Today me and the squad I was in got crashed out of three Havoc matches in a row with a loading screen leading us back to the menu. Please fix this, since for example there is an achievement that requires players to get past wave 10.

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hawken was one of my favorite games, and today I still regret that loss, but his death was more due to bad investments.

It's actually still playable on PS4 which is where I play Dreadnought on, might check it out because of your comment.

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Not only did Team Elimination become bugged, but if I recall correctly it was decided by the developer/publisher to not pursue fixing/maintaining it because data suggested that the Team Elimination gamemode was causing new players to leave the overall game, as well as Team Elimination not being nearly as popular as the other modes.

On PS4 things work differently a bit, players often shun games they know they can't 100% achievement wise, I can give you examples that suggest of how that damaged another free to play game because the devs unfortunately decided to add a trophy that is way too much of a grind compared to the rest of the game, and requires several hundred hours of playing that game. Surely there must be something that can make players play Team Elimination while also not forcing it on players that don't care about achievements or the mode, even with the size of the current player base.

Havoc is a mode that is even more hidden than Team Elmination on the choice list but I find matches there when queueing alone much quicker (granted, that mode only needs three players to get a match started but the rewards are smaller for how much time players can put into it), partly because the choice between fleets isn't there.

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Nope! We were never dead on either platform, nowhere close. Honestly, it all really depends on the fleet you're using and the game type you're searching. On PS4 it makes sense that it's easier to find Recruit and Veteran matches more frequently. Some folks are still working towards Legendary which is just going to take them some more time. If the wait ever feels longer than usual, I would try mixing it up a bit.

Would you guys mind introducing some sort of 'Any Fleet' option for Team Elimination? I'm sure most people who want to queue TE just want to play the mode instead of increasing the XP or credits so most I think wouldn't mind playing a recruit match there e.g.. The mode is hardly ever played but it's a fun mode and has achievements and I think it would be easier to find matches that way there. Not everyone is social online and can organise parties or events where they can get enough players together to get a match going.

I think his issue is that his stats when it comes to kills, deaths and assists aren't the worst but his score is still the lowest.

I used Dreadnought nukes to one shot non-moving AI ACs and to deal a lot of damage to Command Ships but since the last patch (on the console version) the AI ACs keep moving and the nukes miss the Command Ship as well more often than not.

Sure, there might be scenarios on certain maps where a nuke might be the best possible option but how often does such a case occur usually in let's say 30 minutes of playing?

edit: For some reason I thought there is a delay when pressing the button that let's the nuke explode, I played matches with that Dreadnought yesterday and nukes worked really well by doing that.

Plenty of players have gotten Team Elimination related trophies in the last couple of hours, a lot more than in the weeks before that.

It was Saturday so I guess more people than usual play but it still is something.

edit: it might have been due to trophy hunting parties squadding together, so maybe it still is a somewhat unplayed mode still

I don't understand this argument. The game isn't Americans vs Europeans, it's teams vs teams (that with the rare squadding on the PS4 will be fairly mixed with the regions), or every player for himself, depending on each one's approach. Also, as far as I know it weren't the players on the NA servers that had to wait several hours more before the game could be played again after the merge and had to struggle with connection issues or getting blue screened out of the game.

Back then might have been the time to ask for a compansation, not because of disadvantages over other communities but due to lost progress, server wipes aren't nice for a player but in early phases of a game like this they are to be expected.

And according to psnprofiles the North American player base has a higher ratio of players that already have a Tier V ship, and a higher ratio of players that already have played 1000 matches, so it's not like you are behind on average anyway.

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Hey koshwa, is this for PC or PS4? Is this still occurring for you?

When you have a moment, please send a ticket to our customer service department with all the details. We would really appreciate that. Thank you!

My guess is PS4, since it has been reported by a few players in some of the communities on the PS network. Today I got two blue screens in the hangar after going through my ships (each time I was doing that before it happened). I also played a match to test how it works after the server merge but everything went normal and as before there for me.

I'm not sure this thread will lead anywhere.