Whoah settle, the thread should not spiral into just flaming the devs. The article clearly narrated why the launch was in the shape it was, bereft of bug fixes and new features alike; they had already been given clear and honest warning of financial deadlines hurtling towards them, and no longer had any recourse but to ship immediately and pray.

That flopped, and now dozens of people's careers are over without so much as severance.

There was clearly some mismanagement and fundamental mistakes, but I think they were many steps back down the timeline. This was a desperate gambit for survival revenue via steam pop base, and I can only assume it was done without the staff, time or money that went into the first builds.

It sucks, but we're out a video game. And not immediately, either; the'll run for months atleast. Theyy lost a lot more, and not just jobs.

Well that was fast. Sadly deserved, from everything available to us. I really liked this game, that's a shame.

Ah. So much for needing to test that myself... not surprised though.

Look, I have a thousand hours logged on the old XCOM games. Sound and UI mean nothing to me, though the aesthetic step back is a bit baffling. I remember talk of feature and code parity with the console version - perhaps its that, I think to myself.

So as a judgement litmus test, I take a single issue that bugged me, that I reported months ago, that a dev even responded to, and investigate. Are the tooltips/damage values on the Jutland main cannons still blatantly wrong?

As it turns out, the new UI is so info-lite that I cannot check baseline ship equipment details like rate of fire or damage per shot.

Well, that's one way to fix a wrong tooltip.

Still, Jutland cannons are listed at around 1300 DPS. Surely, that is much higher damage than they could reach in the last build. Perhaps their values have been fixed? I decide to test this out by going for my most anticipated new feature -something that'll fix everything for me as a third shift worker. Only needing three humans, and the potential to entirely duck clan premades in lie of some rewarding PvE? Perfect! Time to try Havoc --

Havoc mode is not available.

We have this console pleb UI and massive connectivity issues and still no feature parity? After seasons of development time? Not a huge fan of this update.

The most practical way I could see scrubber pulse being implemented is via a stand alone deployable, much like repair pods.

... On the other hand, this would only encourage and fortify healball gameplay further. Which I doubt anyone wants.

Frankly I think tacs are already overburdened with support tools and expectations. IMO, this would be a nicer fit in the Dreadnoughts third slot. They are especially reliant on energy and amps on the front, and popping some sort of anti-debuff scrubber/EWAR pods would help shore up the vulnerability - while also providing a target that the savvy captain could snipe before having his CC modules outright nullified.

I feel like it would be pretty simple matching the Jutland main gun dps with its tooltip? Either fixing the damage or just.. correcting the tooltip if working as intended.

But yeah the OP is so unintelligible I question if the thread is a gag.

In fairness, I, atleast, chain queue vet because.. well, vet is all there is. I work 3rds in NA. I have literally never seen a legendary match, even after sitting in line for two and a half hours. What recourse do I have?

This is kind of the well established genre business model, with grind times frankly vastly lower than in, say, WoT. I mean, you can easily reach T4 stock in one big day of matches. I already have six. Considering T5 is a myth and virtually all games occur in vet, spending a second and then third long day to get 4 modules and a weapon and then basically hitting apex ship strength is pretty... modest, is it not?

I explicitly love this games tactical and strategic depth compared to world of tanks. Sidling around cover and hoping rng blesses your cone of fire and armor pen dice is really not enough nuance for me. Juggling your energy wisely, selection and use of four highly influential powers, two main weapons, movement in a third dimension all render the game vastly more interesting to me. Why be more like wot? It has enough faithful clones, no?

The last time I seriously tried to queue for legend I was at 2 hours 10 minutes before I simply closed the game- garage cooks my gpu up at 75c. That you can play during peak and even get a non-proving ground match with some bots is sort of a luxury, bud.