Teamwork OP plz nerf? Nah

that's not what i'm asking for. you should be able to consent to having your holes resized before you queue up. under "play" should be an options for "solo" or "squads" like every other game. or at the very least implement a way for randoms to use voice chat in-game.


and that's not a feature why? is it a planned feature? or is a disorganized, non-verbal team of randoms subject to getting raped over and over again?

ship is ugly i don't leik gaem

is there no option to turn off squads? i've experienced 3 consecutive matches were 2 kosheis and 2 t4 dreadnoughts sit in one spot and have an orgy for an easy win.

I got a drop from watching Playher, but have no idea where to redeem it in-game. There is absolutely no indication after I log in.


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So no Patch today?

if they postpone it again in about 30 minutes then no. no patch today.

live by 1pm

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First, you're a TIV player, you should know that 20k credits is at best 2 modules. 2 modules . . . or I could use that $5 to buy a month of play time in any number of better MMOs or purchase any number of better, small games on steam. for reference, about $10 netted you a founders pack. 2 modules = founders pack?? I think not.

if you are LOSING more than 1/2 your games, As I have to assume some people are because that's just how the math works out, then they are only just breaking even.

as for explaining maintenance they have actually done that: here

not quite sure what you were trying to get at in your first point.. we're talking about maintenance. not coining your lazy rear end to a better ship.

even if i did go on a straight losing spree, i would still be able to afford maintenance and profit even just by a little. maybe it's just me but ive never experienced that kind of bs.

either way this

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“First of all, you need to know that maintenance was done in the wrong way,” Jonathan interjects right away. “We put a fixed maintenance cost on every fleet, depending on whether it was Veteran or Legendary. However, this cost needs to be based on the ships that you've used in battle.” blah blah blah monetization blah blah blah it's expensive blah blah blah

is NOT a comforting explanation with numbers and specifics. the one smoker put out is a lot better.

off topic: jesus these forums are garbage

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I wonder what makes you think I didnt read these posts. Greybox already explained maintenance purpose. Which they didnt even had to, its pretty obvious anyway. Go figure it out if you havent done yet. Then come back and tell us.

you're wondering what made me think that?? you saying "gotta stop sending them cash until it's fixed" ... you don't use cash to pay for maintenance costs genius.

where did greybox publicly explain how maintenance works? go find that and tell me. the only time ive ever read about it was here from another player.

your English is also terrible so i'm having trouble decrypting what you're trying to splurge