To 1.: I disagree that they are bad design. They add depth and counterplay to the game. Defense is very strong in this game and needs possible counters or it would just be endless healball slugfests. They are also neither "I-win"-buttons nor disable you completly. What they do is force you to react to and prepare for them, which is good design. By the way, the scramble doesn't blind you completely, it is very possible to recognize close ships and shoot them.

You posted duplicates - there are only 3 unique codes. And they're all gone

I suggest not playing the game at the times where squads are most active. I think it starts when the Murricans come back from work
On the other hand you might catch a legendary match or two in that time.

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@machinech True, it was the the same before corvettes got nerfed: Players argue to keep their advantage. You can see that everywhere even IRL.

Only T2 corvette got a speed nerf, some corvette modules got a balance pass.

I meant the general speed nerf of 1.9.5. I think the devs did a great job there. The amount of "nerf corvette" threads really decreased since. I hope for something small like that for matchmaking, possibly before or with the steam release. People left games because of corvettes then, nowadays they leave because of xXxxXxxXxxXx-squads.

@machinech True, it was the the same before corvettes got nerfed: Players argue to keep their advantage. You can see that everywhere even IRL.

Could you write what support says to that? I have that problem as well sometimes. I just assumed it was a problem with my pc or connection.

Increasing the number of 50/50 games and decreasing the number of 80/20 games is always possible, independent of player numbers. I think increasing the squad size was a mistake, because it worked in the exact opposite direction. Skewed matches drive beginner players away and I worry that the chance of the steam release to broaden the player base will not be used as much as might be possible.

Yes, cutting squad size might be sacrificing one group's fun for another, but making the game more enjoyable for most players is more important than keeping the few seal clubbers happy. They can always organize over discord and join custom matches.

Edit: When the player base is larger, match making for squads is easier, so squad size could be increased again. I just don't think the game is ready for large squads at the moment.

It's not only teamplay. Those squads are usually playing with better ships as well, while most solo players are grinding. This alone skews the matches very strongly.

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Ok I'll give everyone a quick how MM currently works 101 so they understand why things are the way they are currently in game.

The MM is currently balanced more towards quick matches. It will try and balance a match the best it can with the player pool not in a match at that time, injecting AI if needed. Currently the MM will place squads against each other squad size and level are not really factored in when matching squads. After that it will then try to balance the teams with who ever is left. So if 2 friends in T3's squad together they could be put against 4 level 50's in T4's. The MM might then have another 2 level 50's so one goes each side. And So on.

It also looks at your fleet rating. When putting you into teams. So if you have a T4 hero ship in your fleet the game sees that as a maxed T4 ship so that will raise your fleet rating a lot. Even if the other 4 ships are T3's.

This then brings us to the next problem with MM, though this is more of a human problem than an MM one. You could have someone on your team with 4 T4 ships and 1 T3, but they only want to play the T3 to level it. The MM can't force people to play the "better" ships they have and having those 4 T4's again ups your fleet rating.

So then as far as the MM is concerned it has balanced the match the best it can. The rest is up to the players to pick the ships they will be playing in order to win. Sadly this normally means what ever ship the players are currently working on and so the team is normally a mish mash, and the side with the bigger squad wins because they are playing as a team and have the "right" ships for the job.

So even though the MM can be improved, it will not necessarily "fix" matches and make them fun. Because there is a human element of choice that has an effect on the over all balance. Using a T3 because you want to level it over the T4's or not using a healer because you want to play destroyer all have an affect on the out come of the match.

That is something the game just can't account for. The only way it could is if the game changed only allowing us to pick one ship to take in to battle instead of our current 5 ship fleets, and I'm not in favor of that.

Yes, but we don't need perfect, better is good enough. Ship choice is part of the game, of course. And balanced teams can have one-sided matches, due to pure chance. The basic problem is: Squads skew matchmaking, because they concentrate skilled players with strong ships and increase the chance for one-sided games. With a sophisticated statistical model the matchmaking can increase the amount of games with a 50/50 chance. Or just use plain old elo rating with squads of 2 at maximum, which could be a good solution in the meantime.

There is a place for high level game play. Games with organized teams on both sides are very fast paced and exciting. But the game needs to build the playerbase first, then there could maybe even be squad-only games.

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No MM can not account for a persons personal idea of fair or fun. Both are abstract concepts that mean different things to different people.

there are different enviroments in this game already, we have 3 divisions, and proving grounds, if you are finding matches not to your liking, maybe stick to proving grounds that way, you can have fun by your self, and not have an affect on anyone elses fun.

There is something all players share in what they enjoy. It's the core reason we like to play games. It is that we want to see that our actions matter.

Why do people leave matches? Not because they are frustrated - frustration is at the core of free to play games after all and we chose to partake in it. People leave lopsided games, because they don't see their actions matter. And we all know that you can only do so much as a solo player against a superior team. Noone wants to play this game for the amusement of veteran farming squads.

The only thing that keeps players from leaving is to get them into matches where they have a chance to matter. And if not, that they see they can improve their ship and skill to change that. This can be done by sorting players by game impact and making even teams (or maybe even give one side a handycap).