos in the enemy stronghold, sometimes putting yourself between the enemy healer and his teammate is enough for your team to strike and finally kill everyone in the trenches.

Finally tell your friend about this post... and supplement it with your own experience

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Sept. 29, 2016, 8:46 p.m.

Thanks icuurd! That is some great advice. Much better than my run in head first tactics. smile

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Sept. 30, 2016, 3:31 p.m.

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Sept. 30, 2016, 8:06 p.m.

Draex#3006 posted (#post-45505)

Thanks icuurd! That is some great advice. Much better than my run in head first tactics. smile

Thanks, I would like to post more but I'm stuck with this Invalid characters error which I posted about. very annoying, I been working for 2 hours on a post and it just refuses to post. I saved it up. maybe a moderator can take a look at it and tell me what's wrong with it

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Sept. 30, 2016, 7:57 p.m.

I checked your file. If you remove the word "he ll" this should take care of the issue for you.

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Sept. 30, 2016, 8:03 p.m.

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Oct. 3, 2016, 5:58 p.m.

Advanced Tactics

Team With Healer

Having a healer or two on your team can greatly improve your chances but it often ends in an unexpected disaster. In fact, I have won more games with no healer on the team because mainly people often don't know how to play with a healer. And more often than none, people get upset at the healer because they don't understand the difficulties of the healer or the healer gets upset at the teammates because they don't fight but cower or they don't react fast enough to healer threats...

Do you want a healer team?

Sometimes it's the wrong choice

Your team has one heavy only (destroyer or dreadnought). Having a healer won't help much. the arts will die from cloaked corvettes before you get a chance to heal them. The corvettes will die on the front line, and the healer will die from lack of protection. There is a way to make this work if a corvette stays behind as a protector but chances are this will never happen or the healer will die before the protector can act

The other team has more corvettes than you do. They will uncloak behind you every spawn, you will die and your team will die.

Having two healers can help but if the other team has one more corvette than you have healers then the same result can be expected.

You are teamed up with lone wolves. Players that don't take advantage of having a healer, or they think they can go in, do damage and get healed... This can work with one proficient lone wolf, but, if you have most your teammates going at it and coming back almost done for, the healer team will fail. And this sort of team leaves the healer defenceless, he may die 3 times for every single kill from the lone wolves...

Your team is a bunch of scatter brains. They are scattering all over or jumping in the hornet's nest like moths to a flame? Your healer won't do any good even if you try to jump in and save them you will die from having no protection, either while trying to join them or when fighting in a hornet's nest.

You are teamed with a bunch of trench cowards. This is as infuriating to a healer as the scatter brains. If your team refuses to advance, it will be doomed mid game when the other team figures out your team is bunching up and scared to fight. If you can't convince your teammates to move, trade to another ship to force your teammates out of their protective cocoon. Maybe switch back later.

In the pre-game ship selection, check if others have better healers. if that is the case switch to something that has fire power instead. There is no need for 2 healers if one is amped up unless you are going for a two healer setup



Do NOT lead! It ain't your place to lead the way. stay the heck back and let your teammates do their job. you are not here to fight and you will certainly be too occupied to issue orders as well.

Let your team advance to their target and heal them. Use them for cover.

Do your rounds. Ping you teammates with the beam to make sure they are OK, see the reason why in the first post.

If you hear a cry for help, do your rounds.

Don't expose cloaked vessels. Ok, do your rounds but be careful of your cloaked teammates especially if they can be seen by the enemy. Tap the beam to make sure the health bar is right, don't beam for 2 seconds. You can ruin a perfectly good trap with your beam exposing your teammates. Of course, if he needs healing, do so...

Place your healing drones close to you and other teammates, if you have to leave for a bit to help another teammate at least there's something there to do the job for a bit.

Place protection drone or mines behind you to try to cover your rear end. if you have to leave for a bit to help another teammate at least players at that location have some protection

If you have a long range attack drone, (art drone) try to place it to help fight whatever your teammates are fighting.

if you cover in a trench, try to place your rear end to a wall while still being able to see and heal your team.

Watch that healing ray and healed ships getting in the way of saving a teammate, move to a spot you can see everyone clearly.

Don't tunnel vision on one teammate. See if others need healing. you don't need to heal everyone at 100%

Check that artillery teammate. He needs a lot of help and he usually has a module that makes his shoot harder at full health.

Fight as you heal teammates, especially if left alone with another player. don't simply let the other players fight. Shoot the enemy when your teammate is good enough to take a few hits. This could finish off a stalemate between them and the target. Depending on the healer ship you may need to swap weapons.

Your healer beam can cancel an enemy from being healed. so if you see your buddies shooting an enemy and not making a dent, shoot your beam at it (option not always available)

Shoot your beam at corvettes (option not always available) it can cause quite a lot of damage.

Set your power to weapons if the ship you are healing is not healing fast enough.

You should always keep some energy for an emergency power heal or shield.

Beware when setting your power to your weapon, your beam will stop momentarily. This can result in your teammate dying. check how fast your teammate is losing health if you are healing him in vain then make sure to switch power to your weapon before he reaches 50%. Too bad there is no command to tell him to get out of there... your boost may help him for a moment until your power runs out

Don't be afraid to let a teammate die to save your own life. Ok, this sounds bad, but if your teammate is done for and your healing is doing nothing, you'll be next. RUN. Try first to help him, shoot the enemy but run!. No sense you both die unless maybe everyone is dead and the score is still low; better to respawn with the team than try to reach them.

Get the jump drive module. It's the best protection against dying and the best way to protect everyone

Get the heal others module, Adrenaline Shot, for compound healing effect with your health pod


Mostly mentioned in the first post...

Tell the healer when you need help

Tell the healer if your teammate needs help

Shoot him to get attention

Get out the way to let the healer heal other

Don't rely on the healer

Protect him

Be aware when he leaves or dies

And especially don't cower in the trenches

Corvette, stay around the healer as protection if an enemy corvette is in the air

Shoot enemy corvettes a soon as you spot it

Place yourself between the healer and the enemy, he's more important than you are.


The best way to play when on a team with a healer is to slowly move forward with the healer behind you and maybe a ship behind him to prevent a corvette from positioning itself for a kill. It's that simple.

Don't jump in the fray especially if your healer does not have a jump drive. In fact, don't jump in the fray.

And don't hide with the healer unless you are in deep doodoo. Fight with the other ships, focus fire to stop the enemies from overcoming your position

Opposing team tactics

Shoot ships that are not being healed, the strays make for a good target

Unless you have the strength to go for a push, wait for strays to break the group and come at you.

Shoot the healer first if you see him, die trying if you have enough teammates around you, once the healer is dead the others will fall, do so if there are enough of your teammates around to take care of the rest. It's OK to get shot (and possibly die) while taking down the healer if the result is favorable... This is a usually suicidal effort. Get the healer then focus fire on the shooters while trying to escape, this can work and is useful especially if you can't make a dent in the shooters getting healed.

Corvettes should go after the healer if possible.

A good nuke can kill the healer, but mostly if he's at half hp. make sure your bomb does not hit anything else first.

Once the healer is dead punch through. A lot of multi-kill potentials when the healer dies

Distract and scare the healer. Even if you can't kill him, sometimes a healer will have to take cover and doing so he may stop healing his teammates. Distract the header by shooting at him or using one of your modules and the moment he stops healing go back to the main shooting target.

Place yourself between the healer and the target if you can do so without dying.

There are methods of preventing a ship from getting healed as efficiently. discover them playing the game

Killing the healer is not always the best option! Now here's a tactic you may not have considered, letting the healer live. Here's the thing, the healer's sole purpose is to heal others. If the others are without a healer then they are easier targets. If the healer has no jump drive and every one of his team just died, he will try to reach them. If you kill the healer he will respawn with them or in a better location to help his team. The best option is to leave a teammate around to annoy the healer and prevent him from reaching his teammates, there are 2 situations when this opportunity arises, when you killed all his friend and they are respawning so he is left alone on the battlefield or when he spawned alone and tries to rejoin his buddies on the battlefield. if you find a lone healer don't kill him! Just be sure to kill him when he gets too close to his friends.

Turn The Tides

Often you will find yourself against a tight group with a very good healer or with multiple healers and it will seem nothing can take down any of the enemy ships. You'll notice Focus Fire does not work, shooting the healer does little, corvettes can't do anything to the healer because it's too strong. It's time to be aggressive.

Stop Focus Fire

OK, focus fire is great but if everyone is firing on the same ship and nothing is happening, STOP!

Stop any focus fire and fire on every enemy ship independently (Cover Fire). This will force the healer to do his round and, hopefully, every enemy ship will drop in hp a little. Maybe the healer will slip up and one ship will drop HP to critical level of which you can take advantage of.

Flank or Punch Through

While the enemy team is handling cover fire, a fast and solid ship or two can try to flank or punch through.

With full speed ahead, force yourself in the enemy stronghold, all guns blazing, focus on the healers to unload everything you got. Make sure you have enough energy for your speed to be maintained for a clean exit (which will be unlikely).


Admittedly you have to know that you may not survive punching through. But if your team can score 4 points to the cost of your own demise, then it's all good. So knowing this, the best option is to go in with a strong ship that has a nuke torpedo. Set to full speed ahead, position yourself in the middle of the enemy team, interfering with the healer beams, set yourself close to the healers, shoot the healers, when you are about done, set the power to the weapons, launch your nuke torpedo and detonate it.

Team Ready

Your other teammates must be aware you are about to do something crazy! If they don't take advantage of the chaos to jump in and finish off whatever remains then your sacrifice will be in vain.

Prior to doing these insane maneuvers, make sure you tell your teammates. And make sure they got the message and start Cover Fire.

Make sure every ship on the other team is busy handling the cover fire so your approach will not be noticed by everyone.
gl hf

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Oct. 1, 2016, 10:34 a.m.

Overall some good points in your guide for new players smile

A few suggestions:
- I suggest you try to edit your guide outside of the forums. E.g. try Word or even Wordpad. That saves you time if the post "crashes" and makes it easier to edit and maintain a good structure.
- Also it'd be better if you edit your main post to add / change / update content in a guide.
- As for your wording I'd prefer if you'd get rid of "dont's" - that never clicks with people and comes across very rude.
- A few pictures and headings could help
- Some advice sounds a little bit too generalized while not being generally true - e.g. not to go solo or to always group up

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Oct. 1, 2016, 4:46 p.m.

I'm adding my thoughts on energy to this thread. Proper energy management is key. Here are some general tips regarding the three types. Now these are heavily based on my play style, so your mileage may vary:

General rule of thumb

If you expect an attack soon (e.g., you did not hear from the enemy's corvette for a long time), do not waste your energy completely. Of course, if you have other means of defense (armor amp/boost, autoheal, energy gen, etc.), you can ignore this rule.


This one depends on the ship class. As icuurd12b42 said, if you're a healer, energy to weapon boosts your healing output. Corvettes usally use it during an attack run. As an artillery cruiser, you can activate it before every shot and disable it afterwards to increase damage and reduce reload time. On the destroyer and the dreadnought, it doubles the amount of rounds fired per minute.

There is also the module amper officer briefing which increases the damage (or healing output) of modules if you had power to weapons when the module fired. For example, energy to weapons - launch nuke - energy to neutral -> the warhead is boosted.

If your target is a dreadnought or a destroyer and at full health, energy to weapons is usually wasted, since they will likely get their hull repaired by a healer, or hide. However, you can destroy damaged targets quicker. I often use it on my destroyer in combination with energy generator, so I can rain bullets down on my opponents without fearing the consequences of having no energy left. It's also very useful against artillery, since you want to destroy them as fast as possible.


Unless you're captain of a Monarch, shields are not the best option when you're under attack. Instead, use power to engines and go into cover. This sounds counter-intuitive at first, but here's an example: You're in a dreadnought and being shot at by an artillery cruiser. If you put power to shields, you take less damage; but once your energy bar is empty, you are probably still out in the open and being shot at. If you had boosted your speed, you could have taken cover behind that rock.

I use shields in the following cases:

  • to parry missiles, nukes, and broadsides (you even get a "parry" medal for it). Activate it before they hit you, and don't forget to reset your setting afterwards.
  • when a Corvette attacks. Think of Corvettes as big missiles you can shoot at. They do a lot of damage in a short time span, but once they fired everything they have, they're weak as a fly. (Note: Blast pulse and assault blink warp (currently) ignore shields).
  • to win a one vs. one. You have to be absolutely sure that you win the fight, otherwise flee!

Also note that Corvettes have a special kind of shield that absorbs damage entirely.


I find it the most powerful energy setting. A moving target is harder to hit than a sitting duck. Corvettes and light destroyers love to use their insane speed for hit-and-run tactics. Artillery cruisers can turn faster to choose their next target, or move up and down to evade attacks. Tacs do what they do best - run and hide. It will also allow you to overcome stasis and avoid being dragged by a tractor beam. And as explained above, even a dreadnought can benefit from it.

Will Bay One flame trench ever be cleared?

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Oct. 1, 2016, 4:53 p.m.

Updated //
Oct. 1, 2016, 5:29 p.m.

Madfish#7162 posted (#post-46038)

Overall some good points in your guide for new players smile


A few suggestions:
- I suggest you try to edit your guide outside of the forums. E.g. try Word or even Wordpad. That saves you time if the post "crashes" and makes it easier to edit and maintain a good structure.
- Also it'd be better if you edit your main post to add / change / update content in a guide.

I'm just too afraid to change existing posts drastically. I don't trust the forum software.

  • As for your wording I'd prefer if you'd get rid of "dont's" - that never clicks with people and comes across very rude.

Sorry, but this is the army son smile rudeness is expected.

But seriously, sorry if you read this with a negative mindset, the posts are written in gest, they are meant to stick in your mind and little virtual slaps in the face are more effective than being polite. Just imagine it's a superior officer talking to you, he's not going to be polite but to the point smile

  • A few pictures and headings could help

I don't have the extra time for pictures and again I don't trust to forum software, so basic text it is.

  • Some advice sounds a little bit too generalized while not being generally true - e.g. not to go solo or to always group up

I don't tell people to not go solo and I certainly don't tell people to always group up, quite the opposite on the group up actually.

I'm trying to open up people mind to the fact that they can and need to change tactics in certain situations.

The thread is made to fast track new players on decent tactics without spoiling the discovery aspect of playing the game.

I'm actually formatting my other posts to be decent looking. thanks for the feedback

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Oct. 2, 2016, 2:35 a.m.

Some really great advice in this thread, especially for someone like me with only around 10 or so games under my belt. I'll try to think up some tips from the newbie perspective and share them when I can.

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Oct. 3, 2016, 6:32 p.m.

Newbie Tips Cover Your Friends addn
Opposing a Healer Team (Turn The Tides Added Oct-03-2015)

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