I've been playing Warframe on PS4 and they have abilities that use the swipe on the touchpad AND THEY ACTUALLY WORK! I have not had the game misread a single swipe and it is great! Makes me wonder why Dreadnought devs can't -or won't- do it right.

Agreed. I reinstalled the game to try the "improvements" and played 1 game to find it was far worse than before. It's like the Devs don't listen to their players AT ALL. Needless to say, I uninstalled the game right after and will not pick it up again. I wish CD Project Red had developed Dreadnought, because they actually LISTEN to their players.

Yeah, I reinstalled the game because the Devs said that the energy wheel was improved. I played one game- ONE GAME- and it was so much worse than before. Uninstalled the game right after. The Devs should listen to their player base OR THEY WON'T HAVE ONE.
Bind the energy wheel to the Dpad for crying out loud!!!

Kurt_Hustle, you should read my thread of why I'm giving up the game. "I'm Gone, Bye Bye" is the title. I think a lot of players are becoming ex-players.

So what is this new PS4 build? Are we players going to have a button press instead of a swipe? And I looked at the roadmap of improvements and they don't address nearly enough. My Tier 3 fleet should NOT be facing Tier 4 opponents- who get Officer Briefings which make their more effective ships even better- so what is being done about that? This all seems like placating players with superficial tweaks while game breaking mechanics are still there, akin to putting a band-aid on a sucking chest wound.

Listen up Devs, games should be fun. Not frustrating, but that is exactly what Dreadnought is- frustrating as h€ll. But before I go on to much better games, I'm going to air some of my grievances.
First, the Tier system is broken- players should be matched up against other players of the same Tier. I really wanted to play my Tier 3 ships to unlock Tier 4 but the disparity in power level was such that playing at Veteran level I was practically guaranteed to be outclassed. As such, I ended up playing my Recruit Fleet much more often despite having maxed out my ships. Another thing, why the h€ll should I have to pay G to convert ship XP to Free XP? I EARNED THAT XP, I SHOULDN'T BE PENALIZED FOR IT, ESPECIALLY WITH YOUR BROKE TIER SYSTEM.
Second, the controls on the PS4 are horrible. I have posted ad nauseum about the Energy Wheel being an exercise in frustration and it could be fixed so easy- just bind it to the Dpad FFS! I could care less about viewing the scoreboard or any of that. I WOULD LIKE TO GET THE MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS OF MY SHIP TO WORK SO I AM NOT BEING BLOWN UP BECAUSE OF A MISREAD SWIPE.
Third, when I have tried to contact your Support staff I was told that it would be better if I posted my problem on the forums. W. T. F.?!?! If all you're going to do is foist people with problems onto the forums WHY HAVE A SUPPORT STAFF IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?!
So, while I would really like to play and like this game I can't because of entirely preventable circumstances. I really hope the Devs read EVERY WORD of this and take it to heart because they have lost another player and THEY NEED THE PLAYERS OR THEIR GAME DIES.

...and your pitiful attempts to raise your shields. I give you something else that you don't need...or nothing at all.

And don't get me wrong, I WANT to like this game. I think it has amazing potential, but the Devs need to fix this or I will quit playing very soon. Nobody likes frustration, especially when there is an easy fix.

Nashwan, I have long fingers too, that's not the issue. The issue is the Devs bound the most important ship function to an inaccurate swipe. I'm glad you aren't having a problem, but for some of us this is a horrible gamebreaker.

To get the energy wheel to WORK! This is SO FRUSTRATING. It is truly a sign of sloppy, stupid programming when I have to wrestle with my controller to get things to work.
And more often than not, I lose that fight.
Thanks for the frustrations, MORONS.