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Well, I installed the game, and played for quite a few hours. One thing that DID improve, was the legendary matches. Glad to see people finally got some T5 boats to fly around in. Used to take forever to get a legendary match going..

In a nutshell, The other games i've been playing have become rather stagnate and I'm considering returning to pillownau.... err DREADnought to see if its made any improvements. Left the game because it was similar to just tossing pillows at one another as opposed to actual missiles/lasers/nukes. Wondering if they fixed the crappy things they've done to it....

I second this. There needs to be an option for this to be made available for those that're visually challenged.

Any and all tips and tricks can be had, just by reading the forums in various areas. There are youtube videos out there as well, to help with ship loadouts. If you're still at a loss and have access to a pc, hop on discord and ask there as well.

Once you get into the T4 range, there's alot of diversity in the loadouts you choose for your ship. There's quite the challenge on how you want to present yourself in the fight, when you have no clue what the opponent is loading out, initially. That being said, there's some 'hints' you can garner when on the ship selection screen. For example, the artillery ship. You know its a distance fighter mostly, but aren't sure just how its going to defend itself, if you decide that's going to be your primary opponent. The same can be said for a dreadnought. They're mostly tanks, meant to get into the thick of it. BUT.... some can be loaded out to tag opponents from a great distance, making it difficult to remove them from the fight. It's the inital fight that's the hard part. Once the opponent dies and returns with the same ship, you can choose something in your fleet that can counter it AND, be a benefit to the team.

I myself will often carry 2 sets of destroyers and artillery ships with different loadouts to counter a multitude of issues. However, even with doing that, there's still no guarantee that it's beneficial overall ( I tend to get put down alot, must be the clan tag smile ).

Just keep at it, once you get into the variation department, things get interesting. Good luck out there!

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Easy Guide to kill a lonely dread: Blud, king of 1v1.

Mmmm, Bluds taste like chicken when i'm cookin with my Lorica smile

It bears noting, that people don't care one bit what the team needs. Notice the severe lack of repair ships? Bet you will now. I've stated numerous times that regardless of what you want to play, learn to play a repair ship of some kind. I myself have put in over 200hrs in various repair ships to make sure that teams win, and not lose.

That being said, people don't care about 'regrouping' or 'follow me', or anything for that matter except for the target of their choice so they can pew pew then die. It's all about that pew pew. And after dying, they're left wondering what happened. Well, one day they'll learn....

That's a new one to me, did you try starting the launcher with admin privileges?

It's also an exploit, for vette players. It allows them to dps the ships they're stuck to, allowing them an easy kill. Used to have that issue on the pc side.

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They can't cloak at T2..... -_-

well they certainly seem to. they disappear off the radar until they're right on top off you

am i allowed to post links here? i can show you a video of one just appearing on my radar

Another bit of info, all ships will disappear from radar after a bit if they don't use any weaponry or any heals. So, keep your head on a swivel.

If and when you hit T3 ships (dreads), find stasis pulse and use it. It's your best weapon against a vette.