We would like to meet other Ita players to build a DN team.

We love this game and we are very active.

We are not ACES but we do all our best to learn and grow inside the game, and we would like grow with other ITA players togheter.

All Italian players wants to join us are welcome

Name of team SPACE-ITA

We have in plan to build a website for players support.

Tnx a lot

Also for other problems the solution is to download this update: Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2999226)

I dunno why the error message got "access violation" but is now OK and the game start.

tnx to the rich forum arguments I solved the issue.

Hi Draex, and thank you for the reply. I tried all in my possibility. Also strange remedy like change DEP values on computer settings, and other. No way to start the game. Sincerely is the only game that wan't start, but I like it and I hope will be a solution to find to my problem. i wrote also to Customer support team, and I'm waiting for an answer. many thankls for now.

Hi guys, I downloaded the game two time but I got the same error:

"impossibile to start correctly the application error 0cx0000005".

After approx a total of six hours of download this sit he first game wan't start.

Do someone experinced the same issue ?