They know and they are going to be changed. Upcoming changes to contracts might include a bit of free gp as well. For now just ignore them.

Why so mad? Its kinda your fault for bringing t2 into a veteran fight anyway. Although it says t2s can play in vet its an obvious smart move not to bother bringing in any. If you are queuing for recruit then its the simple matter of throwing in t1s in your fleet.

Id say main gun variations. Take the zmey for example. Instead of the triple shotgun like shot, you have a rotating tri gun so it fires a continuous srream of single shots.

Well if anything this 2.0 can give you a mindless new playerbase since you can suck in WoT fans who live for nothing but the grind. Feels like the loyal pre 2.0 players are being ignored as you continue to enforce the monetization 'vision'.

Could have easily done it with customisation options with your new ship models and coatings. I was keen on putting in money to get some coatings but refrained from doing so after hearing about ship locked coatings instead of making it universal.

Please listen to the players who loved the game from the beginning. Theres plenty of marvellous feedback plastered on this forun and some are literally game-savers.

Stop pushing your ideals.

Well another 5 or so hours from this time queue will be dead again.

Just don't bother with contracts. 80% are bugged and won't proc. They also need to be updated badly.

There are cases where you can put some briefings across ships and ones where you cannot. Slow and steady can be equipped on chernobog but not on any other ship. Desperate measures can be equipped on koschei but it cannot be equipped on chernbog. Please fix it so all t3s and above can equip any officer briefing.

What?? Why cant they make the skins universal like before? Thats a bit greedy imo. Theres goes my want of buying coatings now.

Please just remove it. Cant you see that basically no one is happy with it? When the f2p players lose and face a lot if brutal matches in a row they basically get 0 credit gain. Gives them an incentive to recruit and destroy the new player experience. Dreadnought is Dreadnought, not another wargaming franchise, look at wake's post its your best reformation possible.

Is it possible to add something for purging targets? It's a fairly difficult skillshot to land due to projectile speed and since the damage is low I only get assists when the team effort takes them down. Plus, drain missiles and such get sabotage.