You can get a refund if its within 72 hours of purchase. But generally assume hero ships are a cut below perfect. Just gives a good start into veteran games when you are ready to hit em. Not to mention the bonus cosmetics and ship parts you get with them.

DNG_Gurdi#0476 posted (#post-115857)

Just the light Vette is a problem, the other two are balanced.

I fly the Medusa and the Stribog the last week. Both Ships are good Ships with the right Modules.

But at the end of the day, i dont need another Vette. The Valcour is so strong that it mades no sence to tech one of the other Vettes. It is just for fun then.

Just look how fast can kill a Valcour a Commad Ship... in 3 sec. it is destroyed.

And in a direct Battle Vette vs. Vette is the Valcour clearly the favorite.

Gurdi is completely right about this. I myself am an avid fan of the stribog and have strived for a long time till i found a viable build for it. What is disappointing to see is the massive numbers of valcours compared to the other two. Yes there are some good and bad valcour players but with my slight dabblings with machias and experience with valcour in 1.3 solidifies the fact that valcour is too strong and easy to use. Unlike the other two the valcour can go by unpunished fairly easily. Also with 3 incredibly strong and simple to use offensive modules on top of a fast ship with strong guns makes it somewhat op. This ship needs to be tweaked to be more skill based because atm its an insanely easy to use pub ship which many players have figured out. Hence why there is a high number of valcour players and it is a ship that people fall back to when losing.

Bright gold chrome with black secondary. Throw that in the works pls smile

Just another quick thing i'd like to add for mm is the balancing of teams. Many matches where its 5 t4s vs 1-2 t4s and 3 t2s on one side vs 1. Much appreciated smile

I agree that the solo experience isn't too great but it is doable. I suggest you switch it up. Have reliable squadmates to fall back to if you keep running into another. Ofc mm can backstab you with low tier teams (happened to me too) but at least your experience would improve a little. I also suggest having a mix of pub ships and team orientated ones.

kenny#0734 posted (#post-99485)

Just ignore the light tactical cruiser as aside for the officer briefing you get it is a piece of garbage what's not worth your time grinding as it cannot heal anywhere close to what the Koschei line can do just use to to get to where you want to be then leave it alone to rust in your hanger.

Arty wise the Svarog was and IMHO still is king of artys as not too slow and still packs a mean punch you just need to use energy to quickly turn to snipe vetty's out of the sky as in T1-and T2 it is the best ship to counter them as can 2 shot them as they don't have their bs modules yet and quite slow. Nox line however has the bomb catapult and should treat is as a GTFO my face weapon as will kill anything so long as below 1.5km of you or be on the verge of death. Use the catapult to snipe ships what duck behind cover as you can manually detonate them and they fly in an arc again the closer the better as it's essentially a shotgun. The grenada is bad as it's too slow to react to corvettes and while alpha's good it fires 2 rounds per shot with a slight delay. So unless they standing still of good at leading shots not it's the best and because it a brick it's hard to get into good positions you are corvette and arty bait as they can just out snipe and gun you no matter how good that tank of yours is.

Dessys if want a ramcan go with the lighter ships and take scramble pulse and drain torps key is to joust opponents (get in do damage gtfo heal repair and repeat.) Gora line was the king of mid range now regenerated to close range and dealing with big ships as the weapon spread awful. The Athos line jack of all and is a good place to grind as it can use nuke torps quite well if you blind fire them (range is 2.5KM use it when a ship coming towards you or hiding behind cove shoot it just above the ridge and detonate it when it on the other side bear in mind it will fire parallel to your ship so be careful of ff.)

Dreads the Invictus just a better Gora nowadays as better more reliable primary weapon just make sure not to use warp as it's not worth it IMHO as tank too squishy and not that slow. The zemy a large ship bruiser good at mid to close range of if good at leading shots a good long range platform (but you should never use it in this role you have a tank and team needs meat at the front!!!) The Monarch a brick and will tank for days and the 1 ship it might be worth the warp drive just to get to the front faster.

Corvettes valcour line is king as king of speed and dps and should be your go too ship, as the one down side is can only do damage on the approach and poor on the way out but that is negligible as you will kill most ships with 1 pass anyway they are that disgusting. Speed is key and it is your tank blink warp gets you out of most ships engagement range just attack them from the rear and will wreck house with them. Fulgora ok as a anti corvette ship and ok overall just a bit slower the kreshnik don't even bother it's too slow to be of any use.

Very opinionated and don't take his word for it. As it stands there are a few underperforming T3s however all T4 ships save perhaps the Jutland's weapon spread are excellent ships. The weight classes allude to the playstyle so light ships are hard hitting and fast, medium is a jack of all trades but not proficient in either and heavy are the tanky ones who attempt to overcome with attrition.

As for your desired destroyer build, go for the oberon one. Good ball of fun for sure.


Matchmaking is a complete mess with the difference in tiers runing the fairness and some aspects of core gameplay in matches. Very unenjoyable and trying to keep player retention through grind was a terrible idea in the first place.

Player from australia here and its great to hear another has joined! Im guessing it is your internet provider or connection that is giving you issues as im able to play with no problem whatsoever. Servers are american i believe, so you would expect around 250 to 300 ping. But that doesnt really affect gameplay.

Id like to think there is. Theres a bunch of us loyally sticking to the game in hope for the upcoming holiday patch to solve a lot of the major problems which should include new and returning player retention improved and less of grind.

Also take note of the peak times as there are specific times when the playerbase is pretty much empty.

lethal61#8149 posted (#post-75786)

I don't agree with any of you just thought I would pop in and tell you that. smile .