As I said in another thread, just fill the slots with bots after a certain time of queuing. Especially in this mode.
Players who queu for TE most of the time just want the trophies and unobtainable achievements causes a lot of players to leave or not start playing a game.

I'm currently playing Warface and then have other games to finish in my backlog, but I will return to Dreadnought eventually.

However the increase of players per match might have something to do with long queu times, and I made a thread about my concerns over that before.

I know we all dislike bots in competitive matches but if players can't get a match started after a certain amount of time (a feature where players can choose what that time is) a match should start with whomever was queuing and the rest should be filled with bots.

Something is better than nothing in this case. If players won't find matches many of them won't queu anymore or less, and the result makes the problem worse.

Don't costum matches not count towards trophies?

  1. No, you start from scratch each Havoc match. Or do you mean for the regular matches? That not either.

  2. PvE in these games is always nice, but Havoc has been part of the PS4 version for a long time. The focus should be in PvP and I think it is as well. The motivation for PS4 players (almost all I know of) to play Havoc was the Cry Havoc achievement a player gets for surviving wave 10. I'm not sure what the equivalent of the PC version is.

  3. More PvE modes would mean that there are less players on the PvP front. More modes in general would spread out the player base which is not something that should be aimed towards at the moment.

  4. Online games rarely give that option afaik.

Have fun with the mode though. If your goal is to get achievement you'll probably need it.

I've seen reviews of the game where the reviewer said they are too long and that's why the queu times are so long. Personally I would like longer matches, or rather a distinction between Onslaught and/or TE with one mode having longer matches (currently usually Onslaught, though I'd prefer if it was the other way around) and the other having shorter ones, but to get to the point, I don't think that match length is necessarily a factor over the games success, especially with modes that can have longer matches mostly than others.

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I'm sad that Telltale got shut down, but I'm happy with the immenent shutdown of this company. To be fair, both companies deserve shut down due to mismanagement of the funds and resources. Furthermore, given how this game was developed - with each update creating more bugs than fixes - this company deserves to be bankrupt more than any other.
It's surreal to think that early builts of this game were way superior to the product they have now - but that's the reality.

That's because Yager was in charge of development then. SixFoot and Greybox stopped having them involved and look where the game is now. I'm sure people behind the scenes know this even if they are too proud to admit it.

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Well I'm not worried about them personally, they don't care how I pay my bills, or how ridiculously much their Market items cost compared to the GDP of a crappy east European country's average wages. No love lost there. Furthermore software developers are sought after all around the world, so it's not like they're going to starve to death now. Finding a job in IT is relatively easy.

It's highly doubtful that the people in charge of pricing were the ones who were let go, kindly keep that in mind the next time you feel the need to express your indifference over people losing their jobs because you don't like the prices in a free to play game they have been involved in.

An any fleet queue could definitely make some of the lesser played modes like TE (for PS4 at least) more played. Players should also have the option then to exclude a fleet from there since some might not be able to play Leg yet or already have all their Rec ships fully researched.

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Maybe Havoc will suit your needs?... (basically proving grounds on steroids)

Havoc at this state on PS4 needs 3 players to start. Minimum 3 in a short while I suppose.

More bots per match (please no)? Longer queuing times (they are ok now, but there still are times in the day were one fleet in Any queu can take quite a few minutes of waiting, and they would theoretically get longer with more players per match)?

It's definitely more ideal in case the game gets bigger, or cross-play becomes a thing, but at this state I don't see how it could improve the overall experience that includes the non-gameplay as well.