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Sell me persistent crews with names and bios and history. Let them interact with one another. Bicker, fight, fall in love, die. Let me trade them out with other players if mine don't get along.

Sell me alternate shipyards and docking bays. I wanna be able to see all these different locations in the world of Dreadnought outside of combat.

Sell me shipyard assets I can decorate them with. Mechs, repair drones, more shuttles flying about, announcer themes (that lady saying stuff over the PA system but thematic) etc.

Sell me collectible hero captains and crews. Each one with their own 3D com portraits and voice acting. What I wouldn't give for Red Alert's Dasha spamming comms mid combat.

Sell me a station for $50 allowing me to send out invites to other players and earn a % of FP earned by my tenants. Don't make it a tax. Tenants keep their winnings in full. I just earn a % of that in addition. Tenants enjoy a cool looking dock without having to pay GP + other non p2w benefits (like having our own message board or be able to run training matches with other tenants around our actual station or it being a more in-depth method of squading up. Clans would benefit here.

Sell me PVE story missions in episodes. Rewarding me with exclusive ship designs upon completion or a Hero character from the narrative. Exact stats as regular ships but with unique geometry. What happened to Dan Abnett ?

Sell me the ability to define primary, secondary, tertiary colors instead of using presets in Appearances.

Sell me a feature to watch my ships flying on AI autopilot fighting other AI in a variety of benchmark maps so I can screenshot them to death and enjoy the spaceship pr0n without UI or needing to manually pilot them.

Sell replacement soundtracks. The current ones are awesome but I'll buy more if you have others priced appropriately.

Sell me mini games, opportunities to interact with the different factions in the world of Dreadnought. Stuff like them asking me random questions once a day requiring a multiple choice speech response. To what effect ? I dunno. Make stuff up, you design games I play them.

Now this is thinking outside the box. I like it.

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i think i sense that the majority of people here, want a game for free, without realizing the costs involved for running the servers and costs for the devs etc, this isnt something that fell out of a tree overnight and it will continue to incur more costs as it goes on, i am fully in support of this action as it helps the game stay alive, to those that say

You obviously haven't read the majority of the posts here, then. Most people are completely okay with certain aspects of this game being monetized.

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You're all like a bunch of children having a tantrum because mom and dad decided to set the table first instead of just pour the food directly into your mouth straight from the stove.

Seriously tho... after you've finished that tantrum and realize this is a BETA and they are very much open to making a game as many people as possible will play because that's very much in their bests interests.... they are listening to your feedback.... but you're going to be quickly muted and ignored if you react like a child and threaten this and that every time a change is made that you don't personally agree with.

Perhaps you should stop with the sweeping generalizations.

I look at Officer Briefings like perks. No game that I've ever played, whether it be free to play or required an upfront purchase, locked perks behind a paywall. Regardless of whether doing so is actually pay to win, it's a bad precedent to set. It's simply a bad idea and, as you have seen from our reaction, you should scrap it immediately.

So the next issue is how do we get more money in your hands. Well, we've already established that we are more than willing to pay for ship skins and cosmetic items for our captains. Especially seeing that skins on these ships are so nice looking and recognizable in-game. You won't have an issue getting my GP for ship skins. Maybe one or two captain items, depending on what you offer.

I would pay to bypass the level requirement for certain ships. I hate the Gora. Give me the Athos any day of the week.

Other ways you can drum up money is by way of selling boosts, or like World of Warships does by selling signals and flags. These signals and flags are applied to a ship to give different benefits.

Extra ships, I assume you're already designing them, should also be sold as additional content. But I promise you I won't spend $30 for a "hero" ship. Not when I can kit out a regular ship in the exact same way.

Maps should always be free to everybody. No question. In fact you'd get a lot of push back if you tried to sell maps. Nobody likes the community being split.

Maybe you guys could create some kind of ship to ship communication taunt that you could monetize? I would pay for that.

You already have the elite or premium status going on. But it's going to be worthless unless you can give players a reason to keep using it.

Or perhaps this whole free to play model needs to be scrapped. I'd much prefer paying for a product and then buying customization options.

Either way, if you lock integral features of the game behind a paywall, I will not play your game.

There are many other ways to make money off of Dreadnought. Locking abilities behind pay walls isn't one of them:

  • Extra ships in the future could be sold.

  • All customization options could be monetized.

  • XP, damage and healing boosts could be sold.

Abilities, however, should never be monetized.

This is absolutely pay to win. FP should be the only thing that buys abilities and modules.

If matchmaking has been going for over a minute I stop it and restart it. I usually tend to get a match within 30 seconds if matchmaking does hang up. Hope this solves your issue.

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don't you mean "scam citizens" :D

and really?, 100GB..... jeez, good thing i haven't put a dime into that, my scam-o-meter goes off charts everytime i see something about that game and it's eternally slipping release date and feature bloat.

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Make sure you have atleast 16GB free, and you'll be fine for any game :)

Star Citizen is going to be 100 GB,, I don't think 16 will cut it for any game. :P

Well, if you see what SC has planned, it's no wonder that it's huge and trust me, it's fun to play.

(I'm a backer of the game)

I guess it's a good thing I bought that 1TB SSD.

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Flotilla or Squadron sounds about right. Agreed that Armada sounds a bit too "big" for the number of ships involved.

I quite like the term Division (as used in Jack Campbell's Lost Fleet series), but I suspect for most people that the term will have too much of a ground forces connotation.

World of Warships calls groups of four people divisions. Also, good book series.

I like the idea of calling groups Squadrons, though. Can call guilds Fleets.