May I just take a step in here and ask: Are you both really measuring the lenght of your poll-p***s? Dudes! We have so much better to do than say "Buuut my poll is way beddurrr!!!!!!"...

This just seems like an unnecessary attempt to get some kind of flame-war/trolling going. Both the poll and this petition are about the same thing and are made for a similar reason, both want to change the game in better ways. So can we stop this... whatever this is?

This negative competition is just... wrong.

I agree with all of these points. The game is taking a very greedy path. We all hoped that it didn't come to this. I was on GamesCom in 2015 and played Dreadnaught there the first time. It was so fun that my friends and me queued a couple of times, just to play it. From that day, I looked forward to play it more. Now I own it and the game disgusts me. I left it for the same reasons I left WoT (yes, that comparison again, sorry). I will not return until some major changes have been done to the maintenance system. I support the idea of killing it entirely and just put it in place for leaving during a match as punishment.

Please... do not be this greedy, Devs... we know, you have to eat and pay your hardware and other bills and so on, but don't be like this! If there isn't any other option, just make the game buy to play for 40 bucks. I'm sure a lot of people would get it. You can release expansions later.

Just please, I'm literally begging you, save this game, stop the greed. I want to play this game that I fell in love with 1 1/2 years ago.

Can we, please, finally get some PvE going? Please? Pretty please? I'm so tired of "competitive gameplay!!! EXPLOSIOOOOONS"...


The reason I don't play anymore (since around 3-4 months), is because the waiting times are HORRIBLE. Just waiting for the PvE part of the game.ö

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Yagers problem is that they fundamentally misconstrued the feedback they got from players.

More likely they ran the numbers on cosmetics sales and the red flag was raised.

^This. As much as it hurts, they're still a company with one single goal: To make as much money as possible with as little effort as possible.

I know that this will possibly not be taken kindly, but I'm seriousely thinking about leaving this game and community to safe me from future disappointments. I know "It's their game and franchise! They can do whatever they want with it!". Fine! But that doesn't mean I have to like it and share their point of view.

Kinda regretting buying the full founders pack at this point, as all my friends don't wanna play anymore (Actual quote from a friend of mine: "ugh, starts to sound like world of tanks in space, heck no...", and that hurt me really bad).

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However, I disagree on the rewards. 1/2 rewards sound good because it's not only (currently) drastically easier to beat AI in practice mode with only one player character but with a full team it'd probably be even faster and easier.

I play games to be entertained, not to work hard - I have a job for that. If someone want the opposite - be my guest, do PvP as much as you want but don't try to declare you deserve more than other customers.

I just quit another spaceship game where PvE bring 30% less xp - due to overly slow progression which forced me to play spaceships I didn't like - for months.

^^ This!

I encountered that problem with other games aswell, the reduced rewards feel kinda stupid.

And now, for bumping my own thread. The playerbase is really, really small right now. The queue times for MM just say that.

Sounds good, but I don't know if that'll find it's way into the game. Seems really complicated to do, new ship classes (Fighter, Interceptor, Bomber, I'd guess) and you'll need a lot of players to fill a game like that. And I suppose the player base will be rather small at the beginning. So if something like that comes, the game will have to be very successful.

But the Devs should probably make a note to come back to this idea.

I like it smile

Sounds cool, +1

8v8 would be enough for me. Would really like bigger teams.

Weapon range maximum at 7km range feels very abritrary. Can we just have a change to the weapons accuracy (as others already proposed) so that we simply can't hit artys at 7km and onwards? Wouldn't feel so weird. I, personally, don't like that range limit at all. Was pretty much the only reason to play Gora for me (harrassing artys was pretty necessary or they'd simply shred you to pieces on maps with not that much useful cover [Field of Saturn]).