honestly, I'm really really sad about the way this game has gone. To me it's gone from being a unique game that not only could, but would have carved out it's own market share to a game that I in conscience cannot recommend to my friends to put their time into.

I really hope that the devs look at this feedback and learn from it, because as it stands right now it looks like the devs are trying to make the game worse.

Add me to the list please.


it's worth noting that staying above the ground isn't really a defense because you can manually detonate a nuke using the button that was used to launch it (in most cases the 1 button). Just one of those things that's good to know that not everyone might know.

If you don't want to be treated like an idiot, don't act like one, we'll try and find details but if your post doesn't stand up to the very first bit of questioning then we'll start to treat you like a 5 year old troll.

okay as someone who uses nukes on a regular basis, (I find it fun, okay), there are a lot of ways to deal with it. Honestly, you have three choices when you get a nuke on you, anti nuke laser, Shields, or move. Seriously, when I run into a group that does any one of these things regularly I just switch back to using a plasma broadside because I know that its the only way I'll be any use.

Anything that can't move out of the way (monarch is the only one that can't, but lets say that all the dreads can't for this argument) can take at least 6 amped nukes to the face and keep going (an amped nuke can kill an unshielded medium destroyer for reference). Honestly saying that each of the three ways mentioned (which all use a different methode, not dealing with that fuckery, tanking our getting out of the blast zone) are situational (when they encompass different situations) seems to me like you're say, I don't want to deal with this weapon, undo it please. Honestly, if the enemy manages to catch you in a situation where none of these are applicable (no anti nuke laser, no energy and anything slower then a gora) they deserve the kill because of the skill they managed to show in choosing the timing well.

Okay, so then looking through your post some details would be nice.

For your first point, what class are they, how much energy did they have, what boosts did they have? For example there are a number of abilities in the game which do make you strait up invincible (armor amp, corvette shield (as its full damage block at the cost of being much more energy intensive)). Also the koschie sitting within about 1 km Healing with power to weapons and beam amp can nullify enough damage to make a target seem invincible.

For the second one, again what class, what abilities, how was energy being managed? there are some abilities that massively boost damage on each class. Also, define instapop, was it over 5 seconds, was it multiple damage sources, explain please.

For the third one, what ship were you in? All classes (with the exception of arty cruisers) have autoaim built in to them when firing on corvettes. Also, this isn't WOWS where the turret turn time can stop you from shooting, the turrets turn fast and you have a lot of them, so it entirely possible that the people you're talking about have a good mouse.

For the fourth one, What? could you please provide details? Were the kills with main guns, abilities, what? missles, AOE damage (nukes ect) could go either through (AOE damage ignores the terrain for now) or around (missiles tend to go over, but could go any way based off of where the are launched).

If you're going to make posts with claims like this you're gonna need to provide details, otherwise people that know the game mechanics better are going to just say that you don't know what you're doing and ignore you.

This game is in BETA, this is not a demo, this is not Ubisoft or EA beta where it's actually finished but they're using beta as a shield for criticism. There are features missing, there are things that are not working as intended. Many features that you guys are complaining about (MM for example) is just being put in around this patch. It will not work well at first. Please keep this in mind when posting, there's no need to be caustic. If you encounter a glitch, post and move on and if you find someone else that has something that you're noticed, don't create another post, that just clogs the forums, just write +1 or your opinion in the forum thread.

Finally, remember this is BETA so the servers are going to be screwy, things are going to break. For example I know some people that have broken the server, twice. Please keep this in mind and try to have some patience and let the game develop.

Hello everyone, new players and returning captains from the Alpha. Myself and a bunch of people (4 other people) are hosting a podcast for the changes and various other things. We'll most likely move on to giving advice, but we're mostly just discussing the game itself.

Come join us at alphastrike ( and listen to everything we have to say, I'm pretty sure that it'll be at least informative. Theres also Chip's stream if you want to be on twitch (

Edit, it's over now, but subscribe to find out when we go live.