So I'm for some reason I find it super disturbing that your chosen Emblem doesn't take on the color of what ever coating you have applied to your ship. So I spent a few minutes and made this for reference

Shown in the example above is an Athos with the Tanngrisnir Emblem and Stellar Beekeepers Coating. Yes I am indeed absolutely horrible at Photoshop, sorry.

Having the Emblem automatically take on the coating you have applied to the rest of the ship gives a better feeling of it actually being a part of the ship rather than something that's just slapped on. With some more work you could allow players to apply a different coating for the Emblem.

I made a post about the possible inclusion of a Carrier Class of ships here.

IMO the ability to send out squads of fighters should be handled by the Primary Weapon. Primary Weapon is the signature part of the current ships, it distinguishes the feel of each ship. Take the Invictus and Zmey as examples.

The ability to test ships vs AI prior to unlock is a must in my book. Though from my standpoint there is 2 ways of doing this.

  1. Simply have a little button on the ships market place that puts you in a game vs AI. Ship configured with specific pre-set of modules.

  2. Available Traderships change on a weekly basis, allowing newer players to experiment with a pre-set basic modules (ie starting modules for each ship class).

If the first option is chosen I believe that Greybox/Yager should consider creating list of cosmetic loadouts (coating, pattern, decal, and emblem) for each ship. Every time a ship is taken into testing (against AI) it uses one of the 2-5 pre-existing cosmetic loadouts to show off how cool the ship could look. An example would be a full Spartan Legion cosmetics set on the Athos ship, it looks badass! I'm willing to wager a BETA key that it would increase sales of the cosmetics.

darkeyed01#0796 posted (#post-35578)

Zerek#7494 posted (#post-35526)

imo World of Warship was screwed by from the start due to it's medium. Dreadnought is a lot more up-in-their-face kind of action, which means a mini-map-interface would be counter intuitive compared to having squads controlled as a Primary Weapon.

If you balance the squads much like a primary weapon i believe the Devs would have a much easier time keeping carriers in check.

my worry is trying to prevent what happens in world of warships were the carriers run off and hide and keep spaming torps into everything. thats what i was worried

about. cuss its easy to see across a map so i am just worried about them sitting well outside everyones fire range while spamming infinte attack craft.

This is why we have Corvettes, Artillery and Light Destroyers though. The travel time for a Corvette to get to the other side of the map probably under a minute if you've got the Blink Warp and the Afterburner Modules. If we then adjust the Carrier Ships armor/health to about 30k - 40k we allow corvettes the ability to take them out in one prolonged run. Artillery and Light Destroyers would not have a much more difficult time taking care of Carriers.

The overall idea is that once you get close to a Carrier, they're screwed. Tweaking Speed, Armor, and Secondary weaponry choices to favor medium - long range you've got a ship that spells out suicide if they camp behind some mountain.

Feraltech#4836 posted (#post-35567)

I think instead of a new type of ship that it being a loadout that any class of ship could take as a secondary weapon would be a excellent way to run carriers. Or (long run idea) all ships are naturally carriers adding another level of game play.

Now that's something I've not thought of...

Problem is that having the carrier concept as a secondary weapon would have to be limited to the Medium Destroyer, Heavy Destroyer, and the Dreadnoughts simply due to realistic model sizes and intuitive gameplay (why would a Ramming Light Destroyer ever pick up the carrier secondary).

So far i believe all ships within the same class have the same access to the same modules and secondary weapons, which would probably mean that only Dreadnought would have access to this secondary carrier system. The dreadnought's abundance of nukes could be an issue, accidentally nuking your fighter squadrons would be a complete bummer.

darkeyed01#0796 posted (#post-35441)

as much as i like the idea of carriers i think it will just be to hard to balance it out as a role. im mostly drawing from my time playing world of warships when saying this. its a intresting idea but so far the ether come out as boring or OP

imo World of Warship was screwed by from the start due to it's medium. Dreadnought is a lot more up-in-their-face kind of action, which means a mini-map-interface would be counter intuitive compared to having squads controlled as a Primary Weapon.

If you balance the squads much like a primary weapon i believe the Devs would have a much easier time keeping carriers in check.

ShRv_Galileus#4630 posted (#post-35203)

Use both fighters and secondaries? Then you are a DD/Dread with additional auto-turrets.

Use only fighters and hide? Well... then... you just spend whole game hidden, as the game plays itself.

How do you fight against a carrier? With it's ability to break the line of sight and continue attacking after getting your sight for just a second?

How do you balance fighters so that they are meaningful weapon, yet don't allow for simple "fire & forget" tactic?

Have Interceptors, Fighters, and Bombers go idle when no target is selected/target is destoyed. Once they run out of ammunition Fighters and Bomber would have to return to Carrier. Interceptors are easily destroyed. While infinite amount of Interceptors, Fighters, and Bombers is probably the route to go, the time it takes to send out a new squad (after a squad was destroyed) could be levied against the player to discourage not micro-managing your squads.

ShRv_Galileus#4630 posted (#post-35203)

Missiles are missiles. Fighters cannot be LOS-avoided, shot down with anti-lasers/blasts AND they would deal DoT for a time. How do you make them in any way a meaningful weapon without making it he|| to play against carriers?

Great reason to pick up Autogun Turrets on Destroyers and Dreadnoughts, Testla Pods on Tactical Cruisers. Proximity mines also carry a lot of weight against the fighters sent at you.

ShRv_Galileus#4630 posted (#post-35203)

Where is the skill ceiling? Press the button - everything else does itself? Hide, hug a healer and done?

How would 5xCarrier work? Show up, focus fire, hide, done?

I'm open to suggestions towards raising the skill ceiling.

As far as 5x carrier problem, allow cloaking to cause enemy fighters to go idle until you reappear. If the enemy then grabs corvettes or cloak pulses you can manage exactly who is targeted and then you smoke them out.

Since carriers are made to deal what is effectively a constant DoT then any team with a healer could probably keep up (much like they do now).

Many in the community have voiced the wish for a Carrier Class of ships, and during a community stream DN_Thor mentioned that players should put out some concepts for these ships. So here I am with nothing to do but thinking of ways to implement a Carrier Class of ships in Dreadnought.

For all calculations and numbers see this Google Document.

Change-logs have been moved to a Google Doc in order to reduce the increasing length of this post.

Carrier Class model sizes similar to that of the Medium Destroyer Athos.

Light Carrier Class ship

  • Armor: 25 000

  • Speed: 500

  • Shield Reduction: 70%

  • Armor Regeneration: 714 per second

Primary Weapon - Bombers

  • Range: 5 000m

  • Speed: 600 m/s

  • Armor: 3 000

  • Total Squads: 2

  • Squad Size: 3

  • Active DPS: 6 300

  • Effective DPS: 1 532

  • Plasma Weaponry, Bombs (akin to Dive-bombing)

  • Attack Runs before Reload: 3

Medium Carrier Class ship

  • Armor: 30 000

  • Speed: 430

  • Shield Reduction: 70%

  • Armor Regeneration: 857 per second

Primary Weapon - Fighters

  • Range: 5 000m

  • Speed: 715 m/s

  • Armor: 2 000

  • Total Squads: 3

  • Squad Size: 3

  • Active DPS: 3 330

  • Effective DPS: 1 427

  • Ballistic Weaponry + Torpedoes

  • Attack Runs before Reload: 6

Heavy Carrier Class ship

  • Armor: 35 000

  • Speed: 360

  • Shield Reduction: 70%

  • Armor Regeneration: 998 per second

Primary Weapon - Interceptors

  • Range: 5 000m

  • Speed: 715 m/s

  • Armor: 1 500

  • Total Squads: 3

  • Squad Size: 4

  • Active DPS: 2 040

  • Effective DPS: 1 412

  • Beam Weaponry

  • Runs before Reload: 18

Secondary Weapons & Modules

  • Machine Gun Turrets

  • Light Rocket Turrets

  • Light Mortar Turrets (see google doc)

Primary (I) Modules

Boarding Party (see google doc), Tempest Missiles, Missile Repeater

Secondary (II) Modules

Disruptor Autobeams, Stasis Autobeams, Light Missiles, Wasp Missiles, Drain Mine, Nuclear Mine

Perimeter (III) Modules

Anti-Missile Lasers, Anti-Nuke Lasers, Medium Autoguns, Weapon Booster Pulse, Armor Booster Pulse, Light Repair Autobeams (Squadrons only)

Internal (IV) Modules

Armor Amplifier, Autorepair System, Thrust Amplifier, Jump Drive, Overclock Module

Squad Mechanics

  • Squad size varies between each weight class

  • Squads must reload/rearm once they run out of ammunition.

  • Squads can be directed to attack specific enemies

  • Squads can be directed to defend/escort specific allies

  • Squads go idle if their target goes out of range, is destroyed, or is cloaked.

  • Idle squads will automatically converge on targets you attack with Secondary Weapons

  • Squads who lose members, or are destroyed, must be repaired or replenished, 10 seconds per damaged squad member.

  • Squads attempting to land while Carries is maneuvering aggressively or moving might cause them to crash into the Carrier killing them and dealing some damage to you.

Primary Weapon Mechanics

  • LMB towards Enemy launches/orders selected squadron to attack targeted enemy

  • LMB towards Ally launches/orders selected squadron to escort targeted ally

  • RMB recalls selected squadron

  • RELOAD orders all active squadron to return to Carrier for repair/reload

  • RELOAD BAR displays a separate icon for each Squadron, the icons can be selected with mouse wheel

Light Carrier based around dealing a mediocre amount of burst damage, and harassing. Medium Carrier based around being a well-rounded balance between the Light and Heavy Carrier. Heavy Carrier based around dealing a constant damage to targets.

Change-logs have been moved to a Google Doc in order to reduce the increasing length of this post.

For all calculations and numbers see this Google Document.

The Nebuchadnezzar

Being of the younger generation one of the first sci-fi ships I fell in love with was the Nebuchadnezzar from the Matrix movies. I love the idea of having the tesla-pad-propulsion things, might be a tall order to have them animate and change direction (similar to how the thrusters activate based on your movement). Due to the general body shape, i'm assuming that the Cattaro or the Granada would be the best choices for the aesthetic.

Just throwing it out there as a suggestion smile

I don't know if this was the correct forum to post in, please correct me if i'm wrong

There's bound to be things listed below that others have mentioned before, sorry if it sounds like I'm nagging. Please excuse any spelling mistakes or grammatical error, English is not my native language.

Log-In Screen

- Addition of a "Remember Me" check-box. sh*tty photoshop

It'd be nice if you didn't have to type out your email address every time you want to log-in.

User Interface

(section will be added once i've compiled images)

Option Menu

- Option to move Module display to bottom-center of HUD.

Something that i would personally prefer if the option was there

- Option to move the Scoreboard display at top-center of HUD rather than bottom-right corner.

Simply something that i would personally prefer if the option was there

- Option to make map static rather than based on ship orientation.

Not something I prefer, but I know of there's people who would like this option included

- Option to change reticle size/shape/opacity

As Artillery i would love to have a pinpoint reticle, but as Tac Cruiser i prefer a low-opacity, wide reticle

- Separate Audio Sliders (Music, Effects, Voice)

- Option to change Audio Quality

Audio quality can drastically improve/hamper the FPS. I don't know what quality the current audio files are, but regardless this option should exist for both the players who want the best FPS and those that want a better experience.

- More detailed Options tooltips in seperate text window.

Current tooltip has no outline/background making it difficult to read as it more often than not lies above other text.


- Change the default All-Chat to Shift+Enter; Change the default Team Chat to Enter

It's taken me the first 20 ranks to finally get used to All-Chat being default. This could be remedied.

- Change the mini-map to cover a smaller area.

Currently difficult for players to accurately discern distances and ships if they're too close together.

- Add the ability to bring up a large version of the mini-map that covers a much larger radius comparable to current mini-map (or larger).

In part to compensate for the reduced mini-map radius mentioned in the previous point, though a accurate large scale map could help the current game as well.

- Add distance scale to mini-map

If we know how big one of those squares in the mini-map are the players could quickly read distances purely based on map

- Possibility to add VOIP?

Partial question here, i have no idea of how much load this could place on servers/game. In-game Voice-over-IP would be a godsend in certain PuGs