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I've always loved the idea of carriers, or just ships that are even LARGER than Dreadnoughts. But honestly, I don't think we'll ever see an alternative class that's larger than a Dreadnought. Dreadnoughts were / are meant to be the shining stars in the Dreadnought universe, and I feel if a larger ship existed then suddenly the Dreadnoughts wouldn't feel quite as prevalent.

If we're talking drones the ships really don't have to be very large. You could make the "Carrier" about the size of a Medium Destroyer and it's not like it'd break immersion or be unrealistic.

This appears to happen on the Chernobog (T3 Medium Dreadnought) as well.

I cannot wait! thank you very much for these changes

Aren't they ship-line specific though? Like you unlock a coating for all medium dreadnoughts?

My views so far


  • Fleet Maintenance. Either reduce it or remove it completely.

  • Separate audio sliders. Seriously, how was this not part of this update? It's only been a few months now...

  • Match history. I would love to be able to look at my past 5-10 games to see my KDA, score, ribbons, credit income, exp(s) gain, and fleet maintenance.


  • Ship tier in scoreboard. Being able to quickly see what tier your allies and enemies are playing as could be pretty important for players beyond Tier 1 & 2.

UI Changes & Additions

  • Button for previous ship. While looking at a ships research tree, you should be able to quickly navigate to the previous ship much like how you can currently navigate to a higher tier ship.

  • Currency and Experience readability. Credits and Exp costs are the same font, size, and color, which makes for poor readability. Change color of Credits (i suggest the same turquoise as the credit currency box at the top of the screen).

  • Display all costs for a ship/module. While looking at the Tech-trees players should easily see what things cost and how much they cost Quick example.

  • Missing margin. As you scroll to the bottom of the tech-tree page it looks like the bottom margin is missing, tricking your mind into thinking there is more that the page isn't displaying.

Progression System

  • Re-balance EXP and Credit rewards. Right now a single win grants enough to research all module upgrades and the Tier 2 ship, but only buy two modules. Now you're stuck having to play another couple games to get the credits to buy the rest.

  • Progress directly to different ships. Rather than having the Tier 1 ship unlock one of the Tier 2 ships, which in turn unlocks the new line of ships (like the Nav, Furia, Dover), I suggest that the T1 ship should unlock both. It is VERY frustrating having to play Artillery Cruisers, despite sucking at them, just because i wanted to unlock the Medium Dreadnought line.

In case there are those that doubt the authenticity i can confirm that this works

Q: Assuming a perfect 1.0 W/L ratio with a T5 ship; will i be slowly losing more FP than i win due to repair costs?

Well many things, corvettes shouldn't one shot any ship from full health, that's just stupid. ("Which ever dev decided that decision should be fired.")

As a new player, focus on keeping track of your environment. Climbing captain ranks you'll notice that corvettes aren't very good against a coordinated team. I suggest checking out the community discord, you'll find lots of people willing to squad up with you and help you with the game.

A really annoying bug, when you die sometimes your camera will lock in place at the angle you died. it's super annoying.

Bugs are ironed out as time passes, please remember that this is a Closed Beta for a reason.

In closing, the game looks really nice and is exciting at first. Then after 30 minutes of playing its like, I'm bored its the same map same ships doing the exact same things. :/

Start thinking of ways to hone your module loadouts. There's a lot of ship combinations, something i believe you'll notice past rank 15

The game is still far from finished and i doubt Dreadnought will be released in it's current lelvel of optimization. More updates will be rolling out as the closed beta progresses.

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Come join the online closed beta chat at You'll find the developers lurking in the corner sipping coffee and watching cat videos on Youtube.

Sure, but for information it's better to have stuff written down. Like a list of Devs and what their roles are.