if this was alpha testing world of warcraft 2 you might get some people who would flip the bill. but no nothing dreadnought? holidays? winter in Germany? are you guys for real? well the new game creating trend seems to be catering to the "whales" with nothing better to do with their time and money lol. im sure the people in Europe will be lining up around the block in the snow for this one.

the smart thing to do would be to have 2 of these in the united states, one on east coast and one on the west coast and anyone who's contributed to the game should be given VIP treatment. comi con in san diego? but hey do it out in the sticks in the snow lol. why even post this event? is this another Red VS Blue deal?

im just going off simply by what i see. elite bonus flashes a number, a perk i pay for that's on a timer that runs out. then battle bonus flashes a number that's almost always bigger then what elite added. for 1500 i might as well forgo the paying for elite and just pay for bb every time. that's the point im trying to make. a free perk gives more rewards then a premium service. in my opinion it shouldn't be this way.

after paying a lot of attention it looks like elite is paying the correct amount. 100% of base. however in 1.9.5 battle bonus with win booster seem to be generally adding more xp payouts. these 2 things do not require out side payments with real money but have a greater affect then elite status does, even with 10% from other elite players.

poor game design, guess im not going to be renewing it anytime soon. i'l circle back to my suggesting elite status should pay more then base%. right now it's not worth it. maybe this is intentional.

lets say for the sake of argument im wrong, which i very well may be and the points added up at the end are working correctly. anyone who doesn't have elite is looking at 30 matches to unlock 1 mod in tier 4, who's gong to do that?

right. so in a match where i say end up with a base of 1000 fleet points, after EVERYTHING is all added up. i end up at around 1700 or so. even if i only got elite bonus added, it should be more than this. a lot more! it should be nearly impossible for me to come out of a match with less then 2000 points and despite killing 4 ships, getting assists and over all shooting bullets at things doing damage i have matches where im under 1500 points earned.

now i'm more confused. elite status adds 100% xp among other perks. that's a pretty strait forward description and i can say with certainty right now it does not add the full 100%.

i watch the "fleet points" add up at the end of the match. in the perfect world, elite status would be added up LAST after everything else. what ever that number is, is as big as possible before elite is added. then elite status would add +100%, giving customers the biggest bang for their buck and time. so if i had 2000~ and the screen displays "elite bonus" that number should say+ 2000 and the end result should be 4000 points. simple.

what actually happens is elite status is added up somewhere in the middle. this is where i'm having to do math very quickly and your response confuses me. at what ever point elite status comes up to be added. it should be +100% of what ever the number is at that point in time. if i have 1000~ elite status should not be adding only 500. that's only 50%. this is what im seeing. i can provide screen shots later if you want.

your description of the elite from other players is great and it's nice to see how it's added up but i don't think the problem is there, it could be i haven't tried doing the math yet.

i think in general the whole adding up of points in the end is flashed to quickly and it's really hard to catch whats being added. it would be nice if all the points from all the contributions at the end actually stayed on the screen so people could see this stuff and have a chance to double check it's being added correctly. it's really hard to catch errors and there has been a lot of them in this game with xp payouts not being given.

after doing the math on the numbers after matches, elite status is not giving the full 100%. if i have 1300~ points, i would expect elite to add another 1300 giving 2600. what im finding is it's adding in less then 1000. after playing the crappy dola for a while seeing the smaller numbers the inconsistencies stand out a lot more because it's almost as if elite status isn't adding anything to my score.

im for anything that gives us the opportunity to get more xp. it seems sixfoot is not going to be happy till there is only 100 active players earning a max of 1000xp per match and the only way to progress will be converting gp points.

give squads more xp, give reasons for the 3's to buddy up and cooperate and earn more xp to get better equipped, which leads to better matches, better competition.

good idea, but it's never going to happen. updates reduce xp payouts, not increase

here is the no B.S. answer to your question. tier 1-3 ships take absolutely no time to reach and max out. in less then a week you could have a pretty good selection of ships with decent progression to play with and not have to spend 1 penny for it, even have some fun in vet matches once in a while. no queue problems in recruit or vet fleets.

tier 4 is where you really need to pay for elite status. the last 2 patches they nerfed XP payouts. this latest patch 1.9.5. i really feel like im getting less xp then before. 1.9.0 i could earn over 10k xp in a match without elite with a good game, 1.9.1. with elite status 5k ship xp average with 10K payouts max when i get a good game. hardly ever do i break 10k xp. now 1.9.5. current version, with elite it's hard to earn over 5k xp per match. without elite status your lucky to get 5k xp, usually 1k-3k xp payouts. when 1 mod in tier 4 costs 14-30k each.... your looking at some serious time investment.

DO NOT BUY HERO SHIPS!!!!!! they are the biggest scam in the game. ask around why. there is talk they will adjust hero ships to give only free xp but that's not the case now, so dont buy one. only subscribe to elite status if your going to give them any money. i would highly suggest the 14 day or 30 day only, after that your going to be pretty burnt out, only 2 game modes available and they get repetitive fast, unless your a diehard.

pretend legendary t5 ships don't exists right now. t4 is endgame, if you really want to play legendary fleet, level a dread or the potato healer. people run around with starling missiles that do 60k damage which pretty much 1 shot anything less then a dread. artys, vets, destroyers, tacts are target practice, especially if you got 2 people shooting starlings, 120,000 damage instantly if they are on comms coordinating.

if you see a group of people with SOS in their name just back out of the match before it starts and save yourself some time. if your on a team with them you pretty much fight for their left over xp and if your against them prepare for a beatdown that you cannot overcome, they have enough ships they can counter anything you can throw at them and they are very well coordinated, rarley will you ever just go up against just one of them. better use of your time just to find a new match then try and compete with dreadnought super-lifer die hard fan boys that have a 1-2 years more time than anyone else.

hope to see ya in game!

you know what you got me on a role,

these forums are flooded, FLOODED with your posts comments and i have to say your opinions are stale and dry and smell like old fish. you specifically do nothing to help the current state of this game. you project yourself as a die hard fan boy where the dev team working on dreadnought can do no wrong. anyone who has an opinion of their own that thinks this game could be better YOU go after them personally with insults and attacks trying to discredit them personally and ignore what they actually typed.

brother belial, do dreadnought, me and everyone else a favor. don't respond to my posts, or anyone else's. don't post your own thoughts. your hurting the game more than anything or anyone with your negative attitude. when new people come and see your name all over the place telling everyone to F O they are gunna think we are like you. you just the loudest a hole in the room. if there is away to block you on these forums take my word for it, im trying to do it right now.

(mic drop) /walk of stage