No Offence, abuse whatever bug u like the most. I just got triggered by the fact that you create forum posts about it and then doing the same. Btw, it was full public game, nobody forced anyone to do anything.

Have Fun!!! (no irony)

Cheers Micro

SOS-Lupus_Vindice#0974 posted (#post-128300)

100% This... It is pretty bad that this hasn't had a micro patch already considering how game breaking it is when exploited.

Hi Lupus,

there hasent been a micro patch, because i dont do patches atm.....maybe next life i will do again

Cheers Mate

Hello 'Sdric smile

What a hipocrisy from you are using that bug by urself. And your only defense for it is: The others do it, so i can do it aswell! Really?!?

Sorry Mate, but thats the argumentation of a pre-school child

Greets Microstar

Welcome Back Odin!!!!

Welcome Back Odin!!!!


Corvettes are a threat - Yes. I have games where i feel really powerfull with a vette. In other games i have the feeling that i cant do anything. Everyone is shooting me and each approach is stopped before it starts.

Whats the difference between these games? In one game people know how to handle a vett-threat, they look out for me and give me a hard time. In the other games, nobody cares for his teammates and let me do what i want to do.

Hello Shoeshine,

i also was one of the lucky stream winners of a Trident Bundle. After the 2nd last reset i also didnt have it anymore. I opened a support ticket on October 31, 2016 18:43:

I still dont have it back. The support team is very polite, but it looks like they cant solve that issue with getting it back. My ticket is still on hold (more than 3 month now).

Please also write a support ticket.



Beside the things that have been said (Weapons range and effectiviness) i really suggest to increase the warp jump range from 5k to 7k. That would help a lot in my eyes.

True, but T1 costs you 20 minutes to be through, T3 costs you days.....