This captain's wallet is lubed.

Also a little hype and roadmap for 2020


May I also add the idea of pop-up details on modules and OBs when the mouse hovers over them. I forget what the icons mean and I like to compare ranges on missiles, etc. Right now I have to enter the ship loadout, click the module, open the module choice screen, and then hover on each of the icons to match it with the one I have equipped.

I change tiers and ships often. It would be nice to have quick mouse-over stats on everything.

I don't mind 4 minute queue times at all. Good to play with some EU brothers.

The game is so fun and I hope they have an ambition for its future.

Thanks. I'll try to play on Europe time.

Nothing wrong with some late morning dreadnought

I'm having a hard time finding legendary matches. When are you guys playing?

  1. I love the dead horde bundle and at the price. Complete satisfaction. It looks great, great price, and it doesn't involve paying for a hero ship that can't change its modules or OBs. Big credit to whoever championed the dead horde.

Hero Ships vs Retfrofits

The Hero Ships still suck as a model. Especially at T4 they are not competitive. They restrict customization (not fun) and they have weak stats in the tier (not fun) and they cost a high price for the privilege to be less competitive. Or I make my fleet less competitive by including them. And that's the only way to benefit from their free xp.

Retrofits are perfect. They've been great art at the right price and with none of the drawbacks of hero ships. I buy every retrofit instantly, but I am still holding back on buying some of the heros. The idea of paying so much for ships that make me worse at the game is too much.

Market UI

The market needs either a new UI, or better sorting within the existing UI.

Sort by name
Show only owned/unowned
Sort by release date
Sort by on sale

If the pattern/color/thing has a universal unlock option, that must be displayed in the single unlock page (see Warframe)
If the player clicks the color/pattern/thing to see it displayed on the active flagship, please make it so that the player returns to his previous spot in the market. Right now it resets the market page so that I have to scroll around to find the non-sorted color I was looking at before. It's nice to look at a color on my ship, decide yes/no, then go back to browsing from the point I was at.

Black Friday sale

I'm eyeing this T4 light destroyer but the price drives me away. Also legendary queue seems empty and I can't find a game to play T4 ships. But I will still buy it on sale. One love.

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I think the game should come out fresh with an "under new management" release.

The gameplay and art style are still great. For monetization there are a lot of problems with the current model. The hero ships do suck. And they always sucked. Paying a high price for a ship that cannot be customized - in a game all about customization - was always a bad idea. Paying for the privilege to be less competitive due to lack of module + OB customization has too strong of counter-incentives. It's not fun and it costs money.

But I do love the retrofits and buy them all like a madman. I love the visual customization. And the newest halloween release for 2019 looks gooood. And at a good price. I bought that in 2 seconds with zero regrets.

SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-227291) said:

saying you need two specific modules, which players may not have loaded out or even own, in order win is a perfect example of imbalance.

I think this is it.

Either the player is at T3 and doesn't have access to 'the' module. Or they're in T4 and grinding a single module requires 3+ hours each.

It's asking too much of people to have the patience to get smashed for 10-20 hours in a single ship T1-T4 because the counter-module is locked away in a moronic tier system. Life is too good and there are other games to play.

It's a failure of design, and I'm not sure how to fix it at this point.

To people's other points, they're basically correct that vettes themselves are okay. At T4+, on equal access to modules, I don't worry about corvettes.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-227142) said:

CtrlAltWheee#2640 posted (#post-227134) said:

I hope they move all the cosmetics to the retrofit prices. At 1500 gp I'd buy every set.

You mean the hero ships right?

Yea. Hero ship cosmetic pieces purchasable at retrofit prices without the ship itself.

I think it's unique, new art. More than a name change.

The basic Jutland has a flattened bridge. The old trident has a bridge that stands tall. The new bridge looks like a tuning fork facing forward.

I'll log in later to confirm, but that's what I remember.