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Why? You know if you give resions why you want somehting looked at, in stead of demanding, things might happen.

You should know why, but I can spell it out for you if you want.

Jutland fires in bursts, Monarch chainfires. The chainfire feels much better to use.

Also it could be placebo but it feels like the Monarch spread is a bit tighter also.

All in all, the Monarch guns feel much better to use than the Jutland guns.

I mean, a game crash or hang could be caused by a number of things, many of which are outside of the scope of the game itself.

I mean, a game crash or hang could be caused by a number of things, many of which are outside of the scope of the game itself.

Did you google translate this from spanish?

Vettes are probably the hardest class in the game. If you're relatively new (>100 games) I would reccomend trying out the other classes until you get more of a feel for counterplay.

I have 600 games and I still suck at vettes tbh.

You have to press Q to switch weapons to the flak cannons and fire them yourselves. If you're looking for an automated proximity defense system, look into autocannon modules.

If the Jutland had the same weapons as the Monarch just with the numbers adjusted for T4, they'd be fine.

As it stands now they're essentially useless.

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  1. I assume that the counter for the free xp doesn't take into account any free xp accumulated before the event start.

  2. Is the contract timer going to be removed for the second week?

Hello! Yes the event will be the start of all stat gathering for those particular time periods.

Removed in terms of counting towards the goal? What exactly does remove mean for you?

He means if you complete a contract, there is a timer before another contract becomes available. If you do all 4 contracts you can't do any more, and thus can not contribute to the event until one of your contract timers expire, limiting the ammount of contribution any one player can achieve.

I agree, pretty much hate all the ending animation besides the salute. At the very least let us choose the ending animation.

Idk guys, to be honest I've recieved ALOT less communication from the Dev team in other games, here someone usually replies to every popular forum post which is pretty good tbh.

Don't think communication is the problem, think that this game has huge scope for the size of Dev team they have. They can only work on so many things at a time.

Will I accept it? No, because I want the game to be better than this. It is not in the best state right now when it comes to new player retention. I hope that the team really focuses on player retention in the coming months to aleviate some of these problems.

The grind is sort of opressive. Eliete helps.

Recent update helped by allowing you to unlock watever you want.

Real problem is squads.