Hi Boys and Girls,

i still like the game, before 2.0 i loved it.

When i first saw Dreadnought i felt that there could be an amazing end-game motivation. Get 4 good buddies, discuss team strategies, sort out the ship classes and loadouts for our squad and fight 5 other good players in premade costum matches. Just competitive gameplay and epic battles.

With the recent changes i think i can say goodbye to these hopes. Everybody will be grinding forever. I can hear the people saying: "I dont have that ship yet. I have not researched, bought this modules. I dont want to play this, because im farming on these and those first.

The rest has been said many times in here or on discord already....

8v8 feels chaotic - to often i have another ship to close to the ship that needs healing and my green beam targets the wrong one.....meh

And why should i feel love for a disabled version of the Zmey, Gora, Koshei etc. Its just annoying to fly half-baked battleships. Those T1 - 3 ships are just steps i have to take before i can fly a real ship again.....not more.

Sorry and best regards


Didnt want to be rude - sorry -

But as it was mentioned, at the moment we are all waiting for 2.0

The devs work hard on it for sure and we will see what they created for us when they think its time to. There is not much left that havent been asked or discussed in the last month. Thats why there is so few activity on the forums now. I recommend joining the dreadnought discord server, there u find the active players and the most recent informations and screenshots.

I just try to use the time by playing unusual builds and improve my movement and aiming.

See you on the battlefield.

You asked for interest and respect for your threads?

Then show some respect by urself and please dont create pointless threads with qestions that have been asked by many others before. And show some interest for other threads where discussions are going on already, make use of them and contribute there. For me it appears that you just want to make yourself important.

Thank you!

Thank God Microstar found this thread and thank god again he enlightens you with THE answer... smile

DN is a skill based game, the luck-factor is minimized. If u die it was not by coincidence, weather u or ur team has made an mistake. And standing against 2 healers only seems to be op, because "public games" that we are allowed to play at this time, mainly consist of a random setup of players with random loadouts and no voice communication with the stern will to refuse adopting to the enemy loadout and strat.

This problem will be solved by its own once premade teams fight each other. The fundamental game mechanics are good. The should be no "guarantee" for a kill by just shooting at someone earlier than he does.

The team has to find a way to deal with the situation. If you loose you have something to discuss afterwards. In a paper, scissor, rock game there is no BEST setup and loadout.



first of all... I know that some ideas i want to share with you come to late, or are contrary to the dev´s development plans or are made already (havent read all forum threads). This is not a rant, just individual thoughts and wishes. Anyways, i feel free flip in my 2 cents.

Quality of Life:

  • Let me choose by myself which module i place on which slot. Maybe i want "Autorepair" on Keyboard 1??? Just because my brain works different and it makes it easier for me make best use of a module. Diablo 3 made that option available through the "Settings Menu".

  • Make as many HUD and Sound and Control options customizable. Let me choose how big i want my recticule and indicator symbols, where i want my "module row" or "minimap" located at the screen or how intense i want my "missile approach warning sound" or the comment on a spotted enemy by a teammate.

  • Show me how many players have been found for the matchmaking, so i can see if its worth waiting or maybe host a private game.

  • Give us a public chat channel in main menue, where i can ask for others to join my squad, ask for a special role for my squad, ask the "Overkiller" from the last game how he did what he did. You know what i mean.

  • Improve the minimap! Improve it big time - grid, topographics, scaleable size, ping function, marked ships are marked on minimap too, better icons, ...


-In addition to the "auto match-making", i would appreciate the option to "host" private games, where i can choose how many players on each team side will be allowed, from 2 v 2 up to 5 v 5. Let the host choose how many ships of each class are allowed per team. Let the host enter a game name under which it appears in the "open private games" list. Let host choose wich tier the game is, he opened. Let the host choose how many kills it takes to win the game (game length). Give the host an option to "force" players on special ships/roles/loadouts - idk call it "dictator" mode. smile

  • If u plan to implement a ladder system, give me an option to host or join unranked games, maybe i dont want to "push the max" every single game. Maybe i want to try out new builds and tacs and not get insulted for feeding a bit or playing an uncommon biuld/ship/tactic. - im relaxed smile


  • Keep it free to play and make it a "full by title" aswell. Let everyone play the game for free on maybe one or two maps, with a very limited amount of cosmetics availabe and maybe, but only maybe, limit those f2p "version" to a special ship set (trader ships but bit more of them with competitive loudouts). Give me the option to buy the game for 40 - 50 Dollars/Euro and play on much more maps, with all ships buyable and some other options that a "free player" doesent have. You are attractive to players that want to test out the game. You are attractive to players that want to spend money on an entertainment product they like. Dont let me pay in time or money for reaching "end game content". I want to play games, i dont want to level up - im getting older in real life, thats grinding enough.

  • In addition to the "Basic DN Package" i bought, offer me mini content to purchase (maps, hero ships, cosmetics, or weapon colors... that i dont need necesseraly to evolve in the game.

    Ships and Modules:

  • Now that its fact that i have to go through tiers whilst i play DN, just dont let me buy the "same" module for every tier class. Make the tier 2 main weapon shoot white energyballs and the tier 3 green ones. Dont make a tier 1 tractor beam feel like a thin wire you pull on and a tier 5 tractor like a thick rope. Maybe just increase stats that are nice to have, but not crucial for its usability.

  • In future hero shop releases, give me one costomizable slot for modules and one for officer briefings, that reccomands my suggestion of a free customizable loadout setting. Lets have us a small variety with our hero ships.

  • If u ever have the time and the money, implement more animations to the ships. For instance, the Grenada Module 1 animation is awesome. A cycling radar dish, seeing small people shemes on the bridge - sry im a bit childish now.

    So far, greets Micro

Hello everyone,

as of the actual state of the game and its horizontal progression there are no "OP Builds" or "Best Builds". Cool, but there are Builds. Those setups that fit your playstyle best and making you a force on the battlefield that cant be ignored. Please share your loadouts and the main idea behind it and how you make use of it.

For example: My Zmey "Dawntread"

Secondary Weapon: Repeater Guns

  1. Skill Module: Plasma Broadside

  2. Skill Module: Slug Torpedo

  3. Skill Module: Armor Booster Pulse

  4. Skill Module: Armor Amplifier

Officer Briefing 1: Retailiator

Officer Briefing 2: Weapons 101

Officer Briefing 3: Nerves of Steel

Officer Briefing 4: Adrenaline Shot

Main Idea: With Armor Amplifier or Booster on, set ur energy to engines (Nerves of Steel) to close in to the designed target very quickly and come in range for your DMG Skills. Then set energy to shields and make use of Retailiator OB. Fire your broadsides and torpedo. When Shields go off, your armor skills should be ready again. Whilst in "armored mode" let ur energy refill and continue the loop. This build needs a little healing from the back now and then (to refill energy with Adrenaline Shot), but does not rely on perma heal. It plays great, the synergies work well and its big fun.

And now its your turn, what build do you like alot? How is it played? And what synergies do you make use of? I would love to get Brazenbulls "Kreshnik" declared or TheRealFritz´s "Talionis"....and of course more....

Thanks and greets...


Hi all,

i dont play WoT or the other mentioned games. So i have absolutly no clue what that "Tier" System means. Can please some describe it for me in short and understandable words for someone who just doesent know???

I really think the gameplay mechanic is good as it is right now. Even if u are placed against a lvl 50 player and you are just, lets say lvl 20. U can make ur kills or be real threat to them if u play in team and play good.

I dont want this to be a time eating grind game. I want to start it and play. Thats the attractivity of the game to me.

I dont want this to be a pay to win game. I want to spend money on it, but only for cosmetics like more impressive hulls, bridges, cannons, paintings, etc.


I read a bit more about in the forums, but still cant get the "idea" behind it. Is it all about endgame money sink? Or is it to "balance" out the different player skills? Or is it to make u buy currency to equip ur things faster?

Wouldnt that mean, that if time goes by, the main player base would just rise up in tiers and leave fewer player back in the lower tiers, meaning longer waiting time for them to get a game?

Wouldnt that mean i have to buy the same things over and over again just in a slightly better version?

Really thankful for your explanations!!!

Hello captains

I really appreciate the grafix improvements regarding the hangar and the ship textures. As already mentioned the game looks a little bit too bright plastic like. For my taste i prefer the more "dirty" and "washed" look.

The projectiles have a too dominant effect in my eyes. In previous version the ships and effects were fitting the enviroment. Now the contrast is bitty to drastic. Sry...english is not my mother tounge...maybe i cant express myself clear enough. I hope u get what i want to say.

I also think that a overall limit to 7k weapon range is not fitting the size of the maps and the idea of huge starships. I would rather have more falloff than the generalized limitation.

We really need numeric weapon and module descriptions.

Contracts are also not working for me. Havent seen a single contract yet...just new Countdown timers.

HUD is still disappearing now and then...but less often.

Projectiles speed of grenada feels to slow for such a high energy weapon.

Armor amplifier could be increased to 3sec for tacs. Their light secondary weapons take their time to deliver dmg to vettes.

I love the game...and im sure it will become better abd better. Keep on the good work.



Hello Captains,

i bought the founders pack 3 weeks ago and got therefore access to beta. Since then i was able to reach level 29. Due to full time work and gf and real life stuff im able to play 5 - 10 games a day. I cant play every day, but maybe 5 out of 7. I think i did pretty good in my games, which means im most times in the top quarter scorewise. Usually between 2000, up to 4000 points.

I would have absolutly no problem with that when game comes out, i think a little slower levling up keeps the interest in the game high. But for the closed and also the open beta, i fear the wipe will come before i can reach max level. The progression is not too high, but its there and from evening to evening im doing a little bit less progress.

As i can see with the hero ships, its a big difference if u can use high level modules or not. The Huscarl for example is beyond any of the trader ships. I really want to test out the higher level modules and builds.

Are there any plans to have the beta players reaching max level quicker, or maybe a phase of the closed beta where all modules accessable from the scratch? I can fully understand, that the devs want to see and balance how the levling thingy goes. But im just not 20 any more and cant spend that much time for a game.

How long did it take you to reach max level? As there is no stat tracking atm, i cant see how many games i did yet and how much ingame time i spent. All just rough estimations.

So far....



Short and competent! Thank you Snib!