the only times i thought we were being listened to and with streams worth watching was when Thor was working for them. i cant remember what happened to him it was a while ago, maybe 2 resets ago.


before steam i could put t4 mods on my t5. now the only t4 mods showing are the rubbish you get with the ship. i am not seeing the other options?


the game looks and sounds more mickey mouse than ever. i play the pc version cos of all the visual benifits that its brings but this new DN looks like i have just down graded my pc to a commodore 64. the ui is so confusing. its a mission just trying to workout where things are and they are not where you expect. the devs have decided to go this way and they dont change there mind that much. the previos updates have changes the ui before but this is a massive step back.

ill check back again in a month but not holding my breath. when the game is working, its good but the good is definitely more out weighed by the bad now.

always the promise of, well fix it in the next update but when are you going to fix this update.

yes it is more active but there are generally still bots in the games.

most games if both teams have 2 bots then the winning bots will have died about 5-6 times in the match. so about 25-30% of the end score. the loosing teams bots will have died between 10-12 times. a massive 40-48% of the end score.

+1 to the uneven team

every leg game today, who ever had the most bots, lost.

all they did was warp in and spin on the spot. they didnt move once.

its minimal. 10%. when you are talking about a winning split of 250 and a loosing on of 150. then its only 25 and 15 extra, on that one ship. wheres having that ship in your fleet not researching, not gaining anything but xp that should be spent on ohters.

the benifets might be better if i use it but even with a 3000 win, thats only an extra 300 and you have had to use that ship so most of the xp is going on the ship thats not reseaching not gaining anything.

i havnt said anything about free xp. never notice the diffirence between using a fully or not. or bb as mine tends to be run out.

i understand that this is to help THEM generate money but the poeple who have made it to fully researched ships have ether spent the time or the money.

could it be possible to have an option that unlocks when the ship is fully researched, that would exclude that ship from collecting xp by just being in the fleet. ok maybe keep it on if it was your primary in the fight.

i would like this option as i exclude ships from my fleet that are full but these tend also to be my fun/annoyed ships. i know i can trade them in with gp but i am one of your free to play players and have not spent a penny. 6 t5's and the 7th next match.

just wondering what other people thought to the idea and i hope it made sence