I find it more useful on the faster Dreads for sure. And the trick with tractor beam is to wait for vetts to burn away most of their escapes. pump some damage in them to scare them away, as they burn their excapes, beam em, and flak em. Work every time. Also, don't wait for your flak to reload, switch to your mains right away as well.

Also had this happen to me multiple times, though on both a Corvette and a Dread, So that kinda leaves the questions as to if it's an exploit/bug or if someone is actually using a hack. I made a post about this as well though apparently naming the offending player is a "personal" attack against them. Well they personally smashed my team each time without any help from theirs! Hopefully if it truly is a bug it get's fixed fast. But exploiters should be treated as cheaters, warning for the first offence followed by a couple day ban to a perma ban. So far the Devs have been quiet about the issue which is a shame. I also experienced toxicity as soon as I called out the player, ALSO from his whole team. So the people doing it are obviously in groups and have zero to add to this community.

Devs! Fix this NOW. I've had it happen to me TWICE in the last 2 hours of playing.

Had this happen to me. As to the Dev, I'm not computer savvy in any way, and have no means to record a video as far as I know, screen shots also obviously don't help with this situation. But I feel like it's the Devs duty to look into these situations (I'm sure you can look into match history and gather what people were using or something of the sort). If this is going to be another one of those games where Devs are afraid to take action without super bullet proof evidence, such as a video, I'd be sad. Being so open and soft handed towards hackers will turn a great game into something in which teams will have at least one hacker on every team. PLEASE take action.

Any type of beam wep does more damage the closer you are to your target I believe. I find the beams "points and click" better for finishing off targets either way. You're a corvette, You better be close to you're target.

Use Purge

Well, Time to re-download teamspeak3 and hopefully hope on board!