not that this helps but the pc version is still alive

I been with this game since beta the old sounds were awesome!!! when game hit steam i thought new sounds were a bug or something, I hope they change the sounds soon..... (*gets in judtland and fires guns...........i dont hear anything big like i used to )

Thanks for getting back to me, I havent played for while and forgot i posted this, thanks ill try it

I deleted a friend from my friends list by accident, now when i go to search his name to re add him, he won't appear in search results... I did not block him either.. can anyone help me??? his (ingame) name (ironically) is " Captain "

-How??: I went to whisper him and hit remove freind by accident

It is annoying because now i can't whisper or squad with him smile, PLEASE HELP smile thanks.

im new to the forums I apologize if this in the wrong spot in advance.