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Well thats why i am not buying one (maybe the Orion, it has a pretty common loadout).
But i wish you would get a little more than just fancy looks for 4000 GP.

Btw i'm done with the doable part, got all t4 ships and a few t5's

Well you should appreciate the fact that a day one player is not able to match your tier 4,s or 5,s with just a swipe of his credit card.

I'm okay with T5 as an earned place, but for T4 let people buy in.

  1. There isn't enough time in life for normal people to grind this game. I love you all, but the grind is silly.

  2. Especially for ships that start at T4 (jutland, koschei, vindicta, etc) it's nice if players can buy straight to their playstyle.

I've been here since closed beta, played a lot, grinded through the stupidity. If a player walks up today and wants to put $20 into the game and buy a jutland for some fun, that's a win-win for me. New players, new money. In that scenario I lose nothing, and it's good for the game, so I don't see a conflict.

The Leviathan is great. Thanks for including the discount package. The art team kills it on everything.

At 4000 gp, I would not have bought it. At 2900 gp ($22) with the pilot cosmetics included, that is a good price. The ship itself is worthless, but $22 for a full set of ship cosmetics, pilot cosmetics, and a universal coating is very reasonable. Hoping they do the same with future releases.

My attitude about making hero ships useful: if someone pays 4000 gp, and the hero ship purchase is a completely customizable ship equal to a regular ship... GOOD. I'm glad someone pays into the game and feeds the devs. It's okay that I spent 20 hours grinding it. It's okay if spend 40 hours grinding it. I am 100% okay with people skipping straight to T4. Every other game allows players to pay money to skip the grind (MWO, warframe, lol, hots, etc). I want this game to have a successful business so I can keep enjoying it. There is no p2w here. Stop diluting the word.

1.11 is all around good. Big thanks on making coatings usable on everything. No tech issues or instability.

  1. Yes, please. I'd love all of that. KDA, damage, win %, etc by ship.

  2. Yes, please. The game has some awkward sequences like that.

  3. Double plus yes. This should be there from the start. I'm happy to pay for stuff like hangar cosmetics. Let us choose some colors, change crew uniform colors, maybe put decals on uniforms, banners hanging with clan allegiances. It's a goldmine.

  4. Yes. And more paperdoll features on the clothing. mixing top and bottom. Standalone boots to equip. Bolt-on accessories like an insignia for rank. Or medals for achieving certain things in game. Clan patches. Goldmine again.

  5. Yes. I hope they go big and get weird with designs. Something really different.

Tiers are a garbage idea from someone living in the past.

It's like saying "let's look at what's proven to work, and use that." That almost makes sense. I can see the thought process. But the industry has moved on already. Tiers are dead. They were never good.

But the art is so good. And the gameplay is so good. It's one of my favorite games. A lot of good decisions have been made here, but the tiers are bad. The market is bad. The limited cosmetic options are bad. All the stuff I want to spend money on is kind of bungled. So I sit here with gp in the bank waiting for more cosmetics.

Subscription sucks because a) I don't have time to enjoy it, b) I don't like paying for subscriptions in general, c) it limits how much money I spend. I'm okay spending money, but I dislike spending it on elite time. And I already have elite, so there's nothing else to spend on. What bothers me is that I dislike what I'm spending money on. They created an arbitrary tier system to push me to spend money on a subscription that I dislike in concept. And they won't sell me the stuff that I do want, which is more cosmetics. And I assume they created the tier system because they weren't making enough with the cosmetics, but they never really tried with cosmetics. The spine of the market is still pretty dumb.

People still coming to the forums with buyer's remorse because they didn't understand what coating purchases applied to which ships. Or which patterns could be used on what. Or which emblems on what. Removing coatings that people want. Removing clothing options that people can see on other pilots, but they go to the market and can't find it because it was removed. Limiting players by only selling combined outfits instead of smaller pieces to match together. Limited ship cosmetics to purchase because the tier system sucked them all up. Why didn't they just sell all that as cosmetics?

And the progression as it is, I need to play like 15 games in a single ship to get one module. Or pay about $10 in gp to convert xp for one module. I don't mind spending $10 on the game, but not for that. That's awful. I'll pay the money, just stop making it so stupid. $10 for ship geometry? Yes, all day. $10 for pilot cosmetics? Sure. $10 for a couple color palettes like in warframe? Sure. $5 for something like an emblem (variable geometry) but more like a fin, or a bulge, a radar dish, that can be attached to a ship? Like a bolt-on accessory? Yes all day. Bolt on accessories for the pilot? Shoulder pad, boot, stuff like the goggles but for the body? Yes all day. All of that.

Fighting at the top of Rings of Saturn.

I love the game, but this is valid feedback.

Today I spent $8 converting free xp, and it wasn't enough to unlock a single T4 module. It felt stupid.

Just changed cosmetics and the ship is now ready to smash.

Two snipers in the backline covering each other.

Agreed. I say gg after almost every game just like sports.

So far mostly good. Going to give the balance changes some play before commenting. Big approval on removing the linear module tree and on the new module descriptions and videos.

  1. Very happy with the naga at the 1,500 gp price point. Instant buy.

  2. Bought the new pilot cosmetics. I like the departure from standard scifi. It would be cool to see other slight departures like into anime style. With love, I think you should do pilot cosmetics as more of a paper doll. Sell chest and leggings as individual pieces. Boots as individual. Gloves/shoulder pads as individual. I would prefer more diversity and mixing and matching in outfits, and it's something I'm happy to pay for. Also, something like different color choices for chest, legs, hat, etc.

1. The camera zooms in a not useful way when doing pilot cosmetics. I'd like to see the whole pilot when picking colors, but it zooms into the head or bust. Then there's no way to zoom out without exiting the whole UI. It's a lot of clicks trying to see something simple like "what does the outfit look like with this color scheme I'd like to buy."
2. I went to click the obsidian color package wondering what it would look like on my ships and with my purchased patterns. There's no way to see what the obsidian coating looks like on a ship besides the thumbnail in the market. It instead goes to a picture of one of my dreadnoughts with its current coating, but doesn't show the obsidian at all. And obsidian isn't on the current rotation of individual coatings, so I can't crawl through the UI and look at a ship that way.

A lot of the market UI has things like this. Where it's impossible to see something basic like above.

The cosmetics are one of my favorite things about the game. I'd like to see about twice as much and with 2x or 3x the diversity in terms of what can be customized. Things like different colors for thrusters, etc.

"Pay to win."

This game is not pay to win. Nothing about the zartan is pay to win. If anything, it's pay to lose. It has zero gameplay advantages and significant gameplay disadvantages with locked equipment.