im excited if theyre reasonably priced

Sound good, looking forwards to steam release for better matchmaking!

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221567) said:

The point of BB is as Snib said. To encourage people to rotate fleets and keep all divisions populated.

Some people don't like it and I get where they are coming from. I can see the Devs not wanting to do it because we all know credits are the thing we need.

Maybe they'd consider adding the removal of BB as a perk of elite. Could be a good incentive for people to buy it.

I like that idea. Wish that instead of making the grind longer, they just made elite better.

mdagli1#5367 posted (#post-221354) said:

Uh, a 5K no fly zone around an entire team of ships is a little bit OP don't you think?

Oh well, it's been fun whilst it lasted...

An arty can very very easily take out a Tac using purge beam from a safe distance.

Imbalance is fine, but there needs to be strong and effective counters to everything, or else its unfair.

When you unlock a T5 ship it needs to come with base T5 modules.

There is no way Im gonna want to que in my Monarch when it only has T4 modules.

Rather que Vet where my modules are actually competitive.

I like the idea of Desperate Measures, but it is for sure overtuned.
Module Reset + Energy Fill + Debuff Removal is just too much for 1 OB.

I really think the OB needs to be redesigned. Needs to still be powerful, but it needs to be a powerful "get out of jail" OB and not how its currently being used offensively. The module reset is really the culprit here.

Somthing like: When your health falls below 20%, regain 50 energy, remove debuffs and gain 50 armor for 5 seconds.

The issue is that counters to vettes and light destos still give little to no points.

Utility modules need to give much more points, and some of they need to give some points at all (looking at you stasis/purge beam, energy missile)

Why? T5 Armor amp is strictly worse than T4 armor amp.

T4: 90% resistance + slownsteady = 100% resistance.

T5: 99% resistance + slownsteady = 100% resistance.

Except T4 lasts much longer.

"Oh but what if I don't take slownsteady, then it could be better in certain situations"

Get real, I shouldn't have to explain why 10 seconds of 90% resistance is better than a few seconds of 99% resistance in this game.