I'm afraid they are not listening at all.There is a part of the playerbase that decides not to sugarcoat their mistakes. As we speak many more people are protesting eighter by leaving the game or creating stomp squads. Right now they nerfed drain based on casual & rookie feedback while buffing single Nuke in a state of the game where ANL cannot be used to defend against it. They clearly know nothing about their game & if they have players supporting them then those players don't provide them any kind of info. You can see from Penguin's stream he has no clue on how to handle the ships or the modules & he's just trying to sell you stuff from the market, the other big thing is that Dreadnought is trying to shove the issues under the carpet by ignoring & silencing comments

Every new update generates a significant number of bugs in places that should not be affiliated. Right now if somebody falls trough the map on Elysium he will start causing masive lag spikes to everyone on the map while actively breaking the refire mechanic on all ships. The game also had a minimap in the early stages & right now we don't even have the ping update the minimap in real time, so everything they coded took the game downhill. We've been going on for months w/o any kind of updates & what they delivered is clearly a big dissapointment to all the hype they generated.

That being said there are a ton of gamebreaking issues that are probably going public since they refuse to fix them, we've even had responses from CS claiming some of these are features! Things like Disrupt & AbP stacking for AoE AA or missile screen for nuke & so on. I believe every player deserves to know about this suspiciously effective strategies. Let's not even talk about the fact that every balance patch this happens: A module/OB/Ship is nerfed to unusable state while another is buffed to the point where you start questioning why use anything else.

Steam release won't fix the fact that some players don't comprehend what kind of game they are playing & make them read module descriptions to understand what's going on. He's probably just venting out after facing a squad along with other public players where they just shot the Dread/Destroyer until it ran them over like a bulldozer

Hello fellow captains,

I am here to prepare for the backlash before we mess up & lose up to hundreds of potential players. As you all know this game has been around for a while & it's just another day at work to have the experienced captains step on the dreams of the rookies in Veteran game mode. With the upcomming Steam launch are there any means of "sheltering" them for enough time so they can actually develop a decent fleet & blend in with the rest of the playerbase? As you are all aware squads are plain broken in the Veteran game mode unless they are facing another squad of equal size or if by a miracle the DN MM places enough high level players against them. Once again the current level cap is only 50 but most of the notorious pilots hit that eons ago, even outside squad conditions if you have enough experienced players they can swing the game brutally in their team's favor unless a balance is achieved on the other team.

We all know DN is a carry, oops, team based game but do you actually want to be playing with your friends? The attempt of flying your T3 ship with your friend might end up with you being placed against a actual squad that already has all tools available to them across the fleet. I've talked about it numerous times in the past & at this point I'm already expecting the generic answer: "Well the playerbase is not big enough to sustain separate team & solo que", well good job Sherlock you discovered the Dreadnought paradox where the playerbase is too small to sustain a separate team que because the 4 people that team up can make hundreds of players leave game thus justifying: "Not enough minerals". While I can accept the fact that not everybody is interested in playing competitive, however the fact that we allow competitive players to team up against casuals is just plain STUPID & is probably the reason DN is donating part of it's revenue to Steam anyway.

My question is: What's in store for the future?

All honesty it's immensely frustrating to have to pray every Veteran game that your team at least has enough game knowledge to use PtS & play the objective while you & the 1-3 other players on your team win the game. Wasn't this supposed to be 8v8? Steam release is about to hit soon, and I have 0 intention of playing games with that playerbase until they have time to settle down & get used to this... So that means I simply get locked to the Legendary games that rarely happen or nothing? Yeah, like I can understand a rookie player not paying attention & reacting a bit late to a gank or not parrying all the damage incomming at him or being out of position or not knowing how to counter something & all that. However I really want to stop being part of these retarded matchups with players under 1 hour of ingame experience with players of over 100 hours. Veteran is pure aids with this player pool, like if you are not into stomping people that pose no threat to you & know no means to defend against you Dreadnought gives you a game per 10 que attempts unless by absurd you have at least 12 people willing to fly Legendary & see who can kill each others bots faster.

The problem is mostly present in TDM. People perform better in stuff like CQ or OS, if they play the objective, since they are not the main target of the enemy,so if we were to lock away the rookies from TDM Veteran until they reach a certain number of playtime in the game mode should give them enough time to get used to all the new threats introduced that were not present in Recruit.

Now as for the actual game modes like many players before me suggested from a purely competitive standpoint Veteran should be restricted to eighter T3 or T4. To explain, the T1 ships & the T3 ships serve no real purpose other than being stepping stones so removing eighter of them from existence should solve the problem what I am proposing:

Removal of T1 - These ships serve no real purpose other than powercreeping you trough the PG game mode.

Recruit: Tier 2 & Tier 3 ships with the T2 ships comming out with the 101 & the Tier 3 ships having all available OB's. This would allow players to get accustomed to the actual game they are playing since OB's provide mechanical changes to ship functionality & at this point it would require a complete overhaul or a endless set of buff/nerf to get them back into place.

Veteran: Tier 4 only. This is where one might say Dreadnought has it's equalized competitive standpoint.It's also the point where you can start being considered a veteran since it will take you a while to unlock several ships to play here. Starting from the statement that the game is balanced around the T4 ships once a player has enough experience he should have enough resources & knowledge to put together a solid fleet & have a PLEASANT game experience.

Legendary: Tier 4 & Tier 5. The increased rewards & the gameplay of this game mode should be attractive enough to encourage the T4 players to both step up their game & start investing in order to speed up their progression & get into the most amazing gear this game has to offer. The Legendary fleet is very enjoyable but we never get to fly it because you have to go trough the Veteran ordeal of a progression system only to face the most notorious players this game has to trow at you with both superior gear that is incredibly hard to obtain & a lot more experience.

Would love to see a answer to this as well. In my personal experience the MM tends to swing wildly from Stomp-Balanced-Skin of the teeth game where you win by a few kill differences.

There are basically 2 topics that I would like to adress in this post. The first being the effectiveness of all nuclear warheads, that includes: Goliath, Scylla, Flashpoint Torpedo, Nuclear Missile, Starrling Missile Salvo, Tartarus Missile , Nuclear Mine. The second topic that I would like to adress is the effect that scrambles bring to the game, to be more specific: Scrambler Pulse, Missile, Mine & the Bombers.

Nuclear Weapons:

The Good:

Goliath : Due to having no damage faloff across the blast this is the superior nuclear weapon currently available in DN. It is capable of smashing fleet formations & taking out healballs if caught by surprise, the fact that it can be launched w/o warning is also a very important advantage. Despite the loss of the Goliath pulse, this is hands down the best form of damage Nuclear weapon available in Dreadnought. Here is a example of Goliath Bowling:

Tartarus : Because of the high accuracy & purge status the Tartarus nuke is one of the most dangerous AoE debuffs in DN. It can easily shut down targets clustered together. If not countered by ANL it can potentially decimate the enemy fleet.

The Situational:

Flashpoint Torpedo : Used in conjunction with Drain Pulse & mobility modules such as Thrust Amp, Evasive Manuver & Jump Drive you can catch your target by surprise and inflict very high single target burst. However the torpedoes will miss against most moving targets & can be easily juked unless shot from specific angles.

Nuclear Mine : The mine can be a very effective tool, but it's extremely situational. The reason being it inflicts self damage on the user & has damage falloff simmilar to Nuclear Missile & Starrling. Also it's pretty hard to catch a target by surprise with it so it kind of requires deployment on Warp or a Tractor module to be effectively pulled off.

Starrling Missilve Salvo : The trebuchet went from being one of the most effective AoE weapons against clustered targets to Being food for retaliator. Due to the nerf in damage of each individual nuke the outer blast lacks the firepower to provide sufficient AoE damage to serve any real purpose other than recharging Retaliator. The nerf in accuracy prevented clustered nukes from landing on the same targets but it doesn't spread it out enough for it to serve is purpose as damaging multiple ships due to the hectic landing pattern. Despite being 4 invividual blasts the nerf in damage & accuracy caused this module to lose it's treadmark trade: Bypassyng the shield oversampling.

The Bad :

Scylla : Advertised as a Long range Goliath, the lack of tracking make this module completely obsolete as it can even be dodged by Dreadnoughts due to it shining like a disco ball & the small blast radious. The low damage of this module propels it to the worst Destroyer primary module available in DN.

Nuclear Missile: The downfall of this module comes from 2 aspects: First of the horrible accuracy, I can't even begin to comprehend how this module tracks or of it tracks at all the only way to get the nuke to land where you want it is to target the terrain below your target & manually detonate it midair. However even sucessfully landing it comes with 2 other issues: First off is the damage falloff, the outer blast lacks the Alpha damage of the Goliath & the second is oversampling the damage done to the shield.

What I mean by oversampling the damage done to shield can be highlighted with a very simple example:

Goliath Torpedo at Tier 4 does 20 000 damage, a TAC absorbs at 85% efficiency and 3 energy per 1000 damage taken. Normally it would imply a blocked Goliath will do 3000 damage & cost 60 energy to block. Now while these numbers can be altered by certain briefings the issue comes from the ability to block any form of nuclear weapon with a meager 1-5 energy that will rezult in full mitigation. Combined with briefings that return energy to the user the Nuclear weapons can be blocked even if they are used as a follow up to forms of Purge. Now this issue can also be found on Artillery Cruiser shots & Torpedoes but to a smaller extent due to how mathematics play a role in number crunching.

Proposed buffs:

Apart from adjustments to each individual module, there are some common pool solutions:

1) Adjusting the nuclear warning & removing the missile UI track.Right now these 2 elements telegraph some of the nuclear warheads away making them very easily counterable with directing power to the shields & activating the Anti Nuke Lasers.
2) Adding a partial shield & armor boost ignore. Due to the nature of these modules & how shields & armor boosts crunch the numbers these modules can be reduced to very low practical numbers. Armor Amp can completely nullify a nuke & a single use of a Armor boost Pulse can protect nearby friendly ships from the nukes even if they are purged or caught off guard. The very high innate mitigation of the lighter ships & the current shield mechanics prevent them from taking damage from these modules as stated in the example above.
3) Adding a more powerfull knockback & removing the damage falloff. If the nukes were to push the target away towards the edge of the blast & apply their full damage it would also turn them into effective displacement modules as well as adressing some of the accuracy issues that are not present on the Goliath Torpedo.
4) Improving the tracking. Right now faster ships can completely throw the Nukes off course to the point where even manual detonation won't catch the targets in the blast radious due to them not tracking the target at all after a certain time frame. I am not saying you should be able to take out that afterburner corvette with a well placed Nuclear missile even some of the medium ships are fast enough to completely displace where these modules land.

Scrambles :

Now the issue with scrambles is a bit more tricky, it is not any single specific module that is hard to counter but rather chained usage. Standalone niche use can lead to landing very powerfull modules such as Goliaths/Storms/Rams etc, but it does not really reward the user of the module accordingly in the scoreboard outside his own Technical Kill. Now chained use of Scramble with pairing multiple modules most commonly encountered in the form of Bombers + another module that will rezult in a loop that can go on for extensive periods of time.

While this has a heavy effect on the outcome of the game, the friendly targets are not encouraged by default to help you escape the loop as shooting down the scramble sources brings no direct rewards, a issue also seen on Amped Repair pods. The lack of Voice comms also makes it hard to type in chat to request assistance, this mostly affects solo players or people that are inside the frontline. While I do agree that teamplay should be required in order to counter collective effort being shut down for extended periods of time while being trapped in these loops can be a very unpleasant experience on the receiving end.

When adressing this issue on the discord I have been told that Autoguns & moving out of the Scrambler zone can counter it. The problem however is that if you are the frontline you are moving the scramble zone and if you move that area by retreating to your Tactical Cruisers you risk getting them shut down as well & that will most likely end up with the enemy fleet running you over like a bulldozer. Also w/o a unscrambled player coordinating you to move out of it you might as well try to push a wall with your ship. The autogun sollution is not really reliable as some of them require lock on & the unguided ones aren't really prioritizing what you want them to do.

My only idea regarding this issue is to reduce the effectiveness of chained Scramble sources & increasing the reward gained from applying these sort of debuffs & shutting them down.

I don't think people relize Jutland simply has low DPS outside 1200m range and even in the prime range repeaters are better. It's not a weak ship but the DN primaries need some love

Right now they have to be organized on the Beta discord server due to the T4 population not willing to go in against the few people owning Tier V ships. We basically assign ourselved the "Legendary" role & get pinged when people want to start a game. It will get more popular as playerbase grows & progresses trough the Tech tree but right now w/o a heads up it's unlikely to get a random game.

Regarding the Jutland matter, you would have to bump up the HP pools of all DN & revamp them to some extent to give it a speed buff of say 25 to keep it balanced. It feels a bit unnatural to have the light dreadnought share HP pools with the Heavy Destroyer due to the innate shield difference, the current system effecticely locks the 4th slot module to the hull you chose to maintain effectiveness. The Jutland gets around quite fast with the Warp but with the current system you are basically stuck with Amp on Lori Warp on Jutty.... so a reasonable ammount would be:

60 000 -> 80 000 -> 100 000 with bumping only the Jutland's speed... But the Values could get a bit crazy on TV & might prove excessively difficult to kill.

A secondary sollution would be giving DN's innate armor simmilar to how SS works & tuning down Armor Amp accordingly, this way different DN can have diffent armor level but this is a bit more complicated & would imply other ships could get this "armor" feature. Or adjusting their mainguns to effectively sidegrade the repeaters. RN DN mainguns are a joke in most ranges until Tier V, as I posted in the Jutland thread the mid range DPS drop is too high to even make the gun worth sidegrading it's own repeaters outside 1200m & having even the prime DPS outclassed by repeaters is not that appealing. Overall most DN mainguns need looking into at this point in time

Regarding the Nukes. Apart from tartarus there is pretty much no point for the Salvo & Missile to exist, they would need a unique feature like ignoring shield/armor on direct impact or push the targets hit to the outside of the blast radious to give them some identity considering the cooldowns & how shield mitigation works at the moment. Regarding tracking the nuke launches into orbit & lands after a awsome 10 second delay making it very difficult to plan ahead, if the target dies the nuke does not reaquire target & just despawns in orbit. It's honestly best to detonate it if your target died to force it to go on cooldown.

Doubt anything is going to happen before next maintenance but this issue was just as important as the stability fix applied last one. All we can do is play fair or set oil to the fire