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Oct. 20, 2017, 11:46 a.m.

I have held back on posting since the change to increase the amount of XP/research points/credits post 1.9.1 patch.

The match rewards are better than they were (broken) when 1.9.1 first dropped following the ‘uncoupling’ of match XP and research/credit reward, however I still think the research point reward is just enough and the credit reward per-match is slightly lacking.

In regard to healers (in my case specifically the OEM Koschei) and specifically their mission rewards, I’m seriously struggling. Even on a match where my Koschei isn’t instantly being killed by Corvettes and Vindictas.

I realise that there are plenty of people on the forums complaining about healer tactics and wanting to nerf them, but honestly, I’m finding the Koschei worse than useless (less useful than the Dola that preceded the Koschei grind). The OEM Koschei gets on average a per match score of 700 points, if I’m lucky, with its lack of effectiveness at range, slower speed and average armor, the OEM Koschei is proving to be literally the worst ship progression wise I’ve used and the current points system does not help.

My understanding of the in-match points mechanics are that if you are repeatedly killed without scoring kills your match end credits are lowered?

And let’s not even talk about how useless the OEM Koschei is in Onslaught, its less than pointless with the current points rewards in Onslaught.

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