I had faith before progression 2.0. Since then, there's a mess.

I wish they would just sell me stuff. I feel like they're arranging the bad progression decisions around the other weird parts of their business model. If they sold a new ship every couple months with a pre-order that comes with a coating and some premium time, I'd probably buy every one of them.

They should focus on making progression FUN. Just focus on keeping players. It doesn't need to last 200 hours per ship or whatever horror we currently have. Just make the game fun and sell us stuff.

Ask support about that part.

The game has been 100% stable for me. Maybe that can be fixed.

Unfortunately, you're right. It sucks. In almost every way.

You can't customize anything on it. You can't unlock mods on it. It is a version of the regular ship, minus the fun of customizing or progress.

You can take the ship cosmetics and put them on the regular ship now, but you still need to grind the regular ship to increase tier and get modules.

If you keep the hero in your fleet, it does gain you some free xp passively.

I feel different. I'd rather earn my gear by working in real life and pay them $20. The time demands in this are too much.

10k xp is fun and makes a sort of rhythm. Like in overwatch you open a box every few matches. 35k xp is a slog.

Let people skip the grind like every other f2p game. I'd be okay with T5 as an "earn it." But let people buy straight to stock T4. And reduce T4 module costs.

Grinding is not a ride that I enjoy. Cheers to guys who love it, but almost all games give a bypass for guys like me. Even if they reduce the grind dramatically, 10k per module x 30 modules at T4 x 15 ships is a lot to explore. Then T5 begins. On balance, I think it's a better way to have more players.

This is a good thread. Interesting to hear you guys talk about which modules and OBs you use when you're at that level.

The discussion around buff/debuff modules is fun, and I wonder if the devs are stuck because they want to introduce a new manufacturer/ship-line at some point.

Honest question: does weapon debuff missile also reduce tac healing by 75%?

In my new T4 vette that only has T3 modules, I can't really kill the koscheis, but I can safely deliver the weaponbreaker missile when my team goes in. I like the debuff ideas and enjoy that style. Keeping the koschei's heals broken at the right moment. Assuming that's how the missile works.

The idea someone had above for anti-energy or anti-shield ammo module is fun. Or a dedicated ship for that purpose--a specialist. Or a ship/module that does stacks of weapon debuff, so it isn't about always killing the koschei but cutting out healing. And a way to track stats like "healing lost due to debuff."

Related with people using tartarus and it not adding to score, it would be nice to see specialty stats in general. Raw damage in a game. Raw healing. Damage mitigated with shields. Damage added for allies with weapon booster pulse/missile. Nerd stuff.

I'd like to see the current progression system burn in a dumpster fire, but not for this reason.

Dreadnought is not legally responsible for some guy playing too much video games.

And if it were somehow responsible, what's the line to draw. 18k xp per module is legal but 19k is illegal?

Their mistake here is that the system sucks. It drives away players. It's bad business. I'm ready for them to get real about cosmetics and be legally responsible for taking advantage of my love of scifi. The WHO isn't protecting us nerds from awesome space art like the Orion. I can't resist that. It's like my wallet just opened itself.


  1. More colors, color combinations

  2. Different patterns for existing clothes

  3. Points on clothes to attach emblems/decals

  4. Sell emblems/decals

  5. The ability to wear glasses and a hat

They've got to plan bigger. More like warframe where there is the possibility of interchangeable shoulder pads, leg armor, collars, etc. The full-body suits are cool, but it's leaving money on the table.

This is mostly a good update.

This is the right direction for progression. The long period saving for the next ship sucked. The expenses on the modules are too high though. I think the sweet spot is 10-20k even for T4 and higher. The fun is that it's something a normal player can accomplish in a night. I make between 1k and 7k xp with elite. I think the sweet spot is to unlock a thing in one or two hours of playing. That keeps the rhythm fun.

The Orion. This was pretty much perfect. Priced great. Looks great. Bought that in 2 seconds.

You brought back the pilot cosmetics. Went to buy that a few weeks ago and was surprised you removed it from the market. Just leave that stuff up. Also, 500 gp is good price for it. Appreciated.

For the guys who love grind and want longer and longer and say they'll be bored when they've unlocked it all, I appreciate that you like it but I don't think it's a good spot for the game. 35k for T4 modules isn't fun for the filthy casuals like me. When there are some 20 or 30 modules to unlock per tier times 1.5 hours (assuming 10-18k xp per unlock) that's a long time. It's plenty. If T3-T5 were all 10-15k xp module unlocks, that would still be plenty of progression for folks. It makes it have broader appeal in my opinion.

Feedback for future updates:
-Please fix the market. It does not showcase things well. It's awkward to navigate, awkward to see exactly what's in the bundles, awkward to see a close up of emblems, etc.
-Please introduce more color options for pilots. I like the paperdoll style of the pilot cosmetics and might even prefer a way to use more elements at once. Mix pants and shirt? Add things like shoulder pads? Also patterns on pilots would be good. Digital camo comes to mind.
-Separate ship geometry from hero ships in terms of pricing. 4000 gp is too much when I already have the T4 ship and enjoy flying it customized. Very happy with the Orion pricing. Would buy the demeter cosmetics if it was priced similar. Don't care about having another hero ship.

PC 1.10 is slated for release this week! Cheers for getting it out before the holidays.


I saw someone wearing a pilot suit and I was going to buy it, but it wasn't there. Didn't know the Demeter was a timed ship. Stuff is coming back?