There is leway given to moderators to judge whether or not a post desrves locking, but it my opinion as someone who has been a moderator of other forums, that these "leways" are not being given their due diligence.

Locking in GD should be reserved for necros and egregious violations of forum rules. In all other cases the post should be moved to the appropriate seciton. This is an important decision to make as moderator decisions are final. I personally was just enjoying reading a discussion in a topic, only for it to be locked. I only complain as this is not the first time such a lock has happened.

It is imperative to encourage discussion in any form as long as it is civil and constructive. Users do not want to have to worry about their post/reply being locked because they have a dissenting opinion.

I would like to add, that this post does not violate any of the forum rules as posted in the announcements section. This is meant to be a discussion about the state of moderation on these forums, which, to my knowlege and opinon is an important part of any community and deserves rapport as much as any other issue.

If this thread becomes locked, I fear for the future of our game.

Use bug reporting tool if true.

Minimap tiles are like 5km across so 9km blast radius would be insane.

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Hello there!

Fast question as I am a player that started to play it once more after closed beta.
Have the devs actually added some new factions/ships (except of premiums) to the game since then?


Some interesting changes this patch, TLDR at bottom.

Drain Drone (Tactical Cruiser): The energy drained by the drone has increased from 4.2/second to 6.5/second at tier 4, and from 9.8/second to 14/second at tier 5.

  • Module has seen very little use. This buff helps quite alot providing a ~55% increase in drain ammount at T4, and a ~43% increase at T5. While substantial, the module remains underwhelming, mostly due to how easily the drone can be destroyed as well as the targeting issues that affect all drones.

Drain Missile (Artillery Cruiser): Reduced energy reduction per missile by 15 at tier 2, and by 10 at tiers 3 and 4. The resulting total energy drained should be 35 at tier 2, 60 at tier 3, 80 at tier 4, and remains 125 at tier 5.

  • Probabally not a change artys needed, but it seems they're nerfing drains across the board. No change at T5 seems about right, arty's give up some pretty important modules to take drain missile as it is.

Drain Pulse (Destroyer): Reduced energy reduction from 100 to 65 at tier 4 and from 125 to 85 at tier 5.

  • Great change in my view. There has been a very popular trend lately of Vidys just using drain pulse on Drednoughts with little time for them to react, and destroying them too quickly by dumping their burst. This is really going to curtail that suicide move that can be so frustrating for the other side, and provde a window for the Dreadnought to retaliate

Drain Torpedo (Corvette): Reduced energy drained from 65 to 45 at tier 2, from 80 to 55 at tier 3, from 100 to 70 at tier 4, and from 125 to 85 at tier 5.

  • Same deal as with the destroyers. 100% energy drain on demand is just too powerful when these ships have access to such high burst damage that is provides no counterplay. Good change.

Drain Torpedo (Destroyer): Slightly increased the cooldown and a significantly increased the damage of this module across all ability tiers. The Drain component should also be equal to the Corvette version of the ability, with energy drained reduced from 65 to 45 at tier 2, from 80 to 55 at tier 3, from 100 to 70 at tier 4, and from 125 to 85 at tier 5.

  • Good to bring the damage in line. Before there was no point to taking this as pulse just did its job better in almost every way. Still probably won't take due to other choices being more important, but provides a more compelling reason to take.

Energy Generator (Destroyer and Tactical Cruiser): Normalized the total amount of energy granted by this module. The module now provides about 14 energy per second at all tiers, and the duration and cooldown of the two versions have been standardized.

  • Energy module seemed fine to me. Not sure exactly what standardizing the cooldown and duration means exactly as no numbers are provided, but hopefully its just a QoL change that makes the modules between the differient tiers more consistint to use.

Nuclear Missile (Dreadnought): The effect radius and damage of this module have been increased.

  • Again, no numbers given (why?), but I am very happy to see this change. As it is now, at T4 & T5, Nuke is a complete joke. The warning comes super early so higher tier players have no issue raising shield in time to parry it. This would be ok if the Nuke literally one shot everything except for Dreadnoughts, but it doesn't even do that. Hopefully the increased damage and radius will make this module worth taking again.

Offensive Lockdown (Dreadnought): This module's functionality has been standardized across all tiers. The module now increases rate of fire by 30%, reduced reload time by 50%, and increases damage per shot by 20% for 10 seconds at every tier, with cooldowns that vary by tier.

  • Module is still garbage across all Dreds except for maybe oberon dred thats built like a destroyer. With what you have to give up to take this module (Warp or Armor Amp), I am not sure there is anything they could do to this module to make me use it. Personally, I would like to see this module moved to a differient module slot.

Storm Missiles (Destroyer): Reduced the missile count from 16 to 12 at tier 4 and from 32 to 24 at tier 5.

  • Unclear on this one. Is this a nerf or a buff? I suspect nerf. If overall damage is the same its a buff because it means fewer missiles do more damage each. But I suspect the damage is also being reduced proportional to the number of missiles removed (-25% T4 & T5). If nerf, this is also a great change imho. Doubles down on destroyers zipping around one shotting everyone including dreds in a few seconds. Hopefully this combined with the drain pulse nerf will lead to some new playstyle stratigies emerging from desto players.

Triad Pods (Dreadnought): The damage output and the duration of the pods spawned by this module have been increased substantially.

  • I like the word "substantially" in this. Again no numbers given, please just give us the numbers in the patch notes, but regardless this module is absolute garbage in its current state and there is, in my opinion, literally no reason to ever take this module over literally anything else in the tree except for maybe T4 bombers. Hopefully the buff is enough to make this a compelling pick for dred players.

Stasis Pulse (Artillery Cruiser and Dreadnought): Increased pulse radius from 1200 to 1600, decreased Stasis duration from 10s to 6s at tier 4, and from 12s to 8s at tier 5.

  • Sort of backpeddling from a previous patch where the range was reduced. I like this change. Makes it easier to hit, but also provides a bigger window for the vette to escape with the reduced duration. I use stasis pulse all the time on my Jutland, and while the duration nerf will really suck, prob won't be able to so easily kill vettes that get to close anymore, I appreciate that the range was increased so I can more easily pulse other ships a bit farther away after I warp in.

Rapid Fire: The module will no longer hold the user in place at tiers 4 and 5, and will remove the user's energy at every tier. In addition, the effects have been standardized across all of its tiers.

  • Not a fan of this one. Honestly the module should have no drawbacks. I don't really play Artys, but it seems they have it hard enough as it is. No comment on this change really.

TL;DR: Overall positive changes. Destroyer drain+storm spam heavily nerfed. Nuke may see glory again. Some sidegrade changes for other classes.

Gameplay wise, barely anything has changed.

Oh yeah, they're TOTALLY listening to us.

Heres just some stuff thats been wrong with just Dred modules for like 2 years now.

  • Tractor beams have always been and are still bugged

  • Heavy torps strictly worse than light torps

  • T4 armor amp 2x better than T5 armor amp

  • Half of modules are borderline useless

Thats just Dred modules. I don't even want to talk about other ships, Ive posted many posts here and on reddit about all these issues, and 90% of them still have yet to be adressed.

What have they actually done to improve the in match gameplay in the last 2 years?

  • Nerf Adrenaline Shot / Desperate Measures? Took them a whole year to listen to us on that.

  • Nerf stasis pulse/autobeams? Vettes and Vidnys are now running rampant in T4+

Its actually pretty funny how a faint glimmer of the devs actually listening to this community because they reverted the nuke sound garners enough attention for its own praise, and yet trying to get any opinion from the devs on issues through weekly reddit threads, asking on stream or forums; is like pulling teeth.

At this point I'm convinced theres about 6 people activly working on the game.

  1. 1 Community Manager

  2. 2 Programmers

  3. 1 Netcode guy

  4. 1 Artist

  5. 1 Marketplace Manager (Monitization)

The other majority that are part of the studio are probably working on a new game.

To catch you up on upcoming changes: T4 is no longer in Veteran, only Legendary.

The Good:

  • Gap between T4 & T5 is much smaller than T3 & T4

  • Veteran will be a much more even playing field

  • Will most likely greatly reduce legendary que times

  • May improve legendary matchmaking

The Bad:

  • Will be much harder to level up T4 ships, as getting high scores will be harder in legendary

  • Will also be harder to level T4 ships, as you will only be able to get Battle Bonus in one mode instead of two

  • Going from flying T3s to being up against T5s is a huge huge jump

  • Players just out of T3 will be introduced to the merciless seal clubbing of certain elite groups

  • Some T5 modules greatly outclass T4 modules of the same type


I think the real thing to improve here is general module balance within the T4/T5 bracket. The big problem here is players fresh out of T3 going up against elite T5 groups, and he reason elite groups stomp so well is that they typically take advantage of the most overpowered stragies in the game, which are just exacerbated by access to T5 modules.
Good change, there are definitely tradeoffs made here, but overall net positive.

So, Jutland is by far my most played ship, I've made a few video guides on builds for it.

A Jumpland can be very powerful in capable hands, but the issue arises when literally anyone on the enemy team has either module disruption or energy drain. Either of those will completely neuter you, to the point where you're actually a liability to your team.

Personally I would really like to see a scrubber module available in the 3rd slot. You have to give up ABP or Stasis pulse, but it could serve as a good counter counter to those modules.

To me the gameplay itself feels more or less unchanged, except now the Vindys have more seals to club than ever before. Here is specifc feedback I do have, maybe some of you agree with me:

I remember them saying that they want everything in the game to be 3 clicks away. Getting into the customization window for your ship is now more confusing than ever, I think it takes 5 clicks.

  • There is no longer a single button to jump into a match. It is now 3 clicks away

  • UI Text is overly large, and the blocky design is still just as bad as when Microsoft tried to make Windows 10 UI.

  • Took me about 5 tries to get into the hanger (login errors)

  • Nuke sound is terrible. Honestly, the old nuke sound was great

  • Beam sound is almost inaudible, to much base

  • FPS in game is better, but textures look washed out even on highest settings (I mean they did before too, but it seems worse to me now)

  • Some sounds are very loud, and others are very quiet, just feels really weird

  • Bugs galore, for example when I unlocked a module, I was unable to purchase it as the price shows -1 credits

  • Forum post editor still sucks btw

  • Major balance issues have still yet be address even a year later (looking at you light vs heavy torpedo, tractor beams not working, T4 Bombers being garbage, fighter being garbage. Useful modules like energy missile, stasis/purge beam, tractor beam; still do squat for your score)

I don't want to be to negative, but I really feel like the game looked and felt better before the release.
I know the devs have been working their butts off, but to be frank, at the end of the day, players don't really care about that, they just won't play.

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How much longer til its on steam you guys think? Was hoping it would be over the weekend because lots of people had a fall break, and in the community podcast before last I know they were shooting for the first few days of october but they were off by about a week it seems.

Our maintenance is still moving forward and chugging along wonderfully, which is great! We're unable to provide a time frame at this time. However, we're hoping to be able to provide an estimated time, very, very soon. ALMOST. THERE.

Have you gotten a chance to playtest the new patch?

Whats your opinion on the new AV Artillery Cruiser ranges? The thing I noticed right off the bat is that drednought warp jump is no longer the same range as Arty range, will make them much safer against drednought assinations.