The concept art really showcases how large those ships are thought out to be. The hangar kinda does too but I'm getting it more from the artwork.

Probably, I experienced the same, none of my PSN friends were playing Dreadnought either like many usually do so I can imagine that was the reason for them as well.

If there's one thing bot players can be good for it's giving them to those squads for the other team to destroy.

I now have played a few matches with the ABW and I have to say that I absolutely still stand by what I wrote before. It is easy to use, and not the "well I'm experienced so of course it's easy" type easy and thus overpowered since the mindset towards this module was "high risk, high reward" but only one of those really seems to be the case.

Additionally it is very easy getting the extra points for technical kill and sabotage (or what they are called in English) with the ABW as well, so it's not only easy to use in comparison to the reward when it comes to destroying ships, it is also a lot easier to get lots of points from kills than it is with other modules for corvettes, at least it seems to be the case now.

Some of the "expert" players here were offended over me talking this way about that module but I can understand why they are, they don't want it taken away because it's so strong and they don't want others to say that they only do so well because they have the ABW.

With that said, I do admit that there might be builds that can counter the module or its players fairly well and that mine in the matches I was effected by it were not the right ones (though in my defense, I didn't play much Legendary before that in a while and so it wasn't quite on my mind), but then I don't think I ever said otherwise, my main thought making this thread wasn't that it can't be countered but rather that if it isn't countered it's too much gain for too little work for the person using the module.

I'm having problems with the game today (on PS4). For the first "match" it found the match, got to the loading screen and it wasn't ending. But it wasn't the typical infinite loading screen issue that was a thing in the past where the fan starts getting loud, it just didn't get to the pre-match screen or the match, so I had to restart the game. Then the second match, it gets me to the pre-match screen, the match starts, things going as normal and after less than two minutes everything except for the ships stand still, then suddenly my ship gets destroyed by another player, but the ship selection that usually appears after your ship gets destroyed didn't show up, so I went back to the menu. Then I tried it again and the same thing happened (but this time I left after I noticed the connection problem), again after less than two minutes of the match.

Are these known issues?

Getting a T3 ship researched fully and getting the credits necessary to buy all the modules doesn't take very long for a player that gets a lot of points per match, and you still have free XP on the side which for T3 can still make quite a difference. Plus it gives you a reason to play other classes which might come handy if your favourite one is having a hard time in a certain match (easy for me to say who mostly plays the class that I have the least playing time in).

Also players usually score more with Corvettes and ACs than with the other classes which might be the reason why there is one Dreadnought, Destroyer and TC less in T3 than there are Corvettes and ACs, and you can't give T4 ships away for free so the manufacturer trees the way they are now is a decent solution.

The T4 grind is harder but there you don't get made to play a different class in order to unlock a ship of another class.

You know what, I've actually changed my mind, solely because yesterday I got the daily contract to destroy four ships with a Corvette module and as far as I can tell it only really works with the ABW. It should work with the kinetic armor amplifier that I usually have on my T4 corvette but I recall those not working towards the contract.

(It can work with more modules but I like to approach daily contracts in a way that doesn't require me to change my style of playing rather than having them happen naturally since the rewards at this point aren't even enough to pay for the battle bonus in Veteran.)

LordMeatSpin#9535 posted (#post-225090) said:

claiming a module is overpowered and too strong for its level of difficulty at use is inviting ridicule. if thats the case mine/bomb catapult on night maps are too strong because the projectiles are very difficult to see, or tempest are too strong because they can kill corvettes anf artillery in one salvo, unshielded. if you get gimped by ABW once, log the fact they run it in your mind and keep on the watch for them. the best ship to use ABW with is the JA corvettes, but they get killed by 2 shots of flak, its a game of chicken, so awareness is key

Games aren't all perfectly balanced, what's to ridicule about suggesting Dreadnought is one of them? If it isn't overpowered why is it used so often in Legendary? Ah yes, because the players are apparently too stupid to counter it or use proper builds or if they already played the Dreadnought class three matches in a row before should just play it again as well to not get one-shotted. But what if those players have ABW corvettes as well like almost everyone else in Legendary, but don't want to play them all the time, how can things add up when they are these great fantastic players that just so happen to have the ABW on their corvette and those inexperienced average at best non-corvette players at the same time? What could possibly be the reason to explain this phenomenon?

One thing I like about Dreadnought is the variety of different builds players have for the different ships. This changes in Legendary where it feels as if almost every player has the Assault Blink Warp on their corvette.

The problem I have with that besides that the variety decreases is that it feels like an overpowered and very easy module. Why wouldn't every player put that module into their ship when they only need to fly to an opponent, do a little damage if even that, push the button and then profit? You will probably even see me do it once I have my first T5 corvette.

In my opinion the module needs a downside during the use, like the corvette standing still a while before the warp happens or the player not being able to steer or fly up or down for a few seconds after the warp happens.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-224960) said:


There have to be new ( non hero) Ships at some point. The existing Ships will get old one day, boring etc.

I'd say only for the handful of players that have used all of them so far. For the rest it might only make the grind seem larger. Personally I wouldn't mind new ships but I'd much rather prefer new maps.