Sorry! They went to people on the Dreadnought stream. Though I do have a Merc pack to give away! If you have yet to try the game comment! Or I may just wait for the next stream to give it away

What everyone else has said. Corvettes are easy enough to deal with, sometimes a lone healer can deal with them if built properly....And if the Vett player has trouble hitting his shots. As for healing, there have been many times where a enemy team has out DPSed my healing, I have no trouble with any of your issues personally.

Thanks Wyvyrias for clearing that up. I figured it was more along the lines of exploiting or a bug in the game it self. I must have bad luck getting matched with players who use the exploit or get bugged.

I have 3 friend invites left from buying the founders pack, I'd be willing to give them out to people who have yet to purchase the game!

Lol, but no one is saying that. Just because your squad has played 4000+ games really doesn't mean anything. Considering there are obviously a larger amount of players playing the game other then just your squad. Maybe it's seen in more lower tier play? Who knows. But I've seen it multiple times now. This isn't a lack of understanding, or someone crying wolf.

DOGMA, When so many people report it why would you refuse to acknowledge it? Why would we all lie for that matter? It's pretty easy to see a HP hack/exploit. There is always a possibility that was we've all experienced is just a glitch in the game. But when calling out the players that do so, all I ever get is toxic insults. THAT is the main reason I feel it is hacking/ constant use of exploits.

DOGMA, it's Health we're talking about, not shields. They go down fine, it's their health that does not move. Though today I encountered one of those hacking players, and he didn't seem to be using any this time. Though he was just as insulting to everyone.

Corvette Corvette Corvette. A good team with even one Corvette player should be able to deal with a healer, Use two? And you're golden. 2 Healers usually is a bust in higher level play

I had fun with FS, but yeh, the que times were long, and the match length could be a little much IMO

It wouldn't be so bad if a select amount of players used it, but it seems to be spreading, Just got out of a game where a tact cruiser wouldn't take any damage either, letting him farm points. He ended at almost 6k points.