Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221782) said:

If the game takes off on steam they might retire the forums here anyway.

While the game is on PS4 as well?

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221602) said:

But the bottom line is as long as there are enough people willing to pay for them, then the price will not move.

Is this the case though? My initial comment doesn't come from me wanting a lower price but from the comment by and discussion over a person involved in the game saying they don't make as much from cosmetics but from conversion (which is one of the main reasons the grind will not get easier).

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Actually I just stopped playing the game today after realizing that I made tones of exp this weekend which I cannot enjoy becasue I have not credit to spend on the mods I researched. In the situation I am in this will continue for a long time since I while playing exp is earned in a much larger amount but credits are earned in a very small amount.

This is making me hate playing since I cannot actually upgrade my lev 3 onwards ships leaving me stuck and at the mercy of higher lev players. I tired leveling up lev 4 shipps while I make credits for lev 3 ships but this is just prolonging the situation

Guess its time to quit the game such obvious umbalances.

I'd suggest leaving the battle bonus away then. Save the credits and get less XP you wouldn't need anyway.

Not really unfortunately. There might be some during late Euro and evening American hours after the server merge and maybe some organizing through the communities on the network.

Personally the wait for it is not worth it, it just takes too long.

They need to make T.E. more played, I so often read how people tend to avoid games, especially free to play games, when they see that some trophies are either way too much of a grind (Orcs Must Die Unchained has a brutal one there which is really a shame because it's a fun game that has a low player base as well and having people avoid it over an achievement is the last thing they needed) or impossible because the mode is not happening, like it is they case with Dreadnought at the moment with Team Elimination.

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You've made some good point but don't forget they need to make money to keep people paid and the game developed. Reduce the grind too much and people don't buy elite, give too many credits and it removes the incentive to buy them.

I know you don't like the grind but it is there to make money. With out that we don't have a game to play.

Or improve the way purchasable cosmetic items are handled. Lower the price, make a bigger deal about them, and then they can still make money while having a easier grind and thus also the players that might quit over the grind.

Give some cool items away for free that get taken away after a few days so players want to buy them or others if they feel like they would want some of them on their ships. Just having the option to paint the ships red isn't doing that.

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Team Elimination has been deactivated centuries ago.

It only looks as if it's still a part of the game, but devs have taken it offline for the PC.

It might came back with them trying to merge the PC and PS4 versions, at least as far as the general outlook goes at first at least. Since there are trophies for T.E. on the PS4 version they "can't" remove the mode there so with the merge it might return to PC.

If you only use one ship primarily why is it an issue if you can't improve or buy other ships you don't or wouldn't like and thus also not use as much?

speech is by Joakim Ohlander who is the Senior Game Engineer at YAGER

I hope Team Elimination will finally have matches regularly after the merge. I read that the US server player base is larger than the EU server player base, so it might happen even naturally on evening to night hours when most are probably online.

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You're right, I have no idea what is going on with the PS4 launch, I play on a PC, haven't even bothered to try the game on my PS4 because I would have to create a new account. And I am not going to grind out T5s and officer mods again. If the game was reset today, I would stop playing today. If this is the case with people who play on PS4, can't blame them for fleeing the game. But I honestly have absolutely no clue what PS4 players are going through. Not much I could contribute to those discussions so I tend to stear clear of them.

On PS4 we have less crashes (basically none these days), less squadding, more modes (for now), and more Legendary matches (and that with region lock) from what I read on here. The problem with the PS4 version after the launch were post match crashes after every few matches or so, something that definitely hurt the game but has been resolved quickly.