Are servers down?

I am trying to log on the game since midweek and it has not been working.

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I've been away from the game a few months (3), how do you participate in Community Chanlleges?


I find the new crosshairs fine TBH. I like how they 3-tiered the distance for damage output.

Other than that main gripes are:

XP Nerf

Graphic settings are not remembered

Font size

Maybe for a future patch the Devs can give the option for players to choose between the old and new styles and adjustable font sizes, for a second yesterday I though I needed glasses smile

I'd also like to weigh in with the new XP system: (ALL OF THESE ARE WITH ELITE STATUS)

Photo 1: I had a very lackluster match, but managed to accure 2025 specific ship XP with the Palos but only 1671 were added to the ship. Also this is pre patch where a lackluster match would get 517 XP per unused ship:


Photo 2: Post patch, lots of kills better, in game performance and now ships get 370 XP per unused ship and a low specific ship XP gain


IMO I think a middle ladder tier for level 2 and 3 ships only would be good.

Hey guys @ Greybox love the DN game.

Although through many hours of playing I'd like to suggest (don't know how popular this will be) to have a another tier difficulty ladder game in between Recruit and Veteran. Sometimes I feel that reasonably experienced players that play recruit might be OP for the ladder but overwhelmed when they go into Veteran (especially since there's a lot of people that are already rocking level 4 ships). So there could be a middled tier ladder where only 2-3 level ships are playable

Other than that with the update 1.7.0 when I wanna choose a match type, team elimination was not present in the choices in the drop down menu.

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