I hope they move all the cosmetics to the retrofit prices. At 1500 gp I'd buy every set.


If that's a bug, I think they should keep it. People who bought the outlaw bundle on top of already owning the vintage (cough, me) would surely enjoy this perk.

Otherwise, to get that piece of Trident cosmetics would require a third purchase of the same ship.

I had this same question.

The other element is that there is the Trident-Vintage and now the new Trident. I think they have different cosmetics maybe? It's possible you'll receive some different Trident cosmetic pieces.

Does anyone know what's the difference with vintage vs new heroes?

  1. Hero ships still seem bad. I can put a hero ship in the fleet to make a little bit of free xp and some other xp that I need to pay extra to convert to free xp, OR I can just put the ship I want to level into my fleet and get all the xp for free. Hero ships still feel like paying for the privilege of paying more in the future while using a bad loadout and fixed cosmetics. I love you all, but the idea behind hero ships stinks.

That said, Dreadnought made some decisions I'm really happy about and would like to see more.

You lowered the prices of hero ships to 2250 for a day. Thank you! I only use them for cosmetics and I bought one right away. I would have bought more but you raised it back to 3000, and it's just too much.

Please make hero ships cosmetics available through the retrofit program. At 1500 I would buy all of them. At 3000 I buy none of them. Big credit to the artists.

Please do more like the halloween promotion. I was happily surprised by the skull cosmetics today. And it was priced reasonably. And it was cool that it was all forecastles across a class of ship. Totally new for dreadnought and cheers to whoever thought that up. Happily purchased. (Side note: to the UI people, I went into the game and it took me about 5 minutes of searching to find the forecastle bundle. It was not very prominent, I didn't know its specific name among the other spooky named items, the thumbnail wasn't distinctively of ship piece cosmetics, etc. The thing felt buried. I expected it to be front and center with neon signs.)

Please let us purchase hero ship status. It's been mentioned before, but a permanent xp/cred bonus applied to a line of ships is what I'd like. For example: 30% permanent xp boost on medium corvettes. I hate grinding modules at T4/T5. It's even worse now that I can't use the previous tier modules. Price this around 2000 and I'd buy it happily. A lot of us would probably like to buy it on a lot of ships. It's more desirable than the hero ship system in place.

Market UI Improvements

More sorting options. For example: beyond ship items. Decals, Coating bundles, emblems, retrofits, owned/not owned, etc.

A direct search option. For example: search bar where I can type in the name of a bundle that I just read about on the website.

A way to quickly switch between ships when looking at coating bundles. For example: we go to the icon operations coating bundle, and it only shows the ship I have most recently edited. To see another ship in fleet to decide if I want to buy the coating as a bundle, I need to exit out of the shop, go to ships, find the ship, edit the ship, exit out, back to the shop, manually scroll back to the bundle, then I can see it. God help us all if I want to view the coating on several ships before purchasing. Please make a way to swap quickly between ships from the market screen.

Retrofits are my favorite product that Dreadnought has ever sold.


There's a lot good about the new UI, and here are a few suggestions.

1. Search Function. Sometimes I know exactly what I want by name. For example the name of a coating. It would be nice to search by name.
2. More sorting options. For example, when looking at coatings, I would like to see owned coatings first. Or see only owned coatings. I don't want to sort to the bottom of the stack every time.
3. On pressing escape, please return us to exactly where we were. Currently, pressing escape returns us to the 'base' previous screen. It doesn't retain how far down the list we were, and it doesn't retain previously checked sorting boxes. When browsing, it would be preferred to look at a coating in the hangar view, escape back to the menu, and then continue browsing from where we left off.
4. Greater ease of connecting from a single use coating to the master use coating. I always have to manually check if a coating has a master counterpart currently in rotation. I prefer to buy the master vs the single. It would be nice if both options were shown immediately as available.

There are other things, but these are highest on priority. Reduce clicks, improve search function.

Unrelated to market: too many clicks to get to the play button. It was easier before and it kept preferences. I just want to play vet queue and auto-pay BB fee. Thanks.

Thank you! This is a big improvement.

Please keep the pricing reasonable. This is something I'm 100% happy to spend money on.

For long range planning, customizable hangars?

I'd be interested in a buff to autoguns. They seem like they should be awesome, but they're not.

More visually distinctive so I know they're on. When I press 3, everyone should know it like how they know a plasma ram is active. Better target tracking and higher velocity so they hit corvettes. It needs range. Even under ideal conditions, they seem lackluster.

OP has a point that I basically take armor booster at 3 and 4 on every dread except the jutland. AML is fun sometimes, but it's hard to say when I'd take it over armor. Statis pulse is fun, but over armor booster? With the new tech tree, I don't even bother unlocking the other 3 line modules.

Average player here. Thinking about breaking a heal ball solo.

I can see breaking the network of healing pods with a standard nuke. That would help and easy to do solo.

Tartarus nuking the group is good, but I don't have much follow-up in a dread. That one seems to need teamwork.

I think blast pulse and assault blink warp bypass shields. Maybe that's an answer. They were both far down the tech trees until a month ago, so maybe that's a more viable answer since the patch. With module amp maybe I can drop a tac and get out? Definitely maybe. I have to do some math on that. And then in legendary, I'm using T4 modules against T5 ships with increased health. Might break the math a little, but still reasonable.

Even with the improved tech tree, collecting the effective set of modules and OBs to break the ball is a big farm task. And it requires you to bring a vette--or I imagine a light destroyer. It's asking too much of new players. Foojub may be 100% correct that it can be done, and I'd like to see a youtube video so I can learn, but for game health I think the devs are right to dig into it.

The plan is: get to T4, farm another 180k xp to get the right module loadout, farm 1,000,000 xp in other ship lines to get the right OBs. Then you can break the heal ball. For people who don't play a lot, it puts them maybe months away from solo breaking it. In the meantime, they're hitting a wall. It seems bad for player retention and bad for business.

The art 10/10

The art is so good. I didn't realize that you could take the face off before I bought it. The art below the face might be even better than the bird look. It's like soundwave from transformers had a baby with the B-2 Bomber. Everything about the art is great.

The ship's modules 7/10

The hero ship is fine. It's playable. Gives a taste of assault blink warp.

Having the hero ship attached to the cosmetics 0/10

Please de-couple the ship and the art. I have so many hero ships and use none of them. Even if they were 100% free xp, I still might not value them enough for a fleet spot. I prefer to play my ships that have been customized. If you want $10, just let me put a xp/cr boost on my normal ship.

Value 6/10

It's too much money if you only want the cosmetics. With the month of elite, it's marginally okay. But I don't think I can justify it on a monthly basis, even though I love the cosmetics and would pay every month. Last month's bundle was much easier to justify and an easy purchase decision: 2900 gp for the ship and the pilot cosmetics. That I can see doing every month.

Going forward, many of us already have far more hero ships than we need, want, or can fit in a fleet. Paying a premium for a useless ship is getting difficult to justify. The conversion on free xp doesn't feel good either. It's not about paying money, (I'm a couple hundred dollars in here) it's about being forced to pay for stuff I don't like. Bundling a rock with my lamborghini and telling me the rock increased the price by 100%.

If the ship cosmetics sold for 2000 gp 10/10

If you'd sell a permanent, generous xp/cr bonus on standard ships for 2000 gp 10/10

VirtualRiot#3785 posted (#post-214869) said:

"Hero" Status. Its simple, pay a one time fee, a ship of your choice is granted a permanant bonus to earned XP and credits when you play with it.
I want the bonuses of hero ships, I just don't like the hero ships.

This is a big one for me. Elite status is not ideal because I don't know when there will be time to binge.

I love the cosmetics, but I don't love them being tied to ships I don't use. And I don't like paying 4000 gp for mostly just cosmetics. As you put out multiple heroes for a single chassis (ex:2 heroes for light and heavy dreadnoughts) I really don't need 2x hero ships that I didn't want. A fleet can only carry 5 ships, and I already have like 10 heroes. Of which I use zero because they're non-competitve and I don't like paying for xp conversion.

I've bought every hero ship when it's in the $10-15 range. And bought the syndicate bundle at $22 when it was bundled with the pilot cosmetics. $20 is about my limit for buying luxury game stuff.

Hero status is a great idea. Separate the xp/cr bonus from the fixed equipment ship. Sell the cosmetics as their own package.

This is not, in any way, pay2win. For the love of all that is good, don't use that term with this. Pay2win means competitive advantage that is exclusive to people who pay real money.