Shibiwan#0183 posted (#post-204713) said:

It automatically takes you back to the main screen after about 20-30 seconds.

It happened after less than five seconds for me today, even before the credits for the match were fully shown. Hopefully it just was that way today.

Same stuff happening to me. It seems like it's not worth it at all. Should have changed currencies with the GP instead.

This is a problem that's happening since today. The game goes back to the menu after a few seconds without me doing anything.

I couldn't connect to it on the start today at first and then it worked. After one game I started to get back into a queue and noticed it didn't work. Then I restarted the game and it didn't work once.
It was the first time this happened after around three weeks of playing, but I'm downloading games onto my PS4 at the moment so it might have something to do with that (tho I usually can play other online games while downloading, and could play Dreadnought while downloading add-ons before).


really loving it so far

Just wanted to let you know and ask whether that's normal because I feel like I and some others might not be getting one of them because they are not there and aren't sure whether they're legit or not. Also some of the other packs that are offered in game don't show up when you click on them from the game.

PS: just tried it, it works

FrostyCZ#6858 posted (#post-203421) said:

Hi I have the same problem with Mosquito Trap. I shoot down Fighter Jet twice in one match of Elimination and trophy did not show up and I did not get it.

Maybe it was an AI and only human players count.