This is my first impression from the alpha, and this will be hard for me to put into words, but here goes.

I don't understand the life / hp / hull values in this game. First of all, I feel that they are way too low for all ships. If this is Dreadnought then these ships should be able to take more than a few shots. Keep in mind I have only flown the first 3 ships, (I do not know what the first one is), a sniper, and one that can go invisible. I found it easiest to get kills with the invisible ship.

Back, to my main point. I feel that the "hull" should not regenerate. If anything all ships should have shields (which would mean you have 2 HP bars). If you want to regen your shields that makes sense. If you want an engineer ship to "heal" you then it should replenish your shields. Your hull can regen a little bit but it should be extremely slow and negligible. I suppose the engineer ship could be given a "dispatch hull repair drones" to fix hull because that would make sense.

I feel that the ships should keep their current hull values. In addition, they should be given a second HP bar. This bar would serve as the "shield" indicator. Obviously, the bigger the ship the bigger the shield given. Or it could be modified based on perks etc, too.

So, making this change changes a bunch of things from how the game is now, but I think to get the "dreadnought" feel then this is what needs to happen. So basically, you would probably lose your shields during a fight, but they would come back. However, if you took hull damage then you are not getting that back. Make the battles longer / more important. Also, the shield ability on the wheel would now recharge your shields.

Also, the shield ability on your ship looks odd. I would much prefer an oval bubble offset a distance away from your ship instead of a green slime that is on the shell of your ship.

So yeah,

---a shield HP bar needs added adding more health to ships while keeping weapon damage where it is (don't undo this by increasing weapon damage)

---diverting power recharges shields

---hulls need to not regenerate unless a skill is used from healer ship

---Laser based weapons would do more damage to shields instead of missiles

I might post this in 'alpha' forum, wasn't sure to post here or there. Mods please delete one or the other thanks.

What about a ship that is similar to the engineer but a little more offensive? Instead of healing it has abilities that disable other ships. Like it could be really fast and have good armor, but not very stong weapons. Maybe it would drop proximity mines behind itself or deploy turrets that would fire witin a certain range. Its main weapon would not do damage, but it would somehow disrupt other ships. Like it would disable their abilities for 30 seconds. This ships purpose is to just fly around and annoy the other teams into shooting it. Kind of like a tanking/support class. But instead of being slow like the dreadnought it would be quick. So, since it isn't doing high output of damage people woudln't want to focus it, but it would annoy them so they'd want to deal with it. I dunno, you guys run w/ it from here. Haha.

Got to play this game at PAX, came here hoping for a beta key. I think I did the signup right. Anyways, I can't wait to play this with my friends when it gets released. I think I'll be playing the Scout ship. At the developer tournamet Saturday night it seemed like teams would run 4 sniper ships. Not sure if that was a good or bad idea. It seemed to work, but maybe that was due to lack of exp of everyone involved. Then again, the devs beat them by not running that strategy so I was a close game though. Anyways, game looks beautiful, I had never heard of it before PAX, and now I can't stop telling my friends about it! Very excited for its release! :)

Maybe I'm weird; I would want the CE to have exclusive skins for ships. I can't believe this game is going to be free???