I feel as though the Gora having 9 km range on it's primary doesn't really make sense regardless of whether it's compared to Artillery

However buffing Artillery makes more sense than nerfing Gora in this situation...

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@Zerek,nice write up man,if they gonna implement carriers some day,the Devs should take some notes from your idea.

Well done Sir.

Oh, stop it

Currently the plan is to have it released as a free-to-play with microtransactions for cosmetics (similar to WoTanks or WoWarships).

Last i heard there are no current plans to put Dreadnought on Steam (i could be incorrect though)

As a corvette you want to make sure that you timings are perfect. This will mostly come from experience but here's quick tips

  • Make sure the enemy is distracted!

If your enemy is engaged with your tougher team mates, chances are they'll tunnel vision and not notice your approach from their side/back. This should buy you a few seconds of time.

  • Engage at speed

Corvettes are made to surprise and burst your enemies. Using Blink Warp to get within 1200m of your target means you can every one of you shots while be at maximum damage.

  • Approach from their Flank

Tactical Cruisers and Artillery Cruisers are designed to almost always have to look straight at their target, and lucky us we can make a pretty good guess at where they're looking. A Tac cruiser who's repairing a damaged ship can's look anywhere other than the beam, so try hitting him from the side. Similarly Artillery Cruisers are a giant floating arrow with some thrusters strapped on, they will nearly always be tunnel-visioning at their target. Also keep an eye on their rate of fire to judge whether they've taken a break to look around.

  • Blink Warp THROUGH buildings and terrain

I have in several games had the enemy team hunker down behind a ridge, or on the other side of a building, with a healer that is making super difficult to get a hit on them. When the opportunity presents itself i like moving my corvette really close to the terrain, angling my self toward the Tac Cruiser icon on the mini-map, and using blink. The enemy will be caught completely off guard

As for builds, that's up to you. I personally just make sure to have both Blink Warp and Afterburners, though a lot of people will change out the Blink for Thrust Amplifier or Heavy Cloak.

Currently the Dreadnought can be outfitted with Fighters, who deal damage over time to any enemy within range, or Interceptors, who will attack a specified enemy ship.

I would absolutely love a proper carrier class of ships since it's a personal favorite. I've made a post detailing how i believe a Carrier Class of ships could be implemented in Dreadnought, see my signature for a link.

Can we get like a count-down for when the event ends? what with time-zones and everything

get a corvette on your team and shred the healers a few times. double healers is easier to break than 0 healers once you learn how

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Apparently i am not worthy of having a Dashboard, Hanger, Progression, or Market button.

i don't know how to recreate as it was like this when i logged in. Fixed itself after i played a game

I have a kinda long email address that i usually don't type out. so i guess i'm getting some practice, but i'll be damned if a "Remember Email" wouldn't be so much easier

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Can you tell us the ... environment, of the other 2 maps in progress?

eg... Snow, Water, Asteroids, Alien, etc etc..

Can't remember where i saw it or heard it, but i believe that the other 2 maps are supposed to be space maps. I could absolutely be wrong though, so read with some grains of salt