Different Point of View!

In 5v5 times the game was tactical. Since 8v8, it feels like a saloon brawl.

Thumps up for 5v5 again!

Hello Folks,

I think, OB´s should have a separate TechTree, like it was "promised" a year ago. There is no logical reason to hide them behind ships.

my 2 cents


A Parrot on my shoulder!!

Im a outlaw pirate captain? Without a Parrot? Nahh.

If thats to weird, i would take a monkey instead.

Hello dear fellow Captains,

i know - nobody of you got a glass sphere or can look into the future. (well, maybe there is one - then please reply to this)

I´m a kind of older gamer, i have seen many games passing by. Im just wondering what the expected lifetime of Dreadnought will be? Im there since about march 2016. Oh my gosh - two years went by already.

For what a lifespan a F2P game like DN is designed? 5 years, 8 years....will the servers shut down next summer?

I dont expect the lifetime of Starcraft 1, but this thought really influences my decisions on how much money i invest in a game.

Gimme your opinions with all your considerations you take into account (playerbase, monetization, etc.)

Thx and best regards

Hey DN-Team,

for me the gamekiller Number 1 atm is the endless loading bug, i really really really hope this issue is properly adressed in 1.10

if not

Guys, honestly - some players suffer from this for many month now - it should really be high priority!!!!!

The rest of the changes, lets see....

Hello fellow Captains,

im not a real "numbers" pro, but i have a clear feeling towards balance.

After i read the new patchnotes, i kinda regret(ed) that i have spent money on the game recently. For me this Patch feels like an attempt to "casualize" the game. More standardization, more equalization. As many players statet before, there are ways to counter or avoid nearly everything. The problem always was that you could no properly adopt to enemy strategies with only one loadout allowed. In my eyes you need a minimum of three different loadouts per ship to have the chance to stay with ur prefered ship AND be able to help your team. I heard, that multi-loadouts will come. Question is when!?!

Some ideas behind that patch are ok, nothing that really thrilled me. But the "arming time" of some modules - Goliath especially, doesent feel well thought. I need my Goliath sometimes to be ready instantly. For example: I see a ram can approaching me, i realize i will get killed inavoidably - i launch goliath and nearly immediatly activate it to kill the attacker with me. Wont be possible any more. I do a close flyby to a busy target and launch goliath within 600m, run fast and let it explode within the next 1-3 seconds. Wont be possible anymore. And so on ... a better change would have been to not force it to come outside one side of your ship but maybe below.

I prefer the idea to give different ships and manufacturers different tech trees instead of making all same same.

And now to the other patch criteria i dont like. Starling nerf is too hard, repair autobeams nerf is too hard, beam amplifier energy drain is to high, Kinectic armor amplifier nerf on dmg reduction is too hard.

I dont want to play overwatch with spaceships, dont let the game feel like a "saloon brawl" with a kill/die/respawn meta.

cheers Micro

I was wondering how you Houston guys are doing. Thx for the Info - i really hope no one gets harmed and is safe. Best wishes to you!!!!

I (we) do absolutly understand that spam or anything else has no priority atm. Good Luck!



Well, there is only one strange thing about the Nox for me. When i see a Nox with a random player name, i usually go in without fear and kill it. When i see a Nox with playername "IceCooledFunkMasterMessiah", the cold fear is running down my back and 2 out of 3 battleattempts end in an embarrassing death of mine.

Any Ideas of how to fix this? smile=

Hello Captains,

i did no math, calculations or "writing down numbers" based testing....i played like i always perception is purely "feelings" based.

The result is good....i got significantly more xp than i got before 1.8.

For me 1.8 is good step in the right direction in reducing the grind-wall. In an average gaming session of mine i can do now nearly the double amount of xp, than i was able to do before 1.8. Credits never were a problem, and they doesent seem to be one now.

Concusion: Micro likes 1.8 Battle Bonus system



Hi SgtLeon,

good to see a great player coming back!!!

If you miss some of your coatings, i suggest to write a support ticket. I was missing one aswell and the restored it immediatly after i wrote my ticket.