thanks guys. It seems there were some balance changes, maybe its time to have a look at this game agagin.

The problems you are mentioning is exclusive to the Koshei, the other heals of the Ceres line are barely enough to cancel about one same tier ship, for the Koshei its 2.5 ships cancel. For more Information about the Koshei Meta and some ways to counter it, click here

I personally are quiet sure the Koshei will get rebalanced some day.

  1. You cannot sell ships

  2. Right-click on a ship in your fleet and choose "remove from fleet", click on the "+"-signed empty place and choose your new ship

  3. If your new ship is a T3, you need to put them into your veteran fleet.

Ok, so first: You compared the Ballista to the Muro. Point is, the Ballista seems to be bugged atm, doing only half damage (All other Heavy Arties shot a double shot).

Secondly: Yes, the Vindicta is fast, but a Stasis/Drain/Disrupt missile at the right time just takes it out. Its tank is so bad, it cant stand any kind of fire. (Like a vette actually) The problem imho is, that these counters are not stock modules and as many people try to just rush trough T3 they never buy those counters. A little money can make the T3 game way more enjoyable, like it did with my Dola.

They haven't put out a single balance pass in this TechBeta, so its a bit exagerating to say they ignored it. We will see what this weeks patch brings. (Thor mentioned it)

basically all ships that counter their inherent weakness via module use are powerful atm. Corvette (Autorepair and Armor Amp), Koshei (Target Warp), Vindicta (Ram, not as bad but still noticeable). I heard that the Devs want to have all shiplines of a type have the same modules available to them. I think thats a mistake.

A Heavy Vette with Armor Amp or Repair is fine, a light one that can facetank a Destroyer is a problem.

Makes the game more defensive, as in its easier to dodge or use cover with strafe. Also Corvettes would be more powerful with strafe. (Strafing in circles around enemies, with their fixed guns. Except the mediums of course, which is pre-nerfed for this gameplay, I assume) It seems the Dev prefered a more offensive oriented gameplay.

Part 3

The Forum devoured the Post Jawayne answered to, so here it is again.

The Koshei meta (as of 1.4.2)

At the moment of this writing, the Koshei (Akula T4 Tac Cruiser) is the most dominating factor in veteran games. A ship that has a life line on it, can only be killed by incompetency of its pilot, a coordination of the enemy team or incompetency of the Koshi pilot.

Some Math:

A Koshei heals 2000 HP/s at 1200 m, 1500 HP/s at 2400 and 500 HP/s above. Its only competition at its Tech level is the Aion with 800 HP/s at 1200 m, 700 HP/s at 2400 and 600 HP/s above. (according to It is easy to see, that there is a huge gap between the healing capabilities of the two ships.

Lets assume a Koshei heals a Dreadnought (Ship with the worst shield damage reduction) at 2200 m. A Dreadnought shield reduces damage by 65% so about two third. Under these circumstances you need to deal. 4500 dps to the Dread to break through reps alone. Thats the sustained damage a Koshei can heal.

If the Koshei overheats its reps, it increases its heals by 50% (I have heard contradicting opinions about this working or not, in my observations, it works.), so we are talking about 6750 DPS healed until energy is depleted and if it finally activates its Beam Amp Module, thats another 120% (or more depending on tech level) heal for 5 sec, thats then 12150 DPS healed.

Again: Thats the number for med range on the lowest percentage shields you can have. If we calculate it for the best shields (Tac Cruiser and heavy Desties) at closest range, we are talking about 13320 DPS sustained damage healed, 19980 DPS until energy is depleted and 43956 DPS healed for 5 seconds.

Now factor in more than one Koshei, Armor Amps and similar modules and you have a rep, that cannot be broken by conventional means (that means shooting it).

So how to break it?

Lets hear what are typical tipps how to deal with the Koshei and what i think about it:

  1. Its slow

    The Koshei by itself is relatively slow. For this reason many Koshei pilots include the Target Warp module in their setup. That allows a 0 charge up, 13 km warp to a target of your choice every 30 sec. This completely nullifies the speed disadvantage a Koshei has. So we can ignore it.

  2. It needs to stay close to its target

    Koshei tends to form pockets and practically depend on the enemy team suiciding into its pocket. So don't do this. Force the Koshei to get out of its pocket by not attacking there. Tell your team to stay away from it. If you are lucky they will even listen to you. Probably not.

  3. It has low HP

    Yes, someone told me this. Its completely untrue. It has 30 K HP, more than light Destroyers and almost as much as a Vigo, but the Koshei has better shields and sometimes self-heal in the form of a Repair Drone. So its not by any stretch a soft target.

  4. Shoot the healer

    That actually works great if there is only one Koshei on the field. Self heal is generally worse than targeted heal. So go for the healer if you can. If you have two or three Koshei in place this does not really work, but at least takes one healer out of the equation.

  5. Drain the energy

    The Koshei has an Officer Briefing in its tree called "Adrenaline Shot". This OB gives Energy to the User if he heals or is healed. And thats enough energy to keep shields up for a long time if under moderate attacks or to quickly regain energy to re-activate shields. Important: A drained Koshei is a better target than a fully juiced one, so its a good option to have in mind. Also it will help to disable the shields of other ships.

  6. Disable its modules

    Disruption is an effect that puts all modules on the ship into cooldown, including activated modules that cease to work. This combined with a drain is the safest bet to take down a Koshei or a Koshei healed ship. So if you really want to see this Kosheis dead: Combine a Disrupt and a Drain module. (For example Drain Pulse and Disrupt Missile on a Destroyer)

  7. Scramble it

    A scramble is basically a gamble. It could make a Koshei slip off its target and killing the heal altogether or it stays on target and doesn´t do anything. Unreliable but can be useful.

  8. Alpha Damage

    Alpha describes putting out enough damage to kill a ship outright, without the healers having a chance to repair it. Artillery Cruisers (Medium and Heavy at least) of course excel here, but plasma rams for example (which ignore shields) or Modules like Storm Missiles are also a great way of dealing Alpha damage. Corvettes can also deal a form of Alpha, as they deal their damage in a very short timeframe (some types of Vettes are better than others here).

  9. Changing Targets

    A pretty unreliable way of breaking reps is changing targets rapidely with enough damage to quickly overwhelm the new target unless the Koshei changes target. The problem here is coordination between teammates. A team of three players on Voicechat can do this pretty reliable, anything else wont really work.

  10. Shoot it if it uses Beam Amp

    Ever seen that red shield next to a Koshei when it uses its fat green beam? That means its resistance is down. By 100% to be precise. In the timeframe of 5 seconds you deal double damage to it. If there is ever a time to shoot the healer, its this 5 seconds. If its a solo Koshei, you can kill it very fast.

  11. Keep it busy

    Nothing is worse for a healer than having to keep many allies alife at once. So if they are in a pocket: Nuke the stuff out of it. Nuke Missiles, Goliaths and everything that has good damage and an AoE will help a lot.

  12. Do it the Emperors way: Purge it

    Purge is an effect that combines disrupt, drain and stasis Thats obviously very powerful and helps no matter what you want to kill. The crown jewel of purging is the Tartarus Missle, a purge nuke missile.

Thats a long list of things that can or cannot work. You should incorporate at least a few into your builds. At T3 you will be kinda limited, as not all modules are for sell at this tier. T2 ships are hopelessly outclassed if paired vs. Koshei heals, so I would advise to not engange the pocket at all, instead trying to go for Corvettes or other elements outside the healing range.

Witnessed that setup first hand. The Energy bar didnt even move.

Thanks, I edited the heal values. I misread the Vigos HP for the Athos one. Adrenalin Shot does also work if the Koshei is healed, thats what I meant in this case. In the case of Dual Koshei Team, Repair drone, or some other "healer".

Thanks for your Input