PlayStation 4 Open Beta Patch 1 Feedback Megathread!

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Oct. 24, 2017, 2:29 p.m.

PlayStation 4 got a lot of new content and improvements in open beta patch 1, tell us what you think! Are you a fan of Onslaught? How about Battle Bonus? Let us know!

Full patch notes here.

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Miguel "MiguelItUp" Rial - Six Foot Player Relations Specialist

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Oct. 24, 2017, 6:03 p.m.

So far loving all the rewards for the career progression, who knew i had won or played so many games, 250... sound still cuts out thou and not sure if i like the ps4 controll vibrating all the time now when i shoot. New island map seems ok.

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Oct. 25, 2017, 12:31 a.m.

Happy to see larger font and menu graphics! I can actually read the screen now. The timer for veteran maintenance is of course a welcome improvement. The achievement bonuses were a nice surprise, I had $ waiting for me when I logged in. I do really dig this game and I’m happy ps4 got this much needed attention. Keep it up.

Never engage in a battle of wits with one who is unarmed.

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Oct. 25, 2017, 9:28 a.m.

The game will still suck an all tier II recruit fleet into veteran matches.

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Oct. 25, 2017, 12:56 p.m.

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Oct. 26, 2017, 1:51 p.m.

So glad to see that you keep track of our stats and all of our previous beta time was not all in vein very nice to see that thecarreer progression had multiple achievements all ready unlocked Graphics seems better also and I do like the new player match modes as far as onslaught and proving grounds. However it would still be nice to have the training mode still. For those time you unlock a ship or change a liadout and you want to test run it before you go in a real battle for obvious reasons. And I still have had some sound issues .

Overall a well needed and deserved update !!! It seems like you listened to you customers / players and checked all of the braces then filled it up with a very positive solution and for that I thank you oh so much ! Please keep future updates of this caliber coming.
Side note : it's nice to have other goals like the career progression and the contracts. It gives all of us something else to shoot at. ( yes pun intended but also serious )

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Oct. 25, 2017, 1:14 p.m.

Nicely written hotrods_n_harleys. I agree with everything you wrote here. I do like the new game modes, once I gotten use to them. My first match sucked as it was a nice 3 vs 5 whipping and I had no idea what to do.

I would like to add that with older PS4's the dashboards, hanger, etc all seem very sluggish.

hotrod hit all my sticking points for the most part and thank you again for bringing me out of my game playing retirement and having me dust off my PS4.

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Oct. 25, 2017, 1:34 p.m.

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Oct. 25, 2017, 1:39 p.m.

Did some playing last night with the new patch on my PS4, had a blast as usual - but really enjoyed exploring all the new stuff. First, some bug and/or improvement issues - then general feedback at the end.


"Oh, so that's how it works..." -Me after finally seeing a fleet go on cooldown for the first time

Battle Bonus
1) Works Great, no issues so far

Fleet Maintenance
1) Timers are actually present, so maintenance now makes sense

General Suggestions
1) do wish a counter for each fleet bonus existed so I knew how many matches I had left before the bonus wears off and maintenance kicks back in. If there is one, I didn't see it? Just a nice QOL change.


1) No issues in how it works, had a lot of free stuff come up thanks to past progress
2) Did not track past progress on specific match types, so while I got credit for my hundred matches I did not get credit for those being almost entirely deathmatch. I'm assuming the stats just weren't there to do this.
3) Pinning works great and is a great feature!
4) The little number indicating target(s) is complete and a reward can be claimed is a great addition also! The less sorting and scrolling I have to do the better!

General Suggestions
1) Recruit isn't terribly long but the Captain list IS long to scroll through. Recommend changing the ui to a more categorical setup of rows and columns: Columns are the category, rows are the specific targets.
2) An example would be categories for: Matches, Fleet, Ship Mastery
3) The targets then fall beneath their respective category. As it stands, looking across my ship mastery targets requires a long scroll every time. I can pin a target, which is great, but I don't fly just one ship. I really wish I could pin up to three targets, like contracts.
4) Would it be possible to display pinned career target(s) on the match loading screen as a friendly reminder of 'this is what I am working towards'? Not a necessary feature, but would add a sense of 'self goal setting'.


1) Works great! Just like any other F2P model of rotating rewards for varying how you play the game.

General Suggestions
1) Module Kills and 'just kills' are different. I rarely get module kills on my corvette or destroyer, as both are setup for support and general fire. My AC and Tac constantly get module kills though. Consider changing these to just 'general kills' or go all out and set high-rate contracts for specific module kills. "Kill with Plasma Cannons 0/5" or some such.
2) Re-rolling one contract a day is generous and it works great, but could the formula for reroll be set such that the new contract is a different 'type' than what is rerolled? I went from an AC module to a Dread module kill goal...if you can't tell from the last suggestion, I'm not a fan of module lists....just a request.
3) New Contract types could include:
a. Multi Match: Complete three different types of matches
b. Squad Up: Complete a match as part of a squad
c. Jack of All Trades: Fly three different ships in a match for X number of matches
d. Master of All: Kill all five classes of ships X number of times each
e. Know My Name: Earn X amount of Experience on a Hero Ship
f. Legend in the Making: Earn the top points for a match X number of times
g. Losers Don't Cry, They Get Even: Earn the Payback Ribbon X number of times

So on and so forth...pretty much any ribbon could be made into a contract, incentivizing a captain to change up their playstyle to best secure that ribbon.


"InstHeader...what's that?" -Me opening stats for the first time

1) It's busted, won't even load any information besides my name and portrait.
2) Pressing square for recent ribbons locked up the game briefly
3) Can't make any suggestions as it doesn't currently function


1) Great fun, really interesting match style that can see lone wolves really tilt a match on its head.
2) No suggestions at this time, had a blast with it. Was a nice change from deathmatch.


1) Much, much better than old model. Still some lagging in the cinematic on start and during initial view of dreadnought.
2) Bix's voice sounds...less grizzled. Almost like a totally different actor. Not a fan, to be honest.

Proving Grounds
1) AI is pretty idiotic...but it is the training match. Just wish the AI performed a little better.
2) AI spawning two Tac Cruisers makes for only real challenge as they rarely miss and they both focus on whoever is taking damage, making them actually good at their role. Great way to teach rookies about the staying power of a dread when properly supported.

General Suggestions
1) Tutorial video needs more smoothing
2) Bix's voice in the tutorial...and in general...seems really off from original, "I don't care who you are" gruff veteran.
3) Tutorial mission button maps, targets, and the like are all really great and excellent additions. Any future tutorial or 'advanced' missions involving class specific missions should follow this model.
4) Proving Grounds AI is a joke and could be mildly more dangerous. Spawn selection seems off, with the AI choosing team compositions that aren't very smart.
5) Consider this idea: when AI has 3 or more ships down, the team waits to respawn until the other 2 are dead so that the whole AI team spawns together. After the first few minutes, AI spawn rates get way off because of how easy they are to kill...resulting in a hunting pack against a solo AI rather than something that resembles a match.

MATCHMAKING ON PS4 - North America In My Case

1) Even after the patch, MM was a little slow but I did get matches in each type of that was a nice change. That said, I do wish we had a few more resources or indicators beyond the 'time waiting for match' clock.

Suggestions for MM Indicators
1) At the top of the screen where the MM clock appears, an indicator of how many players are currently logged on in my region would be very helpful. If I'm not getting a match, but see there are 30+ people on...I'll be more willing to wait than just calling it quits.
2) Within the 'Play Menu', an indicator on each match type of how many matches are currently in progress would give me a better sense of which type will most quickly give me a match...but also whether or not my 'favorite' (whatever that may be) is worth queuing for. I expect deathmatch to have high counts, but if onslaught has even some count and that is what I want to play, I'm more like to sign up and wait for it.

Suggestions for Increasing Population Counts
1) Operating under the assumption that evening times are typically best (7pm to 11pm being the typical 4 hour gap), having a daily or weekly schedule of 'bonus times' could drive players to be more involved during peak playing times. I work from home and can play just about any time, but I recognize getting folks to play at 11am is a bit overkill.
2) Bonuses would be based on a time window, not match quantity completed, to ensure players can benefit for as long as they are online for the window.
3) Bonuses could be daily, with each day featuring a map type or ship class that generates addition XP, Credits, or Both. This can then be transformed into a rolling bi-weekly or monthly schedule. The bonuses are relatively minor, but they could assist in 'condensing' players to more popular play times.


You already know this: ship progression in Dreadnought is its biggest weakness. You've already identified this for change, which is exciting! The sooner, the better. PC crowds are forgiving (I myself wish I had a rig for Dreadnought and many other games like Eve I 'try' to play on my surface). Console crowds are not. Dreadnought is GREAT for PS4, but ship progression has got to get more diverse and interesting or the litany of tier 4 players will soon begin to rapidly decay.

Beyond that, more vanity items in general but particularly for credits! Give out some freebies too, but mostly let me spend some credits on vanity so I feel more incented to actually buy GP and get the 'really cool' stuff. Bought my mercenary pack the other day for this update and have not been disappointed!

Keep up the great work! Great patch all and all.

"Our shots are giant red lances of destruction! Why don't they ever shoot back!?"
"We never give them a chance to."
-Discussion aboard the Virtus

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Oct. 25, 2017, 1:42 p.m.

Oh, I almost forgot...font size

Doesn't look different to me - still hard to read the Dossier on hero ships and modules. I really wouldn't mind significantly larger font and just scrolling with R-Stick to read it all.

"Our shots are giant red lances of destruction! Why don't they ever shoot back!?"
"We never give them a chance to."
-Discussion aboard the Virtus

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Oct. 25, 2017, 2:53 p.m.

I am having a blast with the new patch, 1 min or less queue times generally. The ontracts doesn’t seem to be tracking/updating

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Oct. 25, 2017, 2:53 p.m.

I am having a blast with the new patch, 1 min or less queue times generally. The ontracts doesn’t seem to be tracking/updating

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