Same thing here, only on my Ceres (T2 Tactical) it is taking the ability 1 slot with Tesla turrets too so my Beam Amp is not showing. Once in game, loadout info shows beam amp equipped but when actually playing, slot 1 has no ability at all, 2-4 have moved to 1-3 and 4 is blank.

I agree with pretty much everything said in this thread. Additionally I would add the following about the Hero ships :-

People have already paid real money to get these ships, while they do general free XP it is a tiny amount. The bulk of what they generate is still ship XP without a tech tree. What does this mean, well we then have to pay even more real money in the form of GP to convert the ship XP from the hero ships to free XP. The point of the hero ships in this new system seems to be a way to generate freeXP for use on unlocked other ships. At the moment the system double dips a bit too far into a person's wallet almost to the point where the hero ships will simply not be worth playing once the game balances out.

The constant additional cost of the conversion of ShipXP to FreeXP (925GP for for 37K XP [just reached this so it makes a clean accurate figure - thus the edit] ) is a too much considering people have already paid for these ships.

How would I fix it? Alter the ratio of free XP generated directly by the hero ship or simply have it be 100% for Veteran/legendary fleets and 70% for recruit fleets....

Why 100% for the veteran/legendary fleets? Well those fleet have the risk of incurring maintenance and recruit does not - sure it is not a massive cost for veteran, but it is still there.

At the moment the hero ships are dominating which would put a lot of people off these changes, however there is a hotfix going in tomorrow to try and limit the T4 vs T1&2 recruit fleets. once this is implemented more hero ships in the t4 bracket will be facing stronger and stronger players over time so the matches will not be quite so one sided.

Having a lower conversion for the T2 hero ships means they will not be simply insane for grinding XP, the t2 heroes are also not that insanely strong in recruit bracket - only tried the morning star, I do not have the t2 hero sniper (need to speak to CS about that) so I cannot speak for that ship.

As time passes the Tier IV hero ships will just not get played as people unlock the real Tier 4/5 ships due to the actual tier ships being massively more versatile due to being able to alter their loadout. I know I will be personally happy to retire the Kali (healer) once I can get to a Tier IV version of the Koshei, the same for the Tier IV for the Trident, that thing is so slow and the energy for thrusters does not move it much faster or last long enough - so a custom Monarch chassis will be eminently preferable as soon is it can be unlocked.

I think Progression 2.0 will bring more beta testers back considering it will require a full reset of level etc in-order to test the new system. This will result in faster queues and more games. Hopefully it will also help even out the disparity in poor match making we see at the moment due to a reduced playerbase. If I remember rightly, if MM fails to match someone to level appropriate groups after 15mins they get dropped into general MM....which sucks for low level players who find themselves facing lvl 40+ players.