great idea, in warthunder hiding in the clouds/fog can be very effective and gain you an advantage, in the same way maps at night would be interesting as well, but i guess we'll get dark maps with the space ones ;D

while i like the idea of defend/attack modes, the way you describe it i just fear that the map would be too big for the speed of the ships ingame

it kinda reminds me of the planetside 2 map, gain controll over different areas for different boosts etc. is a nice concept, but i think it's better on a global scale

so yay for the idea on global scale, but i think the matches themselves are too small for this

in most games i like getting into the enemies face or support others, so dreadnought, destroyer and tactical for me, not much of a sniper here....

i guess it will depend on how they feel while playing but i just love the concept of that big, beefy dreadnought