Yes please, when the basic Progression 2.0 is set the Devs should most definitely use the "In Development" section

Will Devs be publishing a mock-up of the multiple choice questions? I Think it'd be pretty interesting to look through

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Doesn't sound much if any different from what the devs were showing in the stream, the main problem is the plain power increase which you still have in your model, so wont satisfy many ppl what you wrote there

So the main problem people have with progression 2.0 is ships becoming stronger..? Is that really it?

A lot of people didn't like what was announced during the community stream, so here i am trying to reshape the progression system to the betterment of both players and Devs. I'm only covering the ship progression because frankly i don't know what to do about modules.

Click here for a full visualization.

  • A total of three Tiers exist. Each Tier has it's own matchmaking bracket (to avoid unbalanced matchmaking).

  • Tier 1 has five ships in total. Tier 2 has fifteen ships in total. Tier 3 has thirty ships in total. This sets the grand total at 50 ships, just like the Devs we already planning.

  • Each player starts out with one Tier 1 ship from each Ship Class.

  • Each Tier 1 ship unlocks three Tier 2 ships.

  • Tier 2 ships include an upgraded version of the Tier 1 ship (ie Athos Mk2), and two new ships (ie the Gora and the Talionis).

  • The Mk2 version of a ship has approximately 5-10% better stats across the board.

  • Each Tier 2 ship unlocks two Tier 3 ships.

  • Tier 3 is compromised of a "Light" and "Heavy" version of each ship.

  • The Tier 3 "Heavy" version has X amount more armor. The Tier 3 "Light" version is X% faster

  • Certain Tier 2 ships will allow you to research ships in other ship classes

Quick Preview

Tier 1 = Yellow

Tier 2 = Orange

Tier 3 = Red

Green lines represent the Research paths between ships

Did i miss anything? Thoughts?

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In the stream they said they were not able to create a fully horizontal progression and the tiered system allows them to introduce stronger modules/ships later on which will not obliterate new players. Adding on this they hinted that the gameplay will change between the tiers from a very arcardy variant in the lower tiers with faster ships to a more tactical way later on.

Sorry that's just naïve to think this. They didn't make a horizontal progression because they wanted to go down the route of borderline pay to win. I'm tired of games constantly begging me for more of my money and sacrificing core aspects of the game just to get me to buy some premium currency.

Oh come on, people have been complaining about the progression system since Closed Beta began (and probably before that as well). Honestly what did you expect them to do? Give out ships for free or something?

The core gameplay is still the same. There will still be 15 ships in Tier 5 when progression_2.0 rolls out, just like there is past rank 25. Currently though you probably won't be able to save up for all the ships until you're rank 50 anyways. With the new system players are even given incentive to focus on their favorite role and being justly rewarded with new unlocks specifically for that role. I play overwhelmingly Tac Cruisers, and the fact that playing Tacs will allow me to get new modules and ships specifically for the Ship Class is absolutely great.

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There is no way you can justify having higher tiered ships that are more powerful than low tier but still claim that they wont stomp all over the lower tier ships.

This will probably not be the case. From watching the livestream is sounded a lot like the Devs hinted at the increased stats not being very large. I'm going to go out on a limb and speculate that Tiers will differ by a margin of 5-15% in specific stats, rather than across the board. In most cases you could probably dismiss these differences in favor of smarts, teamplay, and experience.

On top of the negligible stat increase across tiers, matchmaking will now be divided up into brackets. I only caught part of this section but i believe it went as follows:

Tier 1 + Tier 2

Tier 2 + Tier 3 + Tier 4

Tier 5

If this is correct i would absolutely recommend Yager to divide the brackets into something more balanced, like this:

Tier 1 + Tier 2

Tier 3 + Tier 4

Tier 5

That should allow new players to start out in a not too challenging enviroment while also cutting of the high-end Tier 5's from other tiers. Of course this completely assumes my guess about the stat increase is correct.

The Devs also mentioned that a module can be installed on any ship of the same, or higher, tier as the module. That in and of itself would make the change to progression worthwhile. No more Rank 5 getting purge rammed by a Rank 50. It also future proofs higher tiers by giving you the option of using lower-tier modules in order to gain advantage of certain perks that, said lower-tier, module may have.

Furthermore, Thor and Peter did both note very early on that this would help greatly with ship balancing. Newer players tend to tunnel vision and not notice corvettes sneaking up on their team. The Tier system would allow them to tweak the performance of lower tier Corvettes to not be as strong, all while being able to keep the higher tier Corvettes competitive.

If the module progression is as advertised it should allow players to bypass modules that they don't care about (i for one couldn't care less about getting "Onslaught" for my Monarch).

So far the Tier system solves:

  • Clear tier based brackets for matchmaking

  • Sidegrade actually being an upgrade argument

  • Balancing issues in the eyes of new and old players

  • Wasting time unlocking modules you don't want (maybe)

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Not sure how I feel about all of this. If they are going with the WoT model then I probably won't be sticking around after beta ends. I don't have that kind of time to invest into a game.

If Dreadnought Tier1 -> Tier5 takes approximately the same time as it takes for World of Tanks Tier1 -> Tier6, i think everything is going to work out fine for both Devs and Players

I really don't understand the repair cost gimmick though.. doesn't make any sense to me at any level.

Taken from the Community Stream broadcasted the 13th of July. The VOD can be found here

Jupiter Arms Progression Mock-Up

Corvette Tier Ships

Destroyer Tier Ships, T2 & T5

Module Progression Mock-Up

Patterns Concept Art

Taken from the Community Stream broadcasted the 13th of July

Jupiter Arms Progression Mock-Up

Corvette Tier Ships

Destroyer Tier Ships, T2 & T5

Module Progression Mock-Up

Patterns Concept Art

Oh that looks hilariously fun!