HI all,

i know it wont be changed, but i have to say it anways...

T3 has no right to exist at all.

Players dont equip them cause its thrown away ressources. They are not going to be played after u have reached T4.

Playing in T3 feels like beeing punished, tortured and like beeing cannon fodder.

T3 wants you to spend gp to get through it asap. They feel like beeing there to force you to spend money. No fun at all.

The argument of the devs, that players should make use of a whole fleet instead of focusing on one ship type is invalid. Because you want to reach ur set aim, players dont switch to other, maybe more fitting ships for the battle. They want to develop towards their aim, and if that means to fly a ship that doesent fit the recent team setup, they continue to select the ship that helps them best to achieve credits and xp.

T3 is unbalanced, unfair, unsatisfying and a waste of time.

Sry, but this is how it feels to me.

Merry Christmas to you too!!!

Hi Folks,

it´s christmas time - the time of peaceableness, charity and merriment.

Due to the things the community wants to be different and the one or other bug that has appeared, most forum post these days sound a bit negative. Im sure the Dev´s know that also most of the forum post are meant as constructive criticism.

Personally i just have somehow accepted that DN is developing in a way that differs from my personal wishes. Nontheless i have to admit, that DN is still coming closest to the kind of game i want to play. There are so many games out there and only very few are good games - Just a matter of personal taste.

Im not bootlicking anyone, i wont get free GP for this, it comes from the heart smile

So i wanted to say a Thank You to ...

.... the Dev´s - i appreciate your work on a game i like (loved it before your changes, but "like" is still a good thing)

.... the Community Managers - you guys are doing a great job, trying to be close to the players and giving (at least to me) the feeling to be a part of it

.... the Community itself - i found many nice and adultly behaving people that i enjoy to share my sparetime with

Thank you, have nice holidays and peace to you and your families.......



Hi all,

did i miss something or has the ugly weapon spread on the gora family not been "fixed" in this patch??



Hello Nebula,

well, registring for a key is no guarante to receive one soon.

Your probably faster by joining the twitch community stream on fridays and ask there for a key, some users have keys left. Also ask in your thread for a key, maybe one of the forum users has keys left.

The fastest way is too purchase a founders pack.

good luck

Hey Neko,

you were way to fast in grinding....90 % of the people cant keep up with that speed. You rushed through the game in 3 Weeks? I will probably be able to join t4/5 in one or two month...

Thank you Imrahil for your words.

What u describe is more or less exactly what i felt with DN. When i first saw it, i immediatly recognized this game is different. It has so much potencial. With progression 2.0 that feeling vanished in great parts.



'Despite that im a Fan of the DN dev´s, and wishing them best for their product.

But in the end its a company selling an entertainment product for money. Demanding such high prices in the beginning is just a economical strategy. The costumers complain, u can be generous and lower the prices - and make them pay maybe a little bit more than they originally "wanted".

I dont complain about - would do the same.

My solution to this?

Give me an button: "Pay 50 $ " and then give me all ships, modules and briefings. Then i can spend my valuable time in the evenings playing what i want, instead of grinding for ages and having semi-fun.

And im pretty sure 90% of my mates would press that button too. And you can still sell the vanity items and all the other "micro" transaction thingies....from time to time if the game gives me alot of fun and satisfaction i would buy this aswell.

Felt a bit guilty for my ranting yesterday, but today i go constructive smile

Nowadays simplicity is better than complexity.

So i suggest to shorten the whole system. Give each Ship Family an own research tree, not combined with other ships. Make one Module and OB research screen where all modules for the ship family are in. Seperate them into the different tier scales and please distribute the availabitly more. Let T1 - T3 have more modules availabe. That would make the grinding time much more fun to play.

Let the modules and OB be upgradable from one tier to the next by spending credits and research points. So i can have a t2 nuke mine that can be equipped on t2 tac´s. If i upgrade the nukemine i can equip it on a t3 ship etc.

Lower the credit prices for purchase big time. Force new players to have a "acclimatation" phase for maximum of one week. After that let them learn the hard way.

I just post this sentence to you maybe you know it: "Grey Box is a video game publishing brand that champions the idea of games as influential art forms. Founded on the principle that players should be treated like sophisticated consumers, we aim to set a unique standard for quality in interactive entertainment."

more to come...i want to game now smile

cheers, micro

p.s. the squad member screen is overlaying the research points.....maybe fix that aswell...