I can't see why they went with this version of glass cannon. This is now choice nr. 1 for weapon OB for all ships, except dreads. Also a huge buff for corvettes, which certainly didn't need that.

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-224836) said:

Conquest is still a fairly new mode, so do keep that in mind. We've mentioned it in the past, but our teams still plan to tweak and improve the experience in due time.

I'd like to add that there are players that actually enjoy the mode as it is!
Just provide some more queue options, so people that don't like it can avoid it. The mode tends to favour fast ships, but I for one like the dynamics of Conquest very much.

How good the slow ships will do depends very heavily on the map. On Kappa Base, the smallest CQ map, Dreadnoughts rule supreme, whereas on Ixion, it takes a lot of time to get to a (only temporarily) relevant position.

Shaamaan#2419 posted (#post-224602) said:

Here's the BS I need to deal with:

BS match

Clearly T4s are dominating and doing stuff, while T3s are cannon fodder. Not to mention the imbalanced T4 counts to begin with...

PS. I was a healer during this match, but switch as clearly this wasn't working out. Heck, during games like these I feel like going AFK, really, cos there's NOTHING I CAN DO!

This looks to me like you had problems getting the opposing command ship. This can be quite hard if your team is disorganized; even more so, when there is healing on the other team. Judging from the rank differences I'd say more t4s on your side would not have made the difference, the team behaviour was the deciding factor.

Optimally scoring should be a guide for playing to win. It is, for example, good that doing damage alone gives almost no points, because only damage that leads to a kill is relevant for winning.

Taking control points is the most important part in Conquest. If anything, high corvette scores reflect that they are the best ships for the mode, not that there is a need to change the reward for point capture. The big problem with scoring in Conquest is: Point Defense Kills give many points, but the assists for them don't. Defense needs to be rewarded more, which would also normalize corvette scores to an extent.

I'd be happy with just a faster display of the health bars when I aim at a ship. When playing tac cruiser it's hard to see who needs healing the most and I don't have time to mouse over every ship in the vicinity for 1 full second. Also nice would be an option to display them at all times.

Horus#2672 posted (#post-224425) said:

every leg game today, who ever had the most bots, lost.

all they did was warp in and spin on the spot. they didnt move once.

They tend to do that when they warp in for some reason. Then they move towards the opponent. When they are dreads ofc they take forever to complete that spin.
Corvettes are the most stupid, but artilleries can actually be useful.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what modules to choose. Because the choice is meaningful. No choice, just pick them all? No thank you. Although I surely would want to try my vigo with blink, just to see what it would be like.

Aetrion#4710 posted (#post-224036) said:

NoInfinity#8163 posted (#post-224020) said:
If you get constantly killed in the Koschei it probably isn't a good choice for this particular match. If I'd play Koschei I would only queue deathmatch, which gives the highest chance for this ship to be relevant.

That's still basically saying the ship is underpowered. You should be able to effectively play a ship in any match, otherwise the game balance just isn't where it should be.

Some ships are better suited for some match types. Koschei is one of the strongest choices in deathmatch, it's not underpowered. Corvettes for example are worse in deathmatch and better in onslaught. It's just the nature of asymmetric games that some ships are better in some situations (match types as well as team compositions). The challenge is to influence the game so that you are more in the situations that favor you. Of course asymmetric games are notoriously hard to balance.

Aetrion#4710 posted (#post-223985) said:

I know that there are counters to all strategies in this game, the problem is that reactionary play is still at a significant disadvantage. The ability to instakill someone gets you kills at least some of the time, the ability to stop someone from instakilling you doesn't.

Let's say you have a combination of abilities that pretty much automatically produce a kill unless someone has the right abilities to counter them, you're going to always get free kills against people who can't counter it, you're going to get kills sometimes against people who fail to counter it, and you're getting a chance to escape from people who succeed to counter it, so you still have a huge advantage.

On the other hand, if you have a combination of abilities specifically to counter such a builds you're not going to produce any easy kills against anyone because you aren't using a counter or die build yourself, you can still fail to counter, and being set up to counter some things makes you vulnerable to others.

So, the mere existence of a counter doesn't balance the game. Any strategy that gives you a win when it works is always better than a strategy that just prevents a loss when it works. You can't win on the defensive unless you're luring your enemy into a trap, and "Haha, you thought you'd be able to simply instakill me but now you have to fight me" isn't a trap.

Also, I play Koschei, and it's just kind of awful to basically have the worlds biggest target painted on your ship, a mere 25000 health, so instakill for at least half a dozen abilities in the game, a 50000xp grindwall just to be allowed to attack anything that isn't so close you might as well break out the grappling hooks and go for a boarding action, and all that with the maneuverability of a beached whale. The heavy healing beam also really isn't a significant improvement over other healing ships in that department, because it has drastic falloff at range, so you have to get close enough to where you can start popping pods and autobeams, and with all that going the difference in healing output becomes marginal.

This is true - and it makes it so the best counter to super high burst damage is often just to kill them faster or kill their teammates faster than they can kill yours. I like to play gun boat Vigo against insta kill builds, since it almost always wins the duel. But my conclusion from a game design perspective would be to lower burst damage, not nerf the abilities that add depth to the game. For example nerf module amper and make plasma ram not ignore shields.

If you get constantly killed in the Koschei it probably isn't a good choice for this particular match. If I'd play Koschei I would only queue deathmatch, which gives the highest chance for this ship to be relevant.
Also, reading the match flow at the start of the game from the player list alone is a useful skill to develop. Starting the game with the right ship is a huge advantage. Of course, some ships are almost never a bad choice (like insta kill Vindicta build), but they can be. You need to make the call what will give you the best chance to win the match - counter strong ships of the enemy or try to match them. Both choices can be viable.