Hello dear Commanders,

would u please be so kind and help me out in a few questions i have?

  1. Which key does change the ingame chat from "team" to "all"? I mean writing in blue, which is teamchat i guess, to white, which is generalchat as far as i think to know.

  2. Is it just me beeing to stupid or is a "general chat" in the main menue not implemented yet. In other words, how do u team up for squads when there is no communication channel?

  3. How can i delete a loadout, instead of just overwriting it with another ship?

  4. Where or how do i add people to friendslist after i had a good game with them? Can u right click a player in score screen? I havent found out yet. Or do i have to remember the name and do it in main menue?

So far....

Thx to you all for good games i already had with you. Hope we will have much more in the future....